Hello! I’m Charles, the driving force behind Spheral Solar.

Charles Noble

I’m a self-taught solar power enthusiast, on a mission to harness the power of the sun in innovative and practical ways. Spheral Solar is where I share my journey, the knowledge I’ve gained, and yes, even the occasional misstep along the way.

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The Story Behind Spheral Solar

My fascination with solar power began in earnest with a bus conversion project. Installing solar panels on the roof of the bus,

Solar panels on top and on side of bus

My first ever solar installation, as a total noob, wasn’t easy. But by taking it slowly, watching the instructional YouTube videos, and reading the guides, you can make it over the finish line.

Electrical area of bus with solar charge controllers installed

I experienced firsthand the potential of renewable energy. This passion grew as I embarked on a more complex project: building an expedition vehicle equipped with slide-out solar panels to travel the world.

This was no ordinary installation. The complexities of designing a robust and efficient solar system for an expedition vehicle were numerous. From selecting the right type of solar panels and batteries to designing a system that could withstand the rigors of travel, every detail had to be meticulously planned. The panels had to be installed in a way that allowed them to slide out for maximum exposure, yet remain secure during travel. The energy storage system had to be capable of powering the vehicle’s needs, yet compact enough to fit within the vehicle’s limited space. It was a challenging task, but the result was a fully self-sufficient vehicle powered by the sun.

However, I quickly realized that there was a lack of comprehensive and practical information about such DIY solar projects online. With my experience in building websites, I decided to create Spheral Solar to fill this gap and provide clear, hands-on advice that I wished I had when I started.

The growth of Spheral Solar was gradual, but the positive feedback from readers confirmed the need for this kind of content. I began testing and reviewing solar equipment, and with the help of a developer friend, I created online calculators to assist DIY solar enthusiasts in designing their systems.

Today, I’m fortunate enough to work on Spheral Solar full-time. As someone deeply concerned about climate change, it’s a privilege to contribute to the renewable energy movement in this way. My hope is that Spheral Solar can make a positive impact, however small, by helping you add a little more renewable energy to your life.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.