The best portable solar panels provide steady power wherever it’s needed. Ideally, they will be lightweight, small enough to carry and resist the outdoor elements. Many of the products reviewed also come with helpful bags or built-in handles.

Best Portable Solar Panels at a Glance

  1. DOKIO 110W Portable Solar Panel KitOverall Best Portable Solar Panel Kit
  2. ROCKPALS SP003 Foldable SolarBest Portable Solar Power for Jackery Explorer
  3. ROCKPALS 200W Portable Solar PanelsHighest Solar Power Generation
  4. TopSolar SolarFairy 100W Solar PanelSmallest Solar Panel on the List
  5. Renogy 200W Foldable Solar SuitcaseMost Durable Solar Panel

The balance between portability and power output is important when purchasing a portable solar panel. They’re often used for backpacking, camping, and similar trips outdoors. If they weigh too much and are cumbersome, then they won’t do any good. But if the energy output is too low, it similarly doesn’t do any good.

Consulting the solar panel specifications compared to the devices or power stations to be used is also important. It may be portable and have a good energy output, but it isn’t significant if it’s not enough for the laptop that needs to be charged. Having a portable solar panel with a built-in solar charge controller is also helpful.

The best portable solar panels also have a weather-resistant design that’s convenient to use. Cords to connect to power stations and batteries and other handy features are also a plus. But even the best-made products should have a great warranty and come at a reasonable price.

Our List of the Best Portable Solar Panels

1. DOKIO 110W Off Grid Portable Foldable Solar Panel KitDOKIO 110W Portable Foldable Solar Panel Kit

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The DOKIO portable solar panel is the best overall product on the list. It has a decent weight,  a great warranty, and convenient features. There’s a reason this is one of the most highly rated portable solar kits on Amazon.

Portability & Design

The DOKIO 110W solar panel kit isn’t on the smallest list, but it’s far from the largest. With a 27.95 x 13 x .02 inches measurement, it’s smaller than the TopSolar SolarFairy and Renogy.

When unfolded, that 27.95 inches become 43 inches. This product will take up less space than the TopSolar SolarFairy while providing a bit more energy.

The device also weighs six pounds, which is heavier than the ROCKPALS Sp003 solar panel, but not by much. It’s also much lighter than the ROCKPALs 200W.

The DOKIO solar panel conveniently comes with a carrying bag, like the Renogy. Once folded up, it fits inside, unlike the ROCKPALS SP003, which has solar panels built into the bag.

Between the smaller size and less weight compared to other portable solar panels on the list, it’s one of the most portable options and perfect for off grid.

While the casing is waterproof, it isn’t meant for extended use in harsh conditions. This can make the Renogy 200W more appealing as it can withstand harsher weather.

The kit comes with five DC conversion adaptors which are half of what the ROCKPALS SP003 offers. There are two USB ports to connect to an external battery pack.

Output Power

The DOKIO 110W solar panel features monocrystalline solar panels, which provide more energy compared to polycrystalline solar panels. It has a stable output of 110 watts which puts it above the ROCKPALS SP003 and TopSolar SolarFairy. The manufacturer states the efficiency is around 23% which is in line with other products.

The solar cells are designed to connect to just about any power station like the Jackery or EcoFlow or 12-volt battery. This is very similar to how the TopSolar SolarFairy portable solar panel functions. Users should consider getting a pure sine wave inverter if using delicate devices with these power stations.

Price & Warranty

Incredibly the DOKIO is the cheapest of the portable solar chargers on the list. It’s even cheaper than the ROCKPALS SP003 and TopSolar SolarFairy, which have less power output. In fact, it’s half the price of the ROCKPALS SP003 portable solar panel.

The DOKIO also has the best warranty. It can have repairs or replacements for a whopping 10 years. The Renogy offers the next best warranty at five years, less than half of the DOKIO.


  • The cheapest portable solar panel kit on the list, half the price of the ROCKPALS SP003 solar panel.
  • It has the longest warranty at 10 years, double what the Renogy offers.
  • One of the smallest portable solar panels when folded compared to the ROCKPALS SP003 and TopSolar SolarFairy.
  • Best off grid solar panel.
  • Very lightweight, only the ROCKPALS SP003 solar panel is lighter.
  • Comes with a USB charge controller.


  • At 110 watts, it provides less solar energy than the ROCKPALS 200W or the Renogy.
  • While waterproof, it’s not as durable as the Renogy.

2. ROCKPALS SP003 100W Foldable Solar Panel

ROCKPALS Foldable Solar Panels

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The ROCKPALS portable solar panel is a solid option after the DOKIO. It does lose a little solar energy but weighs a little less as a tradeoff. This device is also not as long, which might make it less cumbersome to carry. The built-in bag is also one of the nicest on the list.

Portability & Design

The ROCKPALS SP003 comes in at 20.5 x 14.2 x 2.6 inches. It’s a bit thicker than the DOKIO solar panel but isn’t as long. This makes the portable solar panels squarer when folded, which may be easier to carry.

These portable solar panels are the lightest in this review at 5.1 pounds. This makes them almost a pound lighter than the DOKIO solar panels.

The solar cells come in a water-resistant Oxford cloth bag. Aesthetically this is nicer than the bags the DOKIO or the ROCKPALS solar panels use.

While the bag is waterproof, the junction box is not, so users must be careful. Something that wouldn’t be a concern with the Renogy.

As mentioned earlier, everything on the ROCKPALS SP003 solar panel is water-resistant except the junction box. This may make it less appealing than, say, the Renogy for generating electricity when camping.

This portable solar panel kit uses 10 DC connectors. This is five more than what comes with the DOKIO. There are three USB ports which are more than what comes with the TopSolar SolarFairy solar panel.

The ROCKPALS SP003 has a unique feature not found on many portable solar panels. It has technology that detects what device is in use and regulates the solar energy flow to it. This can also detect sunlight levels and raise or lower the solar energy accordingly.

Power Output

The monocrystalline solar panels on the ROCKPALS SP003 have a power generation of 100 watts. This is the same as the TopSolar SolarFairy and a bit less than the DOKIO solar panels. The efficiency ranges from 21.5 to 23.5%. The high end matches the Rockpals 200W, and the low end matches the Renogy. Customer reviews state the efficiency is more likely 20%.

Like most portable solar panel kits, it is viable with just about any power station or battery pack. Unlike the others, it will not support the Jackery. Other portable solar panels like the DOKIO will be a better choice if you plan to use the Jakcery.

Price & Warranty

The ROCKPALS SP003 portable solar panel doesn’t come cheap compared to other portable solar panels with similar wattage. It’s twice the cost of the DOKIO. It’s still half the price of the most expensive solar panel on the list, but it is a lot for what’s offered.

This portable solar panel comes with the standard two-year warranty common with these devices. This is the same warranty offered by the ROCKPALS 200W and is twice the TopSolar Solar Fairy. But it’s no comparison to the 10-year warranty offered by the DOKIO.


  • It is the lightest of the foldable solar panels on the list at 5.1 pounds, and the next one up is the DOKIO solar panel at six pounds.
  • The water-resistant Oxford cloth is more aesthetically pleasing than the DOKIO bag.
  • Has the most USB connections of any solar charger.
  • Automatically adjusts the power output depending on the device charging and sunlight level.
  • No need for a solar charge controller.


  • The junction box is not waterproof, making the Renogy a better, more durable option.
  • The two-year warranty is low compared to the DOKIO or the Renogy 200W.
  • It is the most expensive portable solar panel of its class, being double the DOKIO.

3. ROCKPALS 200W Portable Solar PanelsROCKPALS Portable Solar Panels

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The ROCKPALS Portable Solar Panel is a great choice for those wanting more energy without sacrificing portability. It should definitely only be chosen if power generation is needed. Otherwise, it’s overkill. But if needed, then this is the best choice on the list.

Portability & Design

The ROCKPALS 200W is surprisingly small for what it offers. It measures 20.94 x 24.4 x 2.36 inches in size. This is ten inches longer than the ROCPALS SP003 solar panels while retaining almost the same width and height.

When unfolded, the device is rather large at 92.52 x 20.94 x 1.18. This makes it even bigger than the Renogy, which can be a problem with certain setups.

It is heavier than the 100W solar cells coming in at 18.31 pounds. This is three times the weight of the DOKIO and twice the weight of the TopSolar SolarFairy solar panel.

The entire portable solar panel is in a bag with built-in handles. While convenient for setting up and take down, customers have said the bag is a little awkward. This may make the ROCPALS SP003 with its Oxford cloth bag a better choice by comparison.

The ROCKPALS 200W portable solar panel has a water resistance rating of IPX4. This is similar to the DOKIO in that it can resist basic intermittent weather but not prolonged exposure. The IPX4 rating includes the casing, making the ROCKPALS SP003 just a bit more resilient.

This solar charger also has an adjustable kickstand which gives it more stability compared to the ROCKPALS SP003. The kickstand allows different setups to gather energy more efficiently than other products.

Power Output

The ROCKPALS 200W has a high solar panel efficiency. This is the result of the monocrystalline solar panels that give it a 200-watt output. It has almost twice the output of the DOKIO and is the same as the Renogy. The efficiency for this device is 23.5%, the same as the TopSolar SolarFairy and the Rockpals SP003.

This device has a four-in-one cable allowing it to connect to power stations and batteries. The cable makes it a bit more convenient for setup than other portable folding solar panels. It does connect to the Jackery, unlike the ROCKPALS SP003.

Price & Warranty

The ROCKPALS 200W is the most expensive of the portable solar panels on the list. It is almost twice the ROCKPALS SP003 and almost five times the cost of the DOKIO portable solar panel. If it weren’t for the weight difference, the Renogy 200W might be a better choice.

It comes with a standard two-year warranty which seems low for the price. Even the Renogy solar panel comes with a much more reasonable five-year warranty while still being cheaper.


  • The 200-watt power generation is the highest on the list, shared only by the Renogy.
  • It’s surprisingly small for what it offers, being a good ten inches smaller than the Renogy.
  • For a 200 watt portable solar panel, being less than half of the Renogy.
  • The 4-in-1 cable is very convenient compared to the five separate cables on the DOKIO solar panel.


  • When unfolded, it’s the largest portable solar panel on the list, even bigger than the Renogy.
  • The water-resistance of IPX4 means it can have problems being in the rain, unlike the Renogy or the DOKIO.
  • It is the most expensive portable solar panel on the list, twice the ROCKPALS SP003.
  • The two-year warranty seems small compared to the five-year offered by the Renogy solar panels.

4. TopSolar SolarFairy 100W Portable Solar PanelsTopSolar panels

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The TopSolar SolarFairy is a good portable solar panel in its own right but doesn’t compare to the others. It weighs more and has a smaller warranty. However, it is the smallest of portable solar panels, which may make it worth it.

Portability & Design

The TopSolar SolarFairy 100W is the smallest solar panel on the list when folded. It measures 11.22 x 7.87 x 2.76 inches making it more compact than the DOKIO or the ROCKPALS SP003.

When unfolded, it’s 22.44 x 51.97 x 1.38 inches, and this is a great choice when limited on space—something much harder to achieve with the ROCKPALS 200W solar panels.

This solar panel weighs 9.28 pounds which is still reasonably portable but heavier than the DOKIO solar panel. It’s almost twice as heavy as the ROCKPALS SP003.

When folded down, the TopSolar SolarFairy functions as a hard briefcase that’s water-resistant but not waterproof. This makes it as durable as the DOKIO when unfolded but a little better off when folded.

Like the DOKIO, it has dual USB ports to charge a cellphone or other device.

Power Output

The TopSolar SolaryFairy monocrystalline solar panels put out 100 watts of portable solar power. This puts it in line with the ROCKPALS SP003, but just behind the DOKIO 110W. The manufacturer claims the efficiency is 23%, like the DOKIO, but customers have stated it hovers around 20%.

It has a 10-in-1 connector similar to the ROCKPALS SP003 4-in-1 that allows it to connect to just about anything. There is also a built-in smart IC chip to regulate energy flow to devices.

Price & Warranty

The TopSolar SolarFairy solar panel is less expensive than the ROCKPALS SP003, but it is more than the DOKIO.

It has the smallest warranty out of any of the portable solar panels at one year. This is below the standard two-year warranty that the ROCKPALS 200W and the ROCKPALS SP003 solar panels come with.


  • Smallest portable solar panel when folded, even smaller than the DOKIO solar panels.
  • Built-in smart IC chip to regulate energy, like the ROCKPALS SP003.
  • The 10-in-1 connectors are convenient, making it more versatile than the ROCKPALS 200W.


  • It weighs more than the DOKIO 110W and the ROCKPALS SP003 despite being smaller.
  • The ROCKPALS SP003 and the ROCKPALS 200W solar panels have a one-year warranty, half the standard warranty.
  • It is only water-resistant and may struggle where the Renogy 200W would be fine.

5. Renogy Foldable Solar SuitcaseRenogy portable solar panels

Check the price on Amazon

The Renogy portable solar panel is a hard sell when compared to the other portable solar panels. It’s much heavier, larger, and lacks any USB ports. It does redeem itself a bit by being more resilient with a great warranty.

Portability & Design

The Renogy 200W measures out at 35.6 x 25.9 x 3.1 inches, easily the largest solar charger when folded. This is even larger than the ROCKPALS 200W.

It is by far the heaviest at 43.5 pounds. This is more than twice the weight of the ROCKPALS 200W. It’s very cumbersome to lug around, and that’s not including the weight of the battery pack.

Where the Renogy stands out is that it is much more durable than other options. It has a corrosion-resistant aluminum stand to help it handle incremental weather when in use. Even folded the corrosion-resistant aluminum frame keeps it protected more than, say, the DOKIO solar panels.

This solar charger is like the TopSolar SolarFairy in that it folds up into a hard briefcase. If it weren’t for the weight, this would be nice to carry. As a result, this portable solar panel is better off used in an RV than being carried.

Power Output

These portable solar panels can generate 200 watts of portable solar power. This is the same as the ROCKPALS 200W. The efficiency rating is 21%, which aligns with most customers’ experiences, though low compared to others.

Unlike every other option on this list, this solar charger does not have included DC adaptors or connectors. The Renogy also does not have any USB ports. It only comes with a simple pair of battery clips.

Price & Warranty

Surprisingly the Renogy 200W isn’t the most expensive on the list. It’s $160 cheaper than the ROCKPALS 200W. It is still almost three times the price of the DOKIO, so it’s not cheap by any means.

The Renogy 200W comes with a five-year warranty. This is more than double the standard two-year warranty that comes with the ROCKPALS SP003 and ROCKPALS 200W. It is still half the 10-year warranty the DOKIO has.


  • Has a high power generation at 200 watts, just like the ROCKPALS 200W.
  • It is perhaps the most durable portable solar panel on the list even compared to the ROCKPALS SP003.
  • The five-year warranty is much higher than the standard two-year on the ROCKPALS SP003 and ROCKPALS 200W.
  • Includes a charge controller with LCD display.


  • It is the heaviest at 43.5 pounds, twice the weight of the ROCKPALS 200W.
  • Does not come with DC adaptors, unlike the ROCKPALS SP003 10-in-1 cable.
  • No USB ports.

A Best Portable Solar Panels Buyers GuidePortable Solar Panel Buyers Guide

Portability & Design

Weight and size are important when choosing portable solar panels. If it’s too large and cumbersome to carry a portable panel, it will be impractical. The best portable solar panel for backpacking is smaller than the one needed to charge multiple deep cycle batteries.

While foldable solar panels are not meant to be outside 24/7, they should be resilient to the weather. Some are only water-resistant, while others have portable solar panels that can handle heavy rain.

The last thing to consider for portability is the method it’s carried. Some come with separate bags, and others have built-in handles. For some, the best portable solar panel may be a hard-shell briefcase when folded. This is less important for those more stationary, for instance, when hooking up to an RV battery.

Power Output

The solar power output is also an important factor. A 100-watt solar panel won’t be able to charge everything a 200-watt one will. For phones and flashlights, 100 watts should be enough. But charging more than one laptop may take 200 watts.

Anything above 200 watts may require a debate between portable solar panels and a solar generator with a higher output.

Monocrystalline portable solar panels are much better than polycrystalline solar panels. Many of the best solar panels for camping are often monocrystalline for a reason. Efficiency should also be a considered factor. Some solar panels may have a higher wattage, but their efficiency is lower.

Price & Warranty

When you buy portable solar panels, it’s important to keep an eye on the price. Portable panels aren’t cheap, especially the monocrystalline cells. The 200-watt portable panels will go for more than 100 watts.

Considering these devices will see a lot of use, it’s important to get a good warranty. Solar chargers will fold and unfold a lot, see bad weather, and take a tumble now and then. Having a good warranty to repair or replace the inevitable problems is essential.

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