8 Best Indoor Solar Lights in 2023


Manufacturers compete on the range of brightness and panel quality of their indoor solar lights, but lighting times ultimately distinguish the best from the rest.

The best indoor solar lights have the longest lighting times. But more than having long lighting times, top-quality indoor solar lights are revered for their durability, sufficient brightness, and high-quality solar panels.

Besides the qualities mentioned above, you may also consider the color of the lights, the light modes, and the presence of motion sensors when choosing the best indoor solar lights.

Factors to Consider

Lights are only useful when they can come on and stay on. While indoor solar lights are powered with solar energy, the sun will not always be out. And when the sun sets, solar lights will go out.

To prevent this, indoor solar lights typically come with built-in batteries. The lighting times of these batteries vary from one product to another. But the best solar lights have batteries that offer the longest lighting times.

Their rating in lumens indicates the brightness of solar lights; the higher the number of lumens, the brighter the light is. Generally, for bigger indoor spaces, you need brighter lights for better illumination. However, if you get your solar light for ornamentation, you may play with colors and brightness as you desire.

Some indoor solar lights come with multiple lighting modes. This offers flexibility with brightness and, sometimes, color. With multiple lighting modes, you can go from dim to full brightness. In some cases, you can switch the color of the lights too.

Indoor solar lights are to be used indoors. So they are not exposed to the elements. Nonetheless, durability is essential for any product. Your indoor solar light should resist water, dust, and impact damage.

Then, of course, the quality of the solar panel your solar light comes with is essential. Indoor solar lights need a high-capacity solar panel with efficient cells. With such a solar panel, the solar power supply to your light bulb would be more reliable.

You may also fancy an indoor solar light that comes with a sensor. Sensors regulate the operation of solar lights automatically, improving their energy efficiency.

However, the type of sensors solar indoor lights come with varies; while some come with motion sensors, others come with daylight sensors. Those with motion sensors will light up when there is movement. Then those with daylight sensors will light up just after dusk.

Best Indoor Solar Lights at a Glance

  1. NIORSUN Solar Pendant Light – Independent Light Control
  2. Greenlight Planet Home 120 Solar Lighting System – Our Top Choice
  3. Flyhoom Solar Powered Light Bulbs – Flexible Timer
  4. INXPHY Solar Shed Light Indoor Outdoor 1200LM 144LED Pendant Light – Brightest
  5. Solar Shed Light Sensor Hanging Lamp – Classic Design
  6. IP65 Waterproof Solar Pendant Lights – Flexible Operation
  7. Solar Hanging Lamp for Camping Home Garden Patio – Highly Adjustable Solar Panel
  8. JACKYLED Upgraded Double Head Solar Pendant Light – Multiple Sensors

Our List of The Best Indoor Solar Lights

1. NIORSUN Solar Pendant Light

NIORSUN Solar Pendant Light
Credit: amazon.com

When we tested the NIORSUN Solar Pendant Light on the features most important to us, it satisfied on all fronts. But the most impressive thing was that we could control both solar lights independently.

We could simultaneously have warm and cool light with independent control without getting an extra product. We could also vary the brightness of each one as needed.

Lighting Times

With a full charge comes around 8 to 10 hours of lighting. This should be enough for the whole night, so it’s fine. But then, if you’d prefer long lighting times, you should check out the next product on the list.

It takes 6 to 8 hours of exposure to intense sunlight to get a full charge on these solar lights. That was enough for us to get a full charge on most days. But since the average sunshine duration varies across regions, yours might differ. Still, these values are good on average.


Overall, we believe the NIORSUN Solar Pendant Light has a sturdy body. But then, the remote control’s build does not quite match the sturdiness of the lights.

The lights are waterproof. So, whether you’re using them outdoors or indoors, they won’t suffer elemental damage under regular conditions of use.

You may be slightly disappointed if you were expecting a massively efficient solar panel with this product. But then, its efficiency isn’t even bad at all.

However, when you compare a polysilicon solar panel to a monocrystalline solar panel, there’ll be a significant gap in efficiency. Nonetheless, you’re still getting a rapid charging rate as mentioned earlier.

Installation does not come with any constraints. Each lamp comes with over 16 feet of cable, making it possible for us to mount them in our desired positions.

These lights can be operated in 4 modes. Of course, the remote control has buttons for all 4 modes, including the manual mode, dim-to-bright mode, off-to-bright mode, and dawn-to-dusk mode. All 4 modes offer different levels of control over how the lights come on and go off. Some of them are even tied to the lights’ motion sensors.

The lights can light up in warm, cool, and natural light color temperatures. So, it’s almost like you are getting 6 different solar indoor lights.


The 400 lumens of light from each NIORSUN solar light is just right. The brightness is just enough to keep the space illuminated without keeping people awake.

Unsurprisingly, when it comes to brightness, 400 lumens falls in the midrange of all the reviewed products.


  • More times than not, the lighting time would be sufficient.
  • Weatherproof
  • Easy to install thanks to the long cables
  • Independent light control
  • It comes with a remote control.


  • Performance would have been even more amazing if the solar panels were monocrystalline.

2. Greenlight Planet Home 120 Solar Lighting System

Greenlight Planet Home 120 Solar Lighting System
Credit: amazon.com

The Greenlight Planet Home 120 Solar Lighting System offers the fastest charging time of any product on this list. But beyond that, it also offers a long lighting time and a dual-charge option.

It comes with two 6v lithium-ion batteries. The batteries charge fully in 3-4 hours. Then when fully charged, it can run for 16 hours.

Lighting Time

The manufacturer estimates that the Greenlight Planet Home 120 Solar Lighting System has a lighting time of 24 hours. However, our estimate puts the lighting time at around 16 hours at full brightness.


While this Solar Lighting System is touted to be durable and rugged, it is not the most water-resistant option here.

Nonetheless, it offers a dual-charge option. You can charge it with the solar panel, and you can charge it through the USB.

Interestingly, it can also serve as a means of charging other devices. The solar light comes with a control box, making charging other devices possible. Of course, the control box also controls the function of the lights.


The Greenlight Planet Home 120 Solar Lighting System comes with 3 lamps. Each of these lamps offers a luminous flux of up to 200 lumens. So, in total, it offers 600 lumens.

All in all, this device offers multiple great features. But it does not come with a warranty. However, the manufacturer offers a 30-day return window.


  • Rapid charging time – faster than any of the other solar lights.
  • Lasting lighting time
  • It can charge other devices.
  • It comes with a dual-charge option.
  • The lamps are quite bright.


  • It does not come with a warranty.

3. Flyhoom Solar Powered Light Bulbs

Flyhoom Solar Powered Light Bulbs
Credit: amazon.com

Next on our list of the best solar-powered indoor lights is the Flyhoom Solar Powered Light Bulbs. This solar light kit gives you a long battery life/lighting time, multiple lighting modes, and remote control.

Lighting Time

This solar light comes with a 1200-mAH lithium battery. When fully charged, the battery can power the LED bulb for up to 15 hours in the lowest lighting mode.

Beyond being long-lasting, it offers up to 4 lighting modes. This product’s many lighting modes give you flexibility while lighting your indoor space.


The 4 lighting modes of the Flyhoom Solar Powered Light Bulbs are called high, medium, low, and SOS. The high mode has a brightness of up to 180 lumens. However, it should be able to light up a 100-square-feet space sufficiently.

The medium, low, and SOS modes have luminous fluxes of 100 lumens, 40 lumens, and 100 lumens. In the high mode, this indoor solar light works for up to 6 hours, in medium & SOS modes, up to 10 hours, and in low mode, up to 15 hours.

Besides the multiple lighting modes, this device also comes with a timer. The timer allows you to set how long you want the LED bulb to stay on. It also helps you conserve power when you have to. You get to choose from 4 timer settings: 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, and 4 hours.

Plus, you get a remote control that lets you control the timer and the modes without going close to the solar light kit.

Apart from charging the battery with the panel, you can also charge it via the USB port. Charging via the USB cable takes 4-6 hours for a full charge. But charging time with solar panels takes 9-10 hours – one of the slowest.

The Flyhoom Solar Powered Light Bulbs come with a 180-day warranty. But one drawback of this product is its poor resistance to water. But since it is an indoor solar light, you may not worry too much about this.


  • It has a longing lighting time.
  • It offers four lighting modes.
  • Also comes with a timer and remote control for easy operation.
  • It comes with a dual-charge option.
  • You get a 180-day warranty period.


  • It is not waterproof.
  • Charging time could be faster.

4. INXPHY Solar Shed Light Indoor Outdoor 1200LM 144LED Pendant Light

INXPHY Solar Shed Light Indoor Outdoor 1200LM 144LED Pendant Light
Credit: amazon.com

Having as many as 5 lighting modes already sets the INXPHY Solar Shed Light Indoor Outdoor 1200LM 144LED Pendant Light apart from its peers. But the brightness tops it all off.

Lighting Time

When we tested this out, we got a lighting time of up to 10 hours. We should have been surprised that solar indoor lamps as bright as these could stay on that long. But we already knew that the device uses a 5000 mAh battery. So, we were impressed, but we expected it.

Apart from the long lighting time, the charging rate of this device is also okay. Even though it could take up to 8 hours, it is still within the average range for indoor solar lights.


With a luminous flux as high as 1200 lumens, not many indoor solar lamps will give you an experience as bright as the INXPHY Solar Shed Light Indoor Outdoor 1200LM 144LED Pendant Light. Of course, it is the brightest one in the review.

You can operate this solar lamp in 5 modes – no other product in this review offers more. The first mode sees the light go from dim to dark when it senses motion.

While in the second mode, the light goes from OFF to dark when it senses motion. In the third mode, the light maintains 70% brightness throughout, even when it senses motion.

This indoor solar light’s fourth and fifth modes are for daytime use. In the fourth mode, the light will come on when it senses motion. Then in the fifth mode, the light will stay on. But the light will switch to the fourth mode when the battery level is at 60%.

As hinted already, this product comes with a remote control. Getting to a pendant light before you can adjust it isn’t comfortable. So, the remote control brings in some comfort in operating the light.

Durability and Flexibility

The INXPHY Solar Shed Light Indoor Outdoor 1200LM 144LED Pendant Light is quite as sturdy as most solar lamps we’ve discussed. But it excels when it comes to being weatherproof and blocking out ingress.

We loved that the 4 leaves/lights attached to the center light were adjustable up to 120 degrees. Then since the cable was 16 feet long, we had a bit of freedom in picking a spot to mount the lights.

Still on its flexibility, the solar panel bracket allows you to rotate/freely adjust the tilt angle of the panel. So, at any point, if the panel stops receiving enough sunlight, you are not left without a choice.


  • The lighting time is decent.
  • It has 5 different lighting modes, including daytime modes.
  • The solar panel is adjustable over a wide angle.
  • The angle of the leaf lights is adjustable.
  • it comes with a remote control.
  • The lights are very bright.


  • The plastic body is as tough as we’d have wanted it.

5. Solar Shed Light Sensor Hanging Lamp

Solar Shed Light Sensor Hanging Lamp
Credit: dailysale.com

The classic design of the Solar Shed Light Sensor Hanging Lamp makes it a great option if you’re trying to maintain your classic interior decór.

Of course, the design is not all there is to it, as you’ll be getting a solar shed light that is quality all-round.

Lighting Time

The Solar Shed Light Sensor Hanging Lamp can stay on for 3 to 8 hours, depending on the brightness setting.

Of course, this is not as long as the lighting time of over 12 hours with some other products. But then, 8 hours of lighting should be sufficient for most nights. So, it’s fair.


We simulated a heavy downpour on this device for around 10 minutes, and it was unaffected by the moisture. With an IP65 rating, we didn’t expect anything less.

Then since it is made of ABS, we know it will do just fine in various weather conditions, especially since you’ll install it indoors. That being said, you may also install this indoor solar light outdoors.

Since this device comes with a 9 ft. cable, installation is not the most flexible as you may be unable to mount the lights too far from the solar panel. But then, even if you have to mount it in a place not too close, you can readily control its operation as it comes with a remote control range of up to 26 ft.

However, adjusting the solar panel gives you a fair amount of flexibility. The solar panel bracket allows you to adjust the panel’s tilt angle within a 100-degree range. So the panel is not stuck with low sunlight reception when the seasons change.


The Solar Shed Light Sensor Hanging Lamp has 3 brightness modes: 100%, 50%, and 25%. The light can be at the brightest, half the brightest, or a quarter of the brightest.

Of course, the 100% mode consumes more power of all three brightness levels than the rest. So, it only lasts about 3 hours on a full charge. This means it cannot last all night. Your best bet at the lights staying on all night is the 25% mode.


  • It has a classic design.
  • The solar panel mount isn’t fixed.
  • It comes with a remote control.
  • The remote control has a very good range – one of the best in this review.


  • The lighting time could be longer.
  • We would have loved it if the cable was longer.

6. IP65 Waterproof Solar Pendant Lights

IP65 Waterproof Solar Pendant Lights
Credit: dailysale.com

The clover design of the IP65 Waterproof Solar Pendant Lights is one of the most loveable things about it – as with other products that have the same design. Then there’s the brightness, which exceeds almost every other product we reviewed.

But beyond the design and brightness, we just love how seamlessly we were able to operate this indoor solar light.

Lighting Time

When running in the mode that consumes the lowest power, the IP65 Waterproof Solar Pendant Lights can stay on for up to 11-12 hours, which is good enough to last the night.

But it can stay on for about 6 hours, even in the brightest modes. This is even more impressive as it means you can keep your indoor area illuminated throughout the night, no matter the mode.

Being weatherproof may not matter too much since this is an indoor light. But even at that, this device is tightly sealed to ensure it keeps water out. Then the material is the kind to tolerate a wide range of temperatures. So, it’s all good on the durability front.

Installing this device was a breeze for us, and the long 16.4 ft. played a part in that ease. The solar panel also came with a bracket attached to it. So we didn’t have to do too much to mount it.


At full brightness, this device emits up to 1000 lumens of light. Of course, we’ve seen another indoor solar light with up to 1200 lumens. So, this isn’t the brightest. But then, it is surely super bright.

You can adjust the brightness and operation of the lights as you want, as the product has multiple timer settings, brightness levels, and an auto ON/OFF feature.

The brightness is adjustable through 4 levels. There’s the full brightness – 100%, 75%, 50%, and 25% – all on the remote control. So, you can readily do that whenever you decide to alter the mood the light creates.

Then there’s the timer. You get to decide how long you want the light to stay on, choosing from one of three options: 2 hours, 4 hours, and 6 hours.

Then you can also set up the lights to come ON and OFF automatically if you do not want to control them manually.


  • The light is very bright.
  • There’s a lot of flexibility in the operations.
  • The lighting time is impressive – even in the brightest mode.
  • Comes with a timer
  • Easy to install
  • Comes with a remote control


  • The polysilicon solar panel, a monocrystalline panel, would offer higher conversion efficiency.

7. Solar Hanging Lamp for Camping Home Garden Patio

Solar Hanging Lamp for Camping Home Garden Patio
Credit: dailysale.com

With the Solar Hanging Lamp for Camping Home Garden Patio, adjusting your indoor solar light’s solar panel is easy. While the lights are not the brightest or even close, the lighting time is notable, and the durability is top-notch.


The Solar Hanging Lamp for Camping Home Garden Patio features 16 LEDs, which combine to emit just around 260 lumens of light. This is about 4 times less than the brightest option we came across. But it should be fine for small to medium-sized rooms.

We didn’t like that this indoor solar light runs in only one mode and has no remote control. But then, the lights come on and go off at sunset and sunrise, respectively. So, it’s not like we had to switch it on and off manually.

When buying this product, you may opt for the cool white LED. Alternatively, you could get the warm white option.


Made with a combination of polycarbonate and ABS materials, the ability of the Solar Hanging Lamp for Camping Home Garden Patio to resist impact is not in question.

Then, with an IP65 rating, we trust it would do just fine even if you install it outdoors.

Lighting Time

This device runs on a 3.7v, 2200 mAh (8.14 Wh) battery. The battery capacity might seem small compared to what we’ve seen with some of the other options. But then, it becomes less worrying when considering that it isn’t super bright.

Also, the lights can stay on for as long as 10 hours on a full charge. So, the battery capacity isn’t an issue.

On average, it took us 8 hours to fully charge the battery. This should be okay if you get a lot of sunlight in your region.

The most impressive feature of this product was the solar panel. We adjusted the panel over a 180-degree angle – more than the other indoor solar lights. So, even if your region does not get a lot of sunlight, you might be able to adjust the panel for optimal charging.


  • It is very durable.
  • The solar panel angle is highly adjustable.
  • The lighting time is excellent.
  • It has a daylight sensor, which controls when the light comes on and goes off.


  • It has just one lighting mode.

8. JACKYLED Upgraded Double Head Solar Pendant Light

JACKYLED Upgraded Double Head Solar Pendant Light
Credit: amazon.com

Last on our list of the best indoor solar lights is the JACKYLED Upgraded Double Head Solar Pendant Light. This solar indoor lighting offers bright illumination, multiple light modes, durability, a long lighting time, and much more.


The JACKYLED Upgraded Double Head Solar Pendant Light comes with 2 indoor solar lamps. Each contains around 56 LED bulbs and can produce up to 600 lumens of luminous flux. So, with both solar lamps, you get a total brightness of around 1200 lumens.

Besides being significantly bright, you can toggle through 6 brightness levels with this product. All you have to do is press the up+ or down- buttons on the remote accordingly.

Also, you get 4 lighting modes with this solar light. The first 2 modes feature a motion sensor, while the last 2 feature the daylight sensor.

In the first mode, the lights go from dim to bright at night when they sense movement. In the second, the lights come on when they sense movement. Then in the third, the lights come on when dark and stay on through the night. In the fourth mode, the light stays on throughout the day.

Note that the first 2 modes will not work when the solar panel is connected to the indoor solar lights. So, you either cover the solar panels up or disconnect them from the lights before activating the said modes.

Lighting Time

The JACKYLED Upgraded Double Head Solar Pendant Light runs on a 4400 mAh battery. When fully charged, the battery can run for 8 to 10 hours – the lighting time is pretty impressive. Then it has a charge time of around 6 to 8 hours.


Like most durable indoor solar lights in this review, the JACKYLED Upgraded Double Head Solar Pendant Light is rated IP65. Therefore, it will resist water and dust to a great extent.

It is no wonder the JACKYLED Upgraded Double Head Solar Pendant Light can be used as outdoor and indoor lights. This product suits your kitchen, stairs, hallway, barn, garden, or patio.

You can choose one of two color options with the JACKYLED Upgraded Double Head Solar Pendant Light. You could opt for the product with the warm incandescent bulb. Alternatively, you could get the one with cool white LEDs.

The JACKYLED Upgraded Double Head Solar Pendant Light is flexible and easy to install. It comes with a 16-feet cable, which gives you more choice during installation.


  • It is quite bright.
  • The lighting time is decent.
  • The operation of this solar lamp is flexible. You get to choose from various brightness levels and multiple lighting modes.
  • It is quite durable.
  • It can be used indoors and outdoors.


  • The lighting time could be higher.

Buyer’s Guide


When in the market for indoor solar lights, you verify the maximum luminous flux of the products. The higher the lumens (luminous flux) of the product you choose, the brighter the solar tube lights will be.

Indoor solar lights can have lumen ratings as high as 1500 lumens. At the same time, you can get those with ratings of around 200 lumens. Depending on how brightly lit you want the indoor space, you can go for a product at either end of the range.

Besides considering the maximum brightness/lumens of the solar light you choose, you should also look for a product that allows you to vary the desired brightness. This way, you are not just stuck with one degree of brightness all the time.

In all of these, you should note that indoor solar lamps can only offer maximum brightness when fully charged.

Lighting Time

Lighting time is perhaps the most important feature of indoor solar lights. It defines how long the batteries of the solar lamp can last.

The longer the lighting time of your solar lamp, the longer the lights can stay on, even in the absence of the sun.

Generally, you will find indoor solar lights with lighting times of 6 to 10 hours. But those with lighting times as long as 16 hours are not uncommon.

Color Temperature

The color temperature or shade of the light you opt for largely depends on your preference.

If you want a light almost as bright as daytime, you should opt for a cool-white light bulb. Cool-white LED bulbs typically have color temperatures around 4000-6000 Kelvins.

However, if you want warm, cozy light, look for a light bulb with a temperature of around 2000-3000 Kelvins.


These days, indoor solar lights come with different types of sensors. These sensors enhance the overall experience of such a product.

Motion and daylight sensors are the most common sensors in a solar lamp.

Motion sensors control the lighting automatically when they detect movement around the light, giving you another dimension to the lighting experience.

On the other hand, daylight sensors control the light automatically, depending on the presence or absence of daylight.

While these sensors improve the lighting experience, you can deactivate their functions if you do not desire them.


While indoors, solar lights are not exposed to the same harsh weather they experience outdoors. Nonetheless, they should still possess some level of durability.

At the least, your indoor solar light should be made with a material that resists impact and dents. But it is much better if such light can also resist water and dust to a high degree.

Cleaning the solar lights regularly will keep them working properly for many years.

Solar Panel

You can choose between solar panels with one of 3 types of solar cells: amorphous silicon, monocrystalline, and polycrystalline.

Of these 3, amorphous silicon cells offer the highest efficiency. In fact, under less intense sunlight, you will get more solar power from amorphous silicon cells than the other two cell types.

Between monocrystalline and polycrystalline cells, monocrystalline is more efficient. However, these days, the efficiency gap is not as wide as it used to be.

Besides efficiency, ensure the capacity of the solar panel of your indoor solar light is high enough to suffice for its operation. The higher the panel’s capacity, the more power it will generate for lights and the battery.

Can Solar Powered Lights Be Used Indoors?

Because most sunlight that shines upon the earth does not get indoors, using solar-powered lights indoors might seem unfeasible. But interestingly, solar-powered lights can be used indoors.

The main requirement for you to use a solar-powered light indoors is to place it in a space that receives a lot of sunlight or with bright electrical bulbs. However, even when this requirement is satisfied, the solar panel’s solar panels that can be generated indoors are limited.

No matter how much sunlight solar panels get indoors, the intensity will never match what they can get outdoors.

Then again, if you rely on incandescent bulbs to power the solar panels, charging would be way slower, and with time, the panel may lose its ability to charge properly. This happens because incandescent bulbs provide a small amount of UV light relative to the sun.

You can work around this limitation by going for solar indoor lights with a separate solar panel, not one with the solar panel attached. This way, you can place the PV panel outside the connect it to the lights, which will stay inside.

Final Thoughts

The indoor solar light you ultimately opt for depends on the circumstances peculiar to you.

Nonetheless, no matter your decision, ensure you opt for a durable product with a long lighting time/high battery capacity. Also, ensure that the solar panel is top-notch.

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