Attic Breeze Solar Fan Reviews


Attic Breeze solar attic fans with features that prioritize safety. But more than that, their solar fans are generally durable, powerful, and the consumers get to choose from a good range of options. Having a solar attic breeze solar fan installed in an attic space regularly can be very beneficial. To understand solar attic fans, you must read some reviews. Check out the reviews on the attic breeze solar fan.

Now, this company does not deliver only with their products. Their services – particularly their customer service – are pretty remarkable. Listed below are the reviews for the attic breeze solar fan.

Attic Breeze Solar Fans – Review

Attic Breeze Self-Flashing Fans

Attic Breeze Solar Fan Reviews

About the Product

The self-flashing fans are primed for easy installation on shingle roofs and other roofs with low-profile materials. But outside that, the self-flashing fans’ venting capacity, durability, and range are pretty notable.

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The self-flashing fans are available in 2 main models: one with unit-mounted PV panels and remote panels.

The unit-mounted-PV-panel model is available in 3 venting capacities and PV panel capacities. The available venting capacities are 1500 CFM, 1775 CFM, and 1925 CFM, and their corresponding panel capacities are 25W, 35W, and 45W, respectively.

While the 1500 CFM model can handle spaces up to 2500 sq. ft., the 1775 CFM model can handle up to 2850 sq. ft., and the 1925 CFM model can handle up to 3100 CFM.

The remote-mounted-solar-panel model is available in 4 venting capacities and panel capacities. The available venting capacities are 1500 CFM, 1775 CFM, 1925 CFM, and 2150 CFM, and their corresponding panel capacities are 25W, 35W, 45W, and 65W, respectively.

The remote-PV model’s 1500 – 1925 CFM variants handle the same attic size as the unit-mounted-PV model. However, the 2150 CFM variant of the remote-PV model can handle up to 3450 sq. ft.

Since each model of the fans comes in at least 3 venting capacities, you get to choose what is most suitable for your attic space without necessarily buying multiple attic fan units. Also, the availability of the remote-PV panel makes it possible for you to install the solar attic fan on a northern-facing roof while you place the panel in a spot that receives sunlight.


Safety is one of the strong suits of these fans. All 3 models come with a thermal switch and a fire safety switch. So, if the solar attic fan ever gets too hot, the thermal switch disconnects before things get worse. Then if somehow a fire starts, the fire safety switch shuts down the flow of electricity to the fans. With these two features, any potential damage to the attic fan or your attic may be minimized.


The fan housing of self-flashing fans is made of zincalume alloy, while the fan blades are made of aluminum. Going by common knowledge, these two materials will not be corroded by moisture readily.

Since aluminum is lightweight, having the blades made out of it will not affect the fan’s functions. So, the solar attic fan stays in shape while running as it should.

Furthermore, the Self-Flashing Attic Breeze Solar Attic Fans are fitted with stainless steel hardware. So, all in all, there is very little chance that the moisture outdoor will do any damage to the appearance of any of their parts.


The ease of installation of the self-flashing fans is hinted in the name. These fans come with their own flashing, so you need not worry about that while you install them.

But besides being self-flashing, the packs come with an installation kit, which makes everything even easier. Then again, you will find installation guides on their website in case you hit a wall.


The solar panels on the unit-mounted models are adjustable. So, if you ever have to increase their exposure to the sun, you will have no trouble doing that.

For the remote-mounted models, adjustability will depend on the frame you use in installing the panel.


All the self-flashing fans are Florida and Texas Windstorm Certified. So, you can get wind and hail insurance on them in those states. Apart from that, they come with a lifetime warranty.


  • Available in 2 different PV panel mounting options. This way, even if your roof is north-facing, you have a choice.
  • Features at least 2 safety features that prevent or minimize the damages from overheating and fire.
  • Installation on shingle roofs, flat concrete tiles, and other low-profile roofs is straightforward since the fans come with their own flash.
  • The pack comes with an installation kit, and the manufacturer provides guides on the website. So, you should be able to work through installing it.
  • Florida and Texas Windstorm Certified.


  • It uses a powder-coating finish, and this may peel off with time.
  • Features no thermostat or humidistat to regulate its function as attic temperatures or humidity changes.

Attic Breeze Curb-Mount Fans

Attic Breeze Curb-Mount Fans

About the Product

The Curb-Mount Fans were crafted for metal roofs, high-profile tiles, flat roofs, and other installations that require a roof curb.

As with the self-flashing fans, the curb-mount Attic Breeze fans’ venting capacity, durability, and range are pretty okay.

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Models, Safety, Durability, Adjustability

The models, safety features, durability, and adjustability of the curb-mount fans are pretty much the same as those of the self-flashing fans. So, you can expect similar performance from both types of solar attic fans.


While the self-flashing fans are suited for low-profile roofing materials like composite shingles, the Curb-Mount solar attic fans are better on high-profile roofing materials.

So, this should do whether you have a flat roof, a metal roof, high-profile tiles, or any other roof that needs a curb.

To make installation less complicated, the manufacturer offers an optional installation kit for roof curbs. Also, on their website, you will find guides to help you through the process – if you are installing the solar attic fan yourself.


Unlike the self-flashing solar-powered attic fans, the curb-mount fans are only Florida Windstorm Certified. However, they both come with the same warranty.


  • The pros of the curb-mount fans are largely the same as those of the self-flashing fans. However, there are two differences: the curb-mount fans are only Florida Windstorm Certified, and they are not suited for shingle roofs, low-profile tiles, and similar types of roofs.


  • The only windstorm certified in Florida.
  • The powder-coated finish may peel with time.
  • It comes with no thermostat or humidistat. So, changes in attic temperature or humidity cannot autoregulate its functions.

Attic Breeze Gable and Wall Fans

Attic Breeze Gable and Wall FansAbout the Product

The Attic Breeze gable and wall fans suit for pulling hot air out of an attic through the gable. However, while they pull air to drive attic ventilation, the wall fans are louvered while the gable fans are not. Away from that, the venting capacity, durability, and range of both fans are pretty decent.

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The gable and wall fans models have the same specifications as those of the remote-mounted self-flashing and curb-mount fans.


The safety features of the gable and wall fans are the same as those of the self-flashing and curb-mount fans.


While gable and wall fans are made with the same materials as the self-flashing and curb-mount fans, their finish differs.

The gable fans come with a mill finish, while the wall fans come with a powder-coated finish. Because the gable fans have a mill finish, they are more prone to corrosion than any other Attic Breeze fan.


Like the others, the gable and wall fans come with an installation kit. Then you can also go through their guides if you need some clarification when trying to install the fans. So, overall, the manufacturer tries to make sure you get the fans to install with ease.


The gable and wall fans come with remote solar panels. But if you want, the manufacturer offers an adjustable panel.


The gable and wall fans, like the self-flashing fans, are Texas and Florida Windstorm approved. They also come with the same warranty as the self-flashing fans.


  • The pros of the gable and wall fans are largely the same as those of the self-flashing fans. However, unlike the self-flashing fans, they install in gables/walls, not roofs.


  • The fable fans have a mill finish, which is relatively prone to corrosion.
  • Both the gable fans and the wall fans feature no humidistat or thermostat.

About Attic Breeze

Attic Breeze takes pride in their products being made in America, specifically the Central Texas Hill Country.

With about 15 years in the industry, Attic Breeze has built a solid reputation by constantly improving and delivering quality. But beyond their high-grade products, their dedication to eco-friendly processes is one mark that makes them stand out.

Attic Breeze does not just make solar attic fans. They use solar energy to make solar attic fans. This is made possible by their 23kW grid-tied solar panel system consisting of 135 solar panels. So, not only is their manufacturing process environment-friendly, but it is also energy-efficient.

All in all, this company is all about green energy through and through.

About Attic BreezeAttic Breeze Warranty, Customer Service, and Accessories Reviews


All solar-powered ventilation products from Attic Breeze are cover by the same lifetime warranty. However, such products must be registered for warranty within 90 days after they are installed.

Customer Service

Attic Breeze’s customer service representatives are generally well-informed. They typically know enough to answer questions from customers while guiding them through troubleshooting processes. If you also need help choosing from the range of Attic Breeze solar attic fans, they could be of service.

When reaching out to their customer service, you have 3 options: the webform, the phone number, or the email address.

While the Attic Breeze customer service is pretty proficient, representatives are only available between 9 am and 5 pm CST from Mondays to Fridays.

Accessories of Attic Breeze Solar Fan

Remote Panel Brackets

The company offers two types of panel brackets: the standard mounting bracket and the universal mounting bracket. Both options work just fine with all the models.

The standard mounting bracket design for southern roofs and is fix. The universal mounting bracket, on the other hand, works for northern roofs and is adjustable. While the standard mounting brackets come with remote-mounted models, the universal mounting bracket is an optional addition for the said models.

Roof Curbs

As we mentioned earlier, this company offers an optional installation kit for curb-mount fans. The said installation kit has two types: one comes with a flexible flashing, and the other is a TPO Curb with a mill finish.

The curb kit with flexible flashing is suitable for metal, tile, and flat roof applications. The TPO curb, on the other hand, is suitable for flat roofs. Of both options, the TPO curb is less expensive. However, the curb kit with flexible flashing is relatively more corrosion-resistant because of its finish.

Control Systems

If you ever need a system to regulate the operation of the fans, you can get the Breeze Mate Control System. By giving you the ability to adjust the temperature and humidity remotely, this device allows you to control the operation of the fans.

Apart from that, the Breeze Mate comes with a patented pressure detector that senses fluctuations in pressure and helps prevent attic depressurization.

Tax Credit

Attic Breeze attic fans qualify for federal tax credits on the cost of purchase and installation. They also qualify for state tax credits in Montana, Arizona, Hawaii, and New York.

Attic Breeze Solar Attic Fan Versus Competition (Remington)

Attic Breeze Solar Attic Fan Versus Competition
Credit: Adeyomola Kazeem


By providing workable attic fan ranges with durable structures and top-notch venting capacities, Attic Breeze has earned its spot at the summit of the solar attic ventilation industry. Their prices may not be the lowest around, but more times than not, they deliver. So, you can add them to your list if you decide to get solar vents for your attic.

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