4 Best Audiobooks on Solar Power


Climate change and global warming from fossil fuels are pressing problems that harm environmental resources and increase the risk of natural calamities. In line with this, studies from Pew Research reveal that around 69% of Americans favor the country becoming carbon neutral by developing alternative energy, such as solar power. This clean energy has been a topic of interest since it’s a renewable and relatively accessible power source that creates no carbon emissions.

One of the best ways the public can learn about solar power has been through online sources. Audiobooks, in particular, have been an excellent and accessible resource even laypersons can appreciate as they offer a new way of “consuming” books. In fact, the global audiobook market is expected to grow by over 26% from 2023 to 2030.

Why Are Audiobooks Preferable Solar Power Resources?

One of the most significant benefits that audiobooks offer is their accessibility. Unlike physical reading materials, audiobooks allow you to listen anytime and anywhere. You can also access millions of titles across different genres, as seen in the audiobook library Everand. This app makes it easy to access various titles, with multiple categories available to cover different aspects of specific topics you’re interested in. That means individual users can easily find audiobooks that discuss solar power in contexts ranging from engineering to home and improvement, with expert-written works like Harness It by Michael Ginsberg, a solar energy doctorate candidate from Columbia University, instantly available for listening.

It’s also easy to mark your progress with each listen to find more audiobooks on solar power. Tracking app The StoryGraph can provide specific data on the number of minutes you read and set up a goal for how many solar-related audiobooks you want to listen to, which helps keep you on track to maximize your resources. Once you finish an audiobook, it will then provide curated suggestions for your next “read,” so you can easily find more works about solar power that you’ll actually enjoy listening to.

However, it’s also true that this accessibility and ease of use can make finding the right audiobook overwhelming. We’ve listed some of the best audiobooks on solar power to help you get started.

Let It Shine by John Perlin

John Perlin debunks the idea that using solar energy is a modern development and details the different uses of solar power throughout history. He includes examples from Bronze Age China to Renaissance Italy to the Industrial Revolution to highlight how solar power and technology are deeply ingrained in our history. With the new edition of Let It Shine going further by outlining plans for a future powered by clean energy, Perlin’s insights are worth listening to if you want to fully understand the application of solar energy and be inspired to integrate it into your own daily life in simple ways.

Taming the Sun by Varun Sivaram

In this book, Varun Sivaram narrates the way solar power sparked an interest in clean-energy transition through the right financing, innovative technologies, and flexible applications of the resource. Sivaram did extensive research for Taming the Sun to help trace the growth of solar energy usage in contemporary times and how this innovation can bolster a clean energy portfolio across the world. In listening to this, you can glean better insights into the large-scale changes brought by the technologies used to harness solar energy and how corporations and governments are working to maximize its benefits.

DIY Solar Power Autonomy by Fred Connor

If you’re interested in installing or setting up your own solar power system at home, then DIY Solar Power Autonomy is for you. Fred Connor discusses the kind of equipment you would need, any necessary calculations for the solar power system, instructions on installing panels, and other essential things to know about the DIY process. Much like how our post “Solar Panels For Apartments” also provides extra information to aid you in using solar power for your home, Connor’s audiobook breaks down the process of privately adopting solar energy into digestible content. This way, you won’t have to worry about using different sources to help you gain knowledge on using solar power for your home.

Solar Power by Gary Wordan

Solar power is just one of the many renewable energies out there, and it is essential to know how it fits with other sources, such as wind power, water, and nuclear energy. In Solar Power, Gary Wordan talks about the importance of renewable energy in the bigger picture of climate change and also provides other forms of solar energy being used, such as passive solar power and solar hot water. There are also guides on ways to teach the younger generation about energy conservation and what energy sources to avoid to help the environment and introduce you to a greener way of life.

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