Best Halloween Solar Lights for Spooky Garden Decor


For sure, having skillfully crafted spooky designs is one hallmark of the best Halloween solar lights. But features like long lighting duration, warm color temperature, rapid charging, and multiple lighting modes separate the best from the rest.

Best Halloween Lights at a Glance

  1. Overall best – LORRYTE Crystal Globe Solar Lights
  2. Most creepy outdoor display – ShangTianFeng Skeleton Skull String Light
  3. Most versatile solar garden lights – Maggift Star Solar Lantern
  4. Creepy fairy light spiders – Qunlight Halloween Solar String Lights
  5. Easy-to-hang Halloween lanterns – YJFWAL Hanging Solar Lantern Lights

1. LORRYTE Crystal Globe Solar Lights

The LORRYTE Crystal Lights is best for a house that needs long Halloween string lights with warm white lights that stay on for extended hours.

The LORRYTE Lights package features two crystal globes string lights. Each string measures 32 feet, so in total, you get 64 feet. If your house is a bit big, you may benefit from this impressive length.

Away from that, the LORRYTE string lights stay on for 10 to 12 hours when fully charged – longer than of the other lights in this review. So, you can expect it to stay on all throughout the night of Halloween.

The LORRYTE Crystal charges fully within 6 to 8 hours when exposed to full sunlight – only the Qunlight Lights can charge faster.

The 100 crystal LED globes on both strings have a warm white color temperature but give off purple lights. The brightness level of such color temperature and the dimness of the color purple is just perfect for light-based Halloween decorations. If you put this light outdoors, it won’t be hard for trick-or-treaters and even the whole neighborhood to tell the purpose of the decoration.

While this variant is purple, you can also get this product as orange string lights if that suits your decorations better.

The LORRYTE Globe Solar Lights have 8 lighting modes. You can make the lights flicker, glow steadily, wavy, or slow fade. You can also toggle between 4 other lighting modes. It has an IP65 rating, so you do not have to worry about it getting damaged by water during the cool Halloween weather.

The LORRYTE Globe Solar Lights run on AA batteries, and one is included in the pack. The lights are pretty versatile, so you can use them for birthdays, Christmas, weddings, barbecues, etc. You can hang them in various areas of your house, including the front door, patio, porch, and trees.


  • Longest lighting duration in the review.
  • Decent charging rate.
  • Multiple lighting modes.
  • One of the longest string lights you will find


  • They may not be as bright as you expect.
  • Do not count on the bulbs being of the size as the pictures.

2. ShangTianFeng Skeleton Skull String Ligh

The ShangTianFeng is best for families who need Halloween lights that readily create a haunted atmosphere. This product comes as 6 LED Skulls, so it is no surprise that it is a top option for people looking to infuse a lot of creepiness into their decorations.

Beyond being creepy, the Skeleton Skull Light has a long lighting duration and a moderate charging rate. Exposure to direct sunlight for around 6 to 8 hours can charge the battery enough to last for 8 to 10 hours.

The charging and lighting time of this product is on par with the Maggift Star Solar Lantern. But unlike the Maggift Lantern, the ShanTianFeng Skeleton Light lights up in 5 different colors. Each one of the 6 skull LEDs gives off yellow, green, blue, purple, and red light intermittently. This color variation adds some dimension to your decorations.

Made with ABS plastic, the lights resist the most harsh outdoor conditions. They are also waterproof. So, overall, they should survive the cool weather of Halloween.

The ShanTianFeng Light is also battery-operated. The battery has an estimated lifespan of over 600 days, and while this is okay, it could be better.


  • Long lighting duration.
  • Multicolored lights add some fun to the atmosphere.
  • Decent charging rate.


  • The battery lifespan could be better.

3. Maggift Star Solar Lantern

The Maggift 2 Pack Solar Lantern has a mystical design that makes it ideal for more than just Halloween. It is the best for people who want solar lights they can use to decorate their house beyond Halloween. You can use it for events like Christmas, birthdays, and weddings.

The Maggift Star Solar Lantern can stay on for around 8 to 10 hours following a full charge. It takes about 6 to 8 hours of exposure to the sun to get a full charge. So, when it comes to lighting and charging time, the Maggift is pretty much on par with the ShanTianFeng Light.

Unlike the ShanTianFeng Light, the Maggift emits only one color – warm white light. While having only one color makes this product less fun, the 6-lumen bulbs contribute enough dimness to make your yard as creepy as possible.

The Maggift Solar Lantern has a metal body coated with anti-rust, so you never have to worry about it deteriorating when exposed to air and moisture. The bulbs are plastic protected within the metal body. So, overall, the structure is durable.


  • Lighting duration is long enough for the whole night.
  • Compared to the average, the charging rate is good.
  • Durable body.
  • You can use the lights indoors, outdoor, and for various occasions.


  • It emits only one color. So, it could get boring.

4. Qunlight Halloween Solar String Lights

The Qunlight Lights is best for people who want fast-charging spooky lights for their outdoor Halloween decorations.

These Halloween string lights come in the form of two 30-feet string lights with spider-shaped bulbs. Of course, we all know how creepy spiders can be. So, there is no questioning whether this will make your decorations spookier.

The 30 LEDs on each string emit warm purple light, and the dimness of these LEDs contributes enough to make any yard spooky.

When fully charged, the Qunlight Solar String Lights can stay on for around 6 to 12 hours. It takes around 4 to 8 hours to get a full charge in optimal sunlight – the fastest in the review.

The Qunlight Halloween String lights offer 8 modes – the same as the other string lights in our review. It has an IP65 rating, so you can rest assured that it will not succumb to damage caused by water.


  • Fastest charging rate in the review.
  • Decent lighting duration.
  • Offers enough spooky thanks to its spider-shaped, dimly-lit purple bulbs.
  • Waterproof.
  • Features 8 lighting modes, so you can create magic in various ways.


  • The plastic body could be more durable.

5. YJFWAL Hanging Solar Lantern Light

The YJFWAL Solar Lights are the best for people who do not want to fuss too much when trying to hang their Halloween lights.

The two Halloween lanterns in the YJFWAL package come in the shape of mason jars with warm lights. However, both have different patterns and colors. While one is orange, the other is purple.

Each lantern has a handle like the regular lantern handle. They also have a loop above the handle. So, you can either hang them with the handle or the loop. While this makes the lanterns generally easier to hang than string lights, they do not offer as many lighting modes as the string lights in this review.

A full charge keeps the YJFWAL Solar Lantern Lights on for over 6 hours. You should expect a full charge following exposure to direct sunlight for around 6 to 8 hours – the same charging rate as the other Halloween lights in this review. Of course, this product is battery-operated like the other Halloween lights in the review.

The YJFWAL Halloween lights are plastic (ABS), so it is not predisposed to rust. It is also waterproof and heat-resistant. However, it is susceptible to impact.


  • Easier to hook up than string lights.
  • The overall design is cute.
  • Decent charging rate.


  • Runs in one lighting mode.

Buying Guide for the Best Solar Halloween String Lights

Halloween pumpkin solar string lights

Lighting Duration

The first thing to consider when buying solar Halloween lights or creating DIY Halloween solar lights is how long they will stay on. You want to ensure that the lights stay on through the night instead of going off midway. So, opt for products that can stay on for around 8 hours or more. You can go down to 6 hours if you do not experience long nights in your region.

Besides working duration, check the battery type. Some lights use one AA battery, some use three AA batteries, and some use AAA batteries. Whatever it is, ensure you can readily get replacements.

Charging Time

Look out for Halloween lights with the shortest charging time. Since you cannot control how long the sun shines, ensure you buy Halloween lights that can collect a lot of solar energy within a short time. This way, you are almost always assured of a decent amount of charge.

Light Structure

The structure of the Halloween lights one buys is largely subjective. But if you want some flexibility in your decorations, you could opt for string lights. But if that does not matter to you, any other type of Halloween light would do.

Lighting Modes

Having multiple modes makes Halloween lights more fun. So, if you do not want to be stuck with the same glow all night, consider this when buying your Halloween lights.

While you are more likely to get multiple modes with string lights, you can get such features with other types of lights.

Solar Halloween lights FAQs

Are Solar Halloween Lanterns Worth It?

Solar Halloween lights are worth it. They are generally inexpensive, and they help you save on electricity costs.

How Long Do Halloween Solar Lights Last?

Halloween solar lights can last up to 10 years. However, their batteries may only last around 2 to 3 years.

Do Halloween Solar Lights Really Work?

Halloween solar lights work. Without defects, they work just fine if exposed to sufficient sunlight.

Last Tips

It is not enough for solar Halloween lights to be spooky. For the best experience, solar Halloween lights should have long lighting times and rapid charging rates. Also, their lights should be warm and they should be durable. Then, to make them more fun, they should have multiple lighting modes.

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