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Are you a homeowner looking to save energy? Do you have an attic that needs better air circulation? If so, you should consider purchasing a solar-powered attic fan for your home. Solar attic fans are safe, renewable, environment-friendly tools worth the investment. We’ll teach you how to pick the best solar attic fan for your home, and narrow down your search with our list of favorite solar attic fans.

Top 5 Best Solar Attic Fans Reviewed

Remington 30W Solar Attic Fan

The Remington 30W Solar Attic Fan is a lightweight, quiet, and dual-actioned roof unit. Remington is one of the leading solar ventilation manufacturers in the country, toting state-of-the-art ventilation units for homes and businesses. Here they offer a powerful yet compact solar fan with a venting capacity of 1550 CFM. In other words, this Remington unit is strong enough to cool 2200 square feet. The lifetime warranty for this unit is generous as well.

This solar attic fan is a bit heavier than others of its kind at 30 lbs. However, installation should be a breeze if you are careful and thoroughly read the instructions. Some other excellent features include a sturdy 24V DC motor, reliable housing powder-coated in steel, and poly-vinyl fan blades. The motor and blades create a solar attic fan that is as quiet as it is powerful.

A star feature for this model would be the built-in thermostat and humidistat—saving you time and money. The airflow adapts to the needs of your attic. This process works even better with Remington’s Hybrid Adapter, but unfortunately, that is sold separately. Regardless, if you have a large loft or crawl space in need of significant air circulation, this is the solar attic fan for you.


  • Strong capacity
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Quiet motor
  • Built-in thermostat and humidistat


  • Hybrid Adapter sold separately
  • Heavier than some models
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Natural Light 24W Solar Attic Fan

The Natural Light 24W Solar Attic Fan is a sleek, powerful, easy to install a machine that can be mounted on flat or sloped rooftops (asphalt, tile, clay, and wood shake roofs can also hold this fan). Here, we have another unit with a nearly silent motor and overall sturdy construction. This 24W model can cool up to 2100 square feet. Manufacturers are proud of their unit, offering a 25-year product warranty.

The Natural Light brand of solar attic fans builds all their units with aluminum-coated parts. The housing and flashing are both made with heavy-duty, pure commercial aluminum. You won’t have to worry about leaks or debris damaging this unit when stormy weather arrives, thanks to the hi-impact, adjustable solar panel.

Other sought-after features include a robust and quiet motor (which has an isolation bracket), five-wing fan blades, and a protective screen to keep out pests. There are a myriad of excellent accessories this model pairs well with, including a fire safety cutoff switch and thermal snap switch. These are sold separately, but the solar tax credits will balance out your investment.


  • 25-year warranty
  • Strong venting capacity
  • Adjustable and durable panel
  • Overall near-silent machine


  • Recommended accessories sold separately
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Amtrak 40W Solar Attic Fan

You get a lot for the price of the Amtrak 40W Solar Attic Fan. This fan shines as a gable vent, RV, garage, as well as home ventilation system. This 12-inch, 12-pound fan packs a punch with a 12volt DC motor, an incredibly efficient set of fan blades, and an overall venting capacity of 2250 square feet. Amtrak proudly includes a 25-year warranty for this unit.

The solar panel is made of polycrystalline, weather-resistant, and built to last. A significant plus goes to the fan blades, constructed with galvanized steel. Once solar energy triggers the thermally protected motor, and the motor gets those blades going, your attic can expect immediate relief from hot, stale air.

For the power, you would be giving up a level of noise control. However, it is one of the quieter 40W+ models out there, as well as budget-friendly.


  • Strong venting capacity
  • Compact size
  • Excellent motor and blade efficiency
  • Budget-friendly


  • Not as noiseless as other models listed
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Broan-Nutone 345SOWW 28W Surface Mount Solar Powered Attic Ventilator

For those needing a smaller, more low-profile unit without losing all the perks of its larger counterparts, the Broan-Nutone 28W Solar Attic Ventilator is for you. The size is best for smaller homes that don’t need as much power to ventilate the attic, but still want reliable results. With up to 537 CFM venting capacity, a quiet and robust motor and fan-blade set-up, and extreme weather and pest resistant construction, consider this Broan-Nutone unit. This is a solar attic fan, while best for shingle roofed homes, is made for homeowners who want an integrated, subtle design.

The Broan-Nutone 28W unit has an insect and animal-repelling aluminum gauze screen, and the housing is made from durable ABS plastic. The panel resists debris and even hail. While its capacity is too low for larger homes, sheds, or crawl spaces, this fan keeps the average home attic’s air cool and circulated. The warranty, while not as long as others on this list, meets our minimum criteria at six years.


  • Five-bladed fan
  • Pest and Weather resistant panel and housing
  • Quiet motor


  • Best for small to average-sized homes.
  • Limited warranty
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iLIVING HYBRID 20W Smart Exhaust Solar Roof Attic Fan

The iLiving Hybrid Smart Exhaust Solar Attic Fan is a top-selling unit. Its efficient smart features allow users more control over the ventilation system. This unit is potent for its size, with a 1750 CFM. With a 15-year warranty, you will never dread summertime humidity again with the iLiving Hybrid Solar Fan.

The smart controls differentiate this solar fan from others of its capacity and size. It comes with an intelligent thermostat control with an enable/disable featured option. It is also made to take add on features (screen guard and an on/off switch, to name a couple), although sold separately.

The construction of this iLiving fan is one of the best in the industry. The powerful IP68 waterproof and brushless motor, sleek aluminum fan-blades, and adjustable, durable solar panel, exhibit a fan that can withstand the worst weather has to offer. With these features, you just can’t beat the iLiving Hybrid Solar Attic Fan.


  • Strong and waterproof motor
  • Strong ventilating capacity
  • Compact, easy to install
  • Smart thermostat control


  • Recommended features sold seperately
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What are Solar Attic Fans? How Do They Work?

Before understanding the environmental and economic benefits of solar-powered attic fans, you need to know the importance of attic fans in general. Many homeowners with attics neglect buying attic fans about as much as they ignore their attics. Homeowners who value their attics may still not think of purchasing a fan, believing their home’s air conditioning is enough to cool it in the summer months. Unfortunately, you are more than likely using a lot of energy that would be better saved if you had an attic fan.

Attic fans are exactly what they sound like—fans installed in the ceiling of your attic. Folks in the know about attic care buy fans because they push warm, moist air outside, away from your storage that would otherwise suffer eventual damage. These fans remove much of the summertime strain from the HVAC system of your home.

While powered attic fans get the job done, and are already energy savers, solar attic fans are an even better investment, drawing even less energy from your home. The average attic fan is powered by the home’s electrical system, while solar attic fans use energy—gathered from the sun’s rays through a solar panel—to pull in fresh air and push out hot, stale air. This is ideal for cutting costs, and you would be doing your part for a more energy-efficient future. Any homeowner would benefit tremendously from a solar attic fan.

What are the Benefits of Solar Attic Fans?

There are many benefits homeowners stand to gain by buying solar attic fans, including:

Free solar energy

The great thing about solar energy is that it is 100% free and plentiful, so long as the sun is out.

Reduced cooling costs

The hotter your attic gets, the more strain this puts on your a/c unit. The heat will also impede the higher levels of your home from c. With a solar attic fan, the a/c can adequately cool your home without the attic’s temperature making things harder. This can reduce your cooling costs by up to 30%.

No negative pressure zones

Regular powered attic fans tend to encourage negative pressure zones, drawing conditioned air from the interior of your home into the attic, including air containing carbon monoxide and other gases from your appliances. Solar-powered fans do not attract as much air in the same way, eliminating this potential danger.

Reduced Moisture Accumulation

A significant effect of a hot attic is the accumulation of mold. Most attics are riddled with wood construction (ceiling joists, sheathing, rafters, etc.). The moisture in the air—caused by your attic and home interior’s competing air temperatures—encourages mold to grow on the wooden portions of your attic. Improved ventilation via solar attic fan can eliminate the chance of this happening.

Tax credits from the US Dept. of energy

An often-overlooked benefit of solar attic fans—as well as other solar-powered machines—are federal and state tax credits. Due to the federal government’s efforts towards a more renewable and sustainable future, the US Department of Energy offers a 30% tax credit for solar attic fan models. According to the Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE), many states provide their own renewable energy tax credits for which your solar attic fan might qualify.

Our Criteria for the Best Solar Attic Fans

Solar attic fans all have the same general parts: The solar panel, thermostat, motor, fan, and housing base. The solar panel absorbs the solar energy; the thermostat triggers the fan once a specific temperature in the attic is reached; once on, the motor turns the blades of the fan; the housing of the fan keeps everything together and in place on the roof.

The best solar attic fans allow these functions to occur smoothly, quietly, and for a long time. Our guide  is based on this criteria, broken down to include the following characteristics:

  • Attic size/Fan capacity: The attic size determines the CFMs (cubic feet per minute), the measurement for fan strength. If you get the wrong fan for your attic size, it could pose a problem for the effectiveness of your attic’s air ventilation.
  • Fan blades: The ideal solar attic fan has five or more blades, preferably made from high-grade aluminum. More blades create a quieter and more efficient fan.
  • Motor sound: In addition to more blades, the right motor will give you a quiet solar attic fan.
  • Durability: Ideally, your solar attic fan would be made of robust and dependable material. The panel itself should be aluminum, aircraft-grade, if possible, to withstand debris (branches, hail, etc.).
  • Adjustability of the panel: The solar panel’s position is paramount to energy collection since the weather, location of your home, position of the sun, etc. are not always predictable. You want to be able to adjust the panel of the fan to the optimum angle.
  • Pest Resistance: There should be a reliable covering to discourage bugs and other pests from getting inside your fan, among other protective features.
  • Warranty: Warranties are a testament to the quality of the product. You want a solar attic fan that will last a long time, so your warranty should reflect this. A good warranty is five years or more.

Our Top Pick

Our favorite solar attic fan of this list would have to be the Remington 30W Solar Attic Fan. The soundless and robust motor, sturdy design features, and built-in thermostat and humidistat make for a long-suffering unit that will serve you and your home well for years to come. The lifetime warranty doesn’t hurt, either.

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