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There are many good reasons to invest in outdoor lighting. Maybe you are planning an outdoor party and could use a quick, practical, yet festive way to light up the night. Perhaps you want a permanent solution to the dullness of your garden or yard’s walkup. Maybe you want something wholly practical, like a bright garage door light to make nighttime parking in your driveway easier. For one or all of these reasons, outdoor lighting is a smart idea for your home. However, as we move into a more renewable and sustainable future, we highly recommend purchasing solar-powered lights for your outdoor needs.

Buying solar over electric lighting is the best energy-efficient, cost-effective choice for your home. Moreover, outdoor solar lights have come a long way, with attractive, multipurpose designs you and your family will adore for years to come. Here, we will give you our top picks to consider on your search, as well as the details you need to choose the best outdoor solar lights for your home.

Our List of the 5 Best Outdoor Solar Lights of 2020

Maggift 8 Pcs Solar Powered LED Garden Lights

These beautiful garden lights are sure to turn heads. The pretty lattice patterns will give your walkway and lawn stunning character and depth at night. The Maggift Solar Powered LED Garden Lights are just what you need to jazz up an evening’s special event, and will impress the neighbors again and again. These solar lights are straightforward to install, with very little upkeep required.

Some convenient features include a water-resistant construction, adjustable automatic capability (an on/off switch activates the battery), and easy assembly. Just choose your stake, long or short, to pierce the ground and instantly improve the look of your driveway or patio.

These are strictly decorative, with just 3 lumens powering a warm, calming glow at night. We also wouldn’t recommend them for the winter months if your location is prone to snow. Regardless, these ambient lattice-patterned garden solar lights are indeed a gift from Maggift.


  • Easy assembly/installation
  • Weather-resistant coating
  • Beautiful, atmospheric pattern


  • Low lumens, low lighting, for decorative use only
  • Not as functional in snowy weather.
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BEAU JARDIN  Solar Lights

The elegance of textured glass and the durability of metal combine to create these long-suffering garden lights. Beau Jardin’s garden LED solar path lights are easy to set up, and also have wireless operation. Not only are they aesthetically pleasing, these solar lights are made to withstand the elements more than other spike lights of its kind.

The classically shaped, 6-lumen Beau Jardin lights are constructed with stainless steel and heavy-duty ABS plastic, sporting weatherproof lights. They have an IP65 rating, guaranteed to endure many a rainstorm. These lights, under ideal conditions for solar energy storage, can illuminate your walkways, driveways, gardens, and patios for up to twelve hours. To conserve energy, the lights automatically cut themselves on at night and off during the day. Cloudy days make them less functional, but compared to other solar spike lights, they survive such days with more hours of energy stored than we expected. Placement is always vital.


  • Classic textured glass look
  • Enduring and weatherproof
  • Wireless operation


  • Less functional in inclement weather
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TomCare Solar Lights

If the look of moody flames catches your eye, you will appreciate the TomCare LED Solar Lights. The atmospheric appearance of dancing flames will enchant you, guests, neighbors, and even your dog. Consider these if your goal for yard decoration is to add an inviting, yet unconventional warmth.

Like others in this list, TomCare’s flickering solar lights are incredibly easy to assemble and install. No screws are necessary to attach the torch lights to the extended ground stake. This model is a static 43 inches in height, so it can’t be adjusted to a lower height. However, the height is ideal for the torch light effect, as well as adding visibility to your yard.

The battery for this product is very powerful for the price point, giving each solar light the potential to illuminate your home for up to 12 hours. We love that it is also weather-resistant; we can’t stress enough how important it is for your solar lights to survive rainstorms with their functions intact. You can expect TomCare’s solar lights to spruce up your patio for a long time.


  • Cool flickering flame design
  • Easy assembly and installation
  • Long lighting time


  • Stake is not adjustable
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URPOWER Solar Lights, 2-in-1 Waterproof 4 LED Solar Spotlight Adjustable Wall Light

Of this list, the Urpower Solar Lights are the most adaptable of their kind. These can be placed on stakes or mounted on the wall, depending on your yard-lighting needs. The lights themselves can be adjusted, with low and high modes. You can give your garden a soft glow or fully illuminate your driveway with ease. The high mode does use more energy than the low mode so that you would get less illumination hours. Still, with proper planning, you can get the most out of the high mode for your driveway or patio.

These are excellent solar lights for utilitarian buyers who need a reliable spotlight. With four bright LED bulbs, 50 lumens each, these lights won’t miss any dark corners of your yard. Trust Urpower’s lights to make your home more secure at night.

Along with its 2-in-1 capabilities, the Urpower Solar Lights solar panels have 180-degree adjustability. The panels can soak up a lot of solar energy if you position your panels for the time and direction that garners the most sun exposure.


  • Two mounting options
  • Two lighting modes
  • Powerful high-mode spotlight
  • 180-degree adjustable solar panels


  • High-mode uses more energy, reduces lighting time
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LITOM Original Solar Lights Outdoor

Consider a set of Litom Original Solar Lights for a powerful lighting experience. These are crème-of-the-crop high illumination LED solar lights, with the ability to light up 200 square feet per light, a total of 800 potential square feet of vibrant LED lighting. These are for your backyard, front patio, garage, driveway, and more, perfect for increasing the visibility, safety, and security of your home.

Litom’s solar lights offer three modes: consistent, always-on, and two options for motion sensing. Both motion-sensing modes can pick up movement from 26 feet away, within 180 degrees. The first motion-sensing option provides constant low lighting until motion is detected, then it immediately turns into a high-powered spotlight. The second leaves the lights off, becoming a spotlight once motion is detected. Either option gives this solar light an edge when it comes to security. Intruders, human or animal, will undoubtedly get a good scare.

Some other promising features include an all-weatherproof construction, path light and spotlight capabilities, and an up to 9-hour operating time. While not the most decorative solar lights on our list, these are highly effective and practical lights that you can be proud to invest in for your property.


  • Durable, weathproof construction
  • Powerfully bright lights
  • Two dependable motion-sensing modes


  • For safety, not decoration
  • Brighter modes use up more energy, reducing operation time
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Our Outdoor Solar Light Top Pick

We love all five of these outdoor solar lights. They each serve their purposes well. We found that a couple of the products mentioned could serve multiple purposes. In the end, if we had to recommend a favorite, it would be for the Beau Jarden Solar Lights. They are not as mind-bendingly bright as Litom’s lights, or as decorative as TomCare’s or Maggift’s showstoppers. Regardless, the Beau Jarden’s elegant and timeless textured glass lights can give any garden or backyard the right amount illumination for the average home.

Benefits of Outdoor Solar Lights

You have more than likely heard of solar-powered technology without even realizing it. If so, you may already have a general idea of what solar lights can do. What you may not know is that the photovoltaic cell—solar panel—of the solar light stores energy from the sun during the day to charge the battery. At night, the light utilizes the charge when cut on, instead of being powered by electric hardwire like other outdoor lights.

Outdoor solar lights have many advantages, for you as well as the environment:

  • Environmentally-friendly: Using solar-powered lights is a beautiful way to lessen your carbon footprint. The source of energy for your pathway or garage lighting is free and renewable.
  • Lower energy costs: Since you have a virtually endless power-source with solar lights, there is no need to draw from your home’s electricity. This keeps what could have been an increase in home energy costs from occurring.
  • Variety of styles: As you have seen, outdoor solar lights come in a wide variety of designs suitable for your needs. Whether practical, decorative, or both, there is a solar light option for you.
  • Easy maintenance: Solar-powered lights have minimal maintenance requirements. The most you will need to do is clean them, as well as change the batteries of your lights every few years, depending on the brand and style you choose.

How to Choose the Best Outdoor Solar Lights

The most important thing to do before choosing your outdoor solar lights is to evaluate where and why you need them. What purpose will those lights serve for your home? Are they just for visibility purposes, or are you trying to make your yard or garden more atmospheric? Do you want them to last a long time, or are they only going to be used for special occasions? Once you have seriously considered the purpose of your lights, all other best practices in outdoor solar light shopping will become easier.

Some other aspects you will want to consider while choosing the best solar lights are:


Your decision-making, whether for ambiance or practicality, is dependent on the landscape you are lighting. Every home is different, every yard and garden as well. Some families have a pathway perfect for solar path lights, others don’t, for example.


Lumens determine how bright LED solar lights can be. The lumens of lights sold range from 1 to 1000 lumens, certain floodlights even higher. If you are more interested in driveway lighting, you will want to aim for lumens bright enough to adequately cover it. On the other hand, mood lighting tends to sit in between 1 to 30 lumens, so carefully consider your decorative lights based on the atmosphere you want to create at night.

Weather Resistance

Will your solar lights, particularly the solar panels on them, withstand rain and storm debris? This is paramount to the longevity of your lights, especially the ones you purchase for necessity. Look for lights that are waterproofed well.


Your outdoor solar lights will rarely need any serious upkeep, but those rare moments are related to your solar lights’ battery life. If the battery cannot correctly store solar energy for long, you will have to invest more time and money into your solar lights, which defeats their purpose. Make sure the battery life of your lights is three years or higher. Most styles of solar path lights last this long, but do your research.

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