We, at SpheralSolar, help you to move away from the traditional power grid and use renewable solar energy.

On SpheralSolar, you’ll find product reviews and plenty of DIY tips. We also keep you up to date on the latest solar energy trends.

From solar lights in your backyard, over camping electricity, to installing solar panels on your roof, our team of solar experts will guide you on your solar energy journey.

Meet the Team

Marty is passionate about solar energy. As an outdoor enthusiast, Marty pursues activities that work to consciously improve the environment.

In addition to reducing her personal carbon footprint, Marty volunteers on Clean the Beach Day in Norfolk, VA several times a year. Solar energy will play an active role in the preservation of our planet.

Marty's blog: martysmisadventures.com

Adeyomola loves the purity that comes with solar energy. He believes that with the yellow dwarf star already brimming with energy, the world does not need to deplete non-renewable energy sources. Especially since said energy sources might be harmful to our world.He has had hands-on experiences creating solar energy panels himself and has worked closely with solar engineers. In a bid to preserve environmental integrity, Adeyomola would rather walk certain distances instead of driving or taking a bus. He sometimes spends his free time planting and tending to plants or wondering why we underutilize the biggest star in our solar system.

Paul was passionate about sustainability over destructive, mainstream practices long before "green" was even a thing. Clean, renewable energy sources are especially close to his heart, particularly solar power. He is a great believer in the role solar power can, and will, come to play in leaving a better global legacy for our children. A long technical career positions Paul well to appreciate the full potential of solar power. And that technical background allows him to write engaging and informative material to further the cause of renewable energy as a critical priority for us all today. Even though he would usually prefer watching the sun set over the Mekong river with an ice-cold beer in hand!
Paul's blog: pscott1911.wixsite.com/korupencraft

When not lurking in the dark typing furiously on his computer Ben enjoys experiencing the outdoors for some much-needed sunlight now and then. His experiences traveling exposed him to various styles of living from a sustainable bamboo farm in Belize to exploring the US in an RV. Along the way, he saw the potential in sustainable systems and the cool gadgets that go with those and other lifestyles. Ben hopes to give others some ideas on how to make their lives more efficient, automated, and productive while improving the world around them.

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