Amps to Milliamps (A to mA) Conversion Calculator


Milliamps Result:

A * 1,000 =

0.00 mA

Conversion formula: mA = A * 1,000

What Is Ampere?

According to the international system of units, ampere is the base unit of electric current. It is the rate at which electrons travel through an electric conductor.

What is Milliampere?

Milliampere is a representation of ampere in a lower magnitude, and it is equal to one thousandth ampere (⅟1000 A).

How to Convert Ampere to Milliampere (A to mA)

Conversion Formula: milliamps = 1000 x amps

To convert ampere to milliampere, multiply the ampere value by 1000.

For example, to convert 1 A to mA:

1 A = 1 x 1000 mA = 1000 mA

To convert 2.4 A to mA:

2.4 A = 2.4 x 1000 mA = 2400 mA

Why We Should Convert Amps to Milliamps (A to mA)

Ampere and milliampere cannot be used interchangeably in calculations involving electric current because their magnitudes differ. Doing so throws the result off by a thousand or a thousandth.

So, we always convert amperes to milliamperes (A to mA) and milliamperes to amperes (mA to A) as appropriate.

When Should We Convert Amps to Milliamps (A to mA)

The conversion of A to mA and vice-versa depends on the measurement units of the quantities we are working with. But typically, when working with another SI base unit, we work with ampere.

For instance, if we want to estimate the lighting time of a 5.5 volts solar lights running on a 4400 mAh battery and consuming 2.5 watts of power, we must convert A to mA.

Here’s why:

For our estimation, we’ll calculate the current of the solar lights first:

current = power/voltage = 2.5 /5.5 = 0.45 A

(watts and voltage are SI units, so the result is in SI unit – ampere)

Then to estimate the lighting time, we’ll divide the battery capacity by the current. However, if we divide 4400 mAh by 0.45 A without converting A to mA, our result will be 1000 times higher than it should be.

The above is so because the unit of electrical current (mA) used to calculate the battery capacity is 1000 times less than the unit of electrical current (A) we calculated for the lights.

So, we must convert 0.45 to milliamps first:

0.45 amps = 0.45 x 1000 milliamps = 450 milliamps

Now, it can divide 4400 mAh:

lighting time = 4400/450 = 9.8 hours.

How Many Milliamperes Are in an Ampere?

As mentioned already, a milliampere is equal to one thousandth (⅟1000) ampere.

So, if:

⅟1000 amps = 1 milliamps

1 amps = ? milliamps

cross multiplying

? x ⅟1000 = 1 x 1

?/1000 = 1

? = 1000 milliamps

Going by the above, there are 1000 milliamps in an ampere.

Quick Conversion Chart of Amps to Milliamps (A to mA)



0.01 A

10 mA

0.05 A

50 mA

0.1 A

100 mA

0.5 A

500 mA

1 A

1000 mA

5 A

5000 mA

10 A

10,000 mA

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