Whether you’re getting ready for a family gathering or simply need some fresh, dried herbs for dinner in a few days, having a solar dehydrator on hand offers plenty of benefits. Food is always best dried naturally – the open air helps preserve enzymes better than any other drying method – so it pays to have a fantastic solar device that can dehydrate your food like no other.

Best Solar Dehydrators at a Glance

  1. Duier Hanging Solar Powered Raw Food DehydratorSimplest Design
  2. EachOn Drying RackEasiest Storage
  3. Opulent Systems 2ft 4 Layer Drying RackWidest Diameter
  4. Docooler 4 Layer Mesh Drying NetMost Durable Nylon Design
  5. Sun Oven All American with Dehydrating Accessory PackageBest Overall
  6. KinoSol Solar Food DehydratorEasiest Assembly
  7. iPower 6 Layer Heavy Duty Drying RackMost Customizable
  8. FaFaVilla Nylon Food DehydratorTallest Dehydrator
  9. Dehytray Portable Solar Food DehydratorRunner Up
  10. Duer International Pantrie Dehydration SystemFastest Drying

Easy preparation and a simple drying process combine to make the ultimate solar food dryer. Choosing the right one for you can be difficult as there are so many available. We tried and tested plenty of food dehydrators to provide you with our top 10 devices. Shopping for a food dehydrator doesn’t have to be difficult, as long as you know what to look for.

Our Favorite Solar Dehydrators Reviewed

1. Duier Hanging Solar Powered Dehydrator

Duier Hanging Solar Powered Dehydrator
Sometimes, simplicity is key, and the Duier Hanging solar food dehydrator takes that in its stride. If you’re looking for a dependable, easy-to-use solar food dryer that can be used both indoors and out, then this is a great product to check out. The mesh casing actively keeps out bugs or pets and protects your food whilst it is drying.

It comes with five layers of removable trays so that you can easily place your food on each one and make the most out of the space you’re given without disturbing foods that are already drying. While it might not be as fast as electric drying racks, this is the perfect alternative for food preservation. Utilize the sun’s power and the air like never before with one of the best dehydration racks available.

Our Verdict

We were skeptical at first as this product has been known to come with issues. However, Duier has worked to fix any issues that people were experiencing with their product to not have to worry about collapsing trays or poorly dehydrating foods. We loved the simplicity of the design and the durability of the dehydrator.


  • Five easy to access layers
  • Removable trays make food replenishment simple.
  • Heavy-duty mesh construction


  • Threads can be difficult to set up
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2. EachOn Drying Rack

EachOn Drying Rack
Protect your food as no other dehydrators can with the tight and durable nylon mesh material. Much like the Duier, the EachOn drying rack is a collapsible and easy-to-use solar dehydrator that will have your food preservation done in no time at all. This is a four-layer food dehydrator that is rated for herbs, fruits, and vegetables, and even some small clothing items should the need arise.

Our favorite feature of this product is the power it provides, along with the simplicity of its design. Much like the Duier, this product doesn’t come with too many additional gimmicks and simply uses the sun’s energy for thorough dehydration and food preservation. Once you’re done dehydrating, simply fold it up and store it away until you need it again.

Our Verdict

We loved this model and are sure you will too. You can dry food in record time for a solar dryer while easily protecting and preserving all food within the mesh casing. No bugs or rodents will be able to get in as the nylon mesh is powerful and can withstand any break-in attempt. The individual layer zippers allow you to keep your food safe while you replenish another layer. Simplicity matched with durability makes this one of the best solar dehydrators we’ve tested.


  • 4 durable nylon layers
  • Each layer is individually zippered
  • Space-saving design is easy to fold and transport


  • Not as large as other models
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3. Opulent Systems 2ft 4 Layer Drying Rack

Opulent Systems 2ft 4 Layer Drying Rack
There are many similarities between this device and the EachOn solar dryer. Many similar features mean that if you like one of these devices, you’re sure to like the other as well! But what makes the Opulent solar dryer stand out? Well, first of all, there is a slight difference in the zippers. They both host the individual layered zipper design to optimal food protection, but a compromised zipper is less likely to happen on the Opulent food dryer.

Everything – from the nylon mesh fabric protection to the easy to collapse and fold design – is the same between this and the EachOn food dehydrator. However, Opulent has perfected their zippers and drastically decreased the chances of your zipper coming off its track and leaving your food exposed to the elements.

Our Verdict

In terms of dehydration, this is a fantastic device. It’s perfect for any fruits and vegetables as well as any flowers or herbs. By simply hanging your food out to dry in the open sun, this energy-efficient drying rack will quickly dehydrate your food and have you ready to go by dinner time.


  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Easy storage
  • Four zippered compartments


  • It doesn’t hold as much food as other models.
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4. Docooler 4 Layer Mesh Drying Net

Docooler 4 Layer Mesh Drying Net
The Docooler 4 layer mesh drying net adds a layer of breathability to the mix of food drying. When we first unfolded this solar dryer, we were concerned about the durability of the design. There seemed to be many factors at play that could be easily compromised. However, each feature that we were worried about proved us wrong. The nylon rope is strong and dependable, and the internal wiring can hold up plenty of weight.

This solar food dehydrator can take on any herbs, fish, plant, fruits, and vegetables that you need it to. Something that might come down to taste is how the storage rack looks. It uses a bright blue mesh fabric as bug and bird protection which we thought was appealing, but others might not. Getting food in and out of storage is simple with the front zipper design.

Our Verdict

This is one of the best solar dehydrators out there, though it wouldn’t look like it at first glance. It’s a strong and dependable mesh storage container that allows for efficient drying of your food in the open air. If you’re looking for a solar dehydrator that can outlast the competition, then this is the solar dryer for you.


  • It can be used to preserve fish, herbs, and fruits, and vegetables.
  • Four wide diameter drying layers
  • Powerful nylon rope can hold plenty of weight.


  • Each tray isn’t individually zippered.
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5. Sun Oven All American with Dehydrating Accessory Kit

Sun Oven All American with Dehydrating Accessory Kit
The Sun Oven All American dehydration device takes a massive step away from the others on our list in both design and drying methods. This solar dehydrator is much closer to a solar oven than the rest of the devices we’ve tested, but that’s what makes it so great. You can dry your herbs or fruits and vegetables much faster than most other products, or you can heat them for a quick snack.

Sun Oven has made high-quality solar products, but this might be one of their best. From the four-layer drying rack to the powerful, massive reflector sheets, this dehydrating device is one of the best available. The racks are small, so you might not have as much room as other dehydrators, but the speed at which you can dry food in the sun with this device will offer you a fast turnover rate.

Our Verdict

Powerful and dependable. This dehydrating rack is the perfect addition to any outdoor cooking collection. We absolutely adore this efficient dehydrator and are sure you will as well. Heat your food or dry out your herbs like never before with the power of the Sun Oven.


  • Powerful and fast dehydrating with reflected sun rays
  • You can even heat food with this solar dehydrator
  • Multi-layer dehydrating sheet
  • 40-recipe cookbook included


  • Drying racks have less space than other dehydrators on our list.
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6. KinoSol Dehydrator

KinoSol Dehydrator
Washing your solar dehydrators shouldn’t be an issue you have to contend with. With the KinoSol dehydrator, you’re able to wash thoroughly and ready the device for another day, thanks to its machine washing capabilities. Some solar dehydrators need to be moved throughout the dehydration process so that any drying food gets even dry. However, with the clear plastic container, you won’t have to worry about this.

One thing that stands out to us with this device was how bug-proof it was. Most solar dehydrators are made out of a mesh fabric that protects the food. Sometimes, this can leave holes for small insects to enter or areas where rodents can chew through. With the plastic shield, there is no way anything will get through to your food.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a dependable and quality dehydration rack for your herbs or vegetables, then this is a fantastic addition to any collection. It’s efficient at drying food, completely protects you from bugs or animals, and allows for proper airflow via the air holes in the device’s top. The diameter of the dryer does restrict storage space, but you do receive more height for food storage.


  • Lightweight and space-saving
  • Multiple, evenly-spaced trays
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Powerful plastic protection against bugs and animals


  • Smaller sizing leaves less space for items.
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7. iPower 6 Layer Heavy Duty Dryer

iPower 6 Layer Heavy Duty Dryer
Make the most out of the space you’re given with this fantastic, customizable iPower dehydrator rack. You can easily dry food in the mesh capsules that can be added or removed based on need. We love the customizable option with this amazing dryer – every two layers comes with a clip so that you can add more layers or remove extra ones that aren’t being used.

On top of that, every layer can be individually closed so that no bugs or animals can get through. This individual layer design is perfect for anyone looking to dry out multiple types of foods at one time – you won’t have to worry about cross-contamination or mixing of herbs and vegetables. Our favorite factor that went into adding this dehydrator to our list was the amount of storage available.

Our Verdict

We adored this device and couldn’t get enough of how customizable it was. It’s a fantastic dryer that allows for plenty of airflows so that any outside drying air thoroughly accesses your trays. Each layer’s diameter allows for plenty of storage space so that you never run out of room while drying food. Once you’re done with it, zip it up and store it away with ease!


  • Six layers of personalized and adjustable storage
  • Breathable nylon mesh helps protect against bugs and animals
  • 360-degree zipper access


  • The clips can be easily compromised with too much weight.
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8. FaFaVilla Nylon Food Dehydrator

FaFaVilla Nylon Food Dehydrator
Similar in look to the Docooler but with more space for drying food, this is a fantastic dehydration chamber for herbs, vegetables, and fruits. What makes the Fafavilla nylon food dehydrator stand out from the rest is the additional three layers of drying netting, which helps dry out your food quicker and keep your preservation times high.

These solar dehydrators are collapsible and easy to store away should you not need them. The five trays ensure that you’ll have plenty of space for drying food and the open-air concept of the mesh fabric allows you to make the most out of the sunshine around you. Foods taste better when left out to dry naturally, and this dryer puts that process in the palms of your hands.

Our Verdict

The strength and protection that this dehydration chamber offers are incredible. The full nylon mesh cover allows for you to easily and thoroughly dehydrate your food outside without you having to worry about any intruders getting into your food while on the rack. Though we prefer the individual access to trays that other devices off, the front zipper is high-quality and ensures you can reach each layer.


  • The breathable mesh design allows for indoor and outdoor drying.
  • Front zipper access to all five layers
  • Space-saving lightweight design


  • Only one zipper rather than a zipper for each layer
Check the price on Amazon

9. Dehytray Portable Solar Food Dehydrator

Dehytray Portable Solar Food Dehydrator
The Dehytray is another alternative style dehydration rack that works wonders on your food. The main difference between this solar dryer and most of the others on our list – besides the overall design – is how portable it is. These trays are designed to be moved around and brought with you to a picnic or an event as they are a hard plastic shell with a clip-on lid for extra rack security.

Using this solar dryer is easier than most as you don’t have to contend with knocking it over and all of your contents getting mixed up and bruised. It’s more of a tray design than a hanging rack which enables you to simply cut up fruits or vegetables and place them evenly on the bottom. Our favorite feature of this solar dryer is the humidity vents. When the weather isn’t suiting your dryer, the vents will help clear out any extra moisture.

Our Verdict

What really makes this solar device special is how unique in design it is. It’s not a hanging dryer which does cause it to take up some space that other devices might not, but it’s built to be brought along with you like no other solar device on our list. Its sturdy plastic frame is perfect for protection during transportation, and the internal hygrometer helps to measure the moisture levels in your food for a perfect dry.


  • Portable
  • Features humidity vents
  • Hygrometer to measure moisture in food


  • Not space-saving like other models reviewed here
Check the price on Amazon

10. Duer International Pantrie Dehydration System

Duer International Pantrie Dehydration System
There is nothing like the all-natural method of food dehydration. This fantastic Duer international pantrie dryer can retain up to 95% of all enzymes throughout the sun drying process. In terms of looks, it certainly resembles other dryers on our list. However, the effectiveness of this device takes a step up from the rest of the pack. You can use this dryer for dehydrating foods, growing wheatgrass, or sprouting seeds.

If the process needs direct access to the sun in a safe environment, then this is the perfect dryer for you. It’s an effective process that is sure to provide your food with all of the taste and health that comes from the natural drying process. When testing this dryer, we were shocked at how simple of a process it was – foods were dried in this device much faster than most.

Our Verdict

In terms of looks, it’s difficult to distinguish this product from the Duier hanging dryer. However, in terms of power and effectiveness, this device takes the cake. It allows you to do so much with its simple design and enables you to get the most out of your food and space. If you’re looking for a dependable hanging dryer that is sure to preserve food like no other, then this is a great device to start with.


  • Five layers
  • Made from breathable mesh
  • It can be used as a seed sprouter and wheatgrass grower.


  • It doesn’t have individually-zippered layers.
Check the price on Amazon

Solar Dehydrator Buying Guide

Features to Consider in a Solar Food Dehydrator

Space Available

Whether it’s in the diameter of the device or the height, space is key to finding the perfect dryer. If you don’t have a ton of space, then chances are you’re going to run out, and you won’t be able to dehydrate as well as with other devices. The device’s diameter is arguably more important as this is what allows you to place more food. A wider dryer means more foods can be dehydrated at one time.


You’re likely placing the dryer outside, so having protection from animals and the elements will be quite important. Without a sturdy casing to protect your items, it won’t matter how much space you have, as all of the products you left out to dry will have been stolen or knocked to the ground. Having nylon or plastic casing will be beneficial to the process.

Ease of Access

Sometimes, we are our own worst enemies, and when it comes to clumsiness, there are few species worse than we. For this reason, it really makes a difference to have easy access to each layer of items you’re leaving out to dry. With ample access, you won’t be pressed to squeeze in and check the moisture levels – you can simply open a zipper or lid, access the items with ease, and then close it all up for further drying.


You won’t be using the dryer at all times, and sometimes, you might even want to take it on the road with you. This means that the dehydrator must be easy to transport when you’re on the go. Some dehydrators will only move around without items in them, whereas others will offer ample protection, even filled to the brim.

How to Use A Solar Dehydrator

The hardest part of using a dehydrator is finding the right location to place it. Once you know where the light hits the longest throughout the day, you’re good to go. The dehydrator is a relatively hands-off device that makes drying items simple. Hang it or place it in the sunlight, and let it do its thing.

Once the items are fully prepared, open the device, and pull them out. After that, you’re done and ready to eat! Solar dehydrators are easy to use and offer plenty of benefits that other dryers can’t. If you’re looking for a natural way to dry out your fruits or vegetables, then a dehydrator is the perfect product for you. Each of the ones we reviewed today is sure to satisfy and guarantee you quality and dependable drying.

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