6 Best Solar Disk Lights in 2023


Although most solar disk lights look the same from afar, we’ve unearthed some interesting differences that separate the market leaders from the rest.

Best Solar Disk Lights at a Glance

  1. INCX Solar Disk LightsBest Overall
  2. Lebreak Solar Ground Lights OutdoorRunner Up
  3. ZGWJ Solar Ground LightsEasy to Install
  4. Biling Solar Disk LightsBest for Wet Weather
  5. Solpex Solar Pathway LightsBest Solar Path Lights
  6. Bell+Howell Disk LightsBest Design

There are thousands of disk light options on the market, but the six reviewed are some of the best. Battery life, choice of materials, and lighting style go a long way to picking the right disk light for your yard.

Our Top 6 Picks for Best Solar Disk Lights Reviewed

1. INCX Solar Lights

INCX Solar Lights
Credit: amazon.com

With more than 7000 reviews, the INCX Solar Lights are some of the best-rated solar lights on the market. And there’s a reason for this; the LED lights feature a solar panel with LED light chips that charge in direct sunlight and are ultra-bright white light at night.

The stainless steel design is rustproof and corrosion-resistant, and its high-quality design is waterproof. It has been tested to hold up against some of the toughest weather conditions, including rain, snow, frost, and more.

The lights include a power switch that you can turn on and off at your convenience, though when the power is on, they will turn on and off automatically based on the time of day.

Note that each solar light’s working time varies, so place it in direct sunlight to maximize the light time of 8 – 10 hours. You must wipe it down to ensure the solar panel charges in the sunlight.

These lights are suitable for outdoor use, standing about 4.53 inches by 5.12 inches in size. They come with spikes that you can put in the ground, and what’s cool is they also feature optimal smaller stakes for enhanced stability once you place them into the ground.

They are easy to install without wires or adapters, run solely on solar power to light your swimming pool, serve as path lights, and more.

Customers love the look and feel of these outdoor lights and how they add accent light with ease that is both practical and aesthetically pleasing.


  • Disk lights sit close to the ground
  • Aren’t too bright or too dim
  • Easy to install (additional stakes for stability)


  • Condensation can get into the led lights
  • Cleaning required

2. Lebreak Solar Ground Lights Outdoor

Lebreak Solar Ground Lights Outdoor
Credit: sears.com

The Lebreak Solar Ground Lights Outdoor was thoroughly impressive when we used it.

The standout feature for us was the multi-color lights. It totally lifted the landscape, creating beautiful scenery. The fact that the lights changed color automatically made it all seamless; it was a light show.

This product does well outdoors. The disk lights are tightly sealed and waterproof; we ran a water tolerance on some of the lights, which were still functional afterward. So, we are pretty confident the lights would have done well even with heavy rainfall.

The disk lights come with stakes. So, the installation was effortless for us.

Overall, the Lebreak Solar Ground Lights Outdoor is great if you need scenic and general outdoor lights for security. Still, we would have loved it better if the lights were brighter.


  • Highly water-resistant
  • Easy installation
  • Colorful and beautiful lights


  • The lights could be brighter.

3. ZGWJ Solar Ground Lights

ZGWJ Solar Ground Lights
Credit: sears.com

It didn’t take long for us to notice the difference the ZGWJ Solar Ground Lights made to our yard.

The 8 LEDs create a charming, calming glow, so not only do they appeal to the eyes, but they also appeal to every other sense. The fact that they come in a disk pattern makes them unique.

Besides how the lights made us feel, the lights illuminate the yard just fine. So, all in all, the lights balance aesthetics and function.

The build of the ZGWJ Solar Ground Lights is pretty okay. The body is sturdy, well-sealed, and resistant to outdoor conditions. Installing these disk lights is a breeze – just stick the stakes in the ground, and you’re good.

So, if you’ve been worrying about getting a professional installer to install your lights, you’d fancy this product.

This solar disk light stayed on for most of the night following a full charge. Of course, we would have loved it if the lights had a longer lighting time. But then, it only takes around 6-9 hours to get a full charge. So, that balances things out.


  • The lights are warm and cozy.
  • Easy to install
  • Durable build


  • Lighting time could be longer

4. Biling Solar Disk Light

Biling Solar Disk Light
Credit: sears.com

The 8 LED lights on each Biling solar disk lights have a great illumination range for brighter, wider warm white light.

It features a 600 mAh, large capacity 18650 rechargeable battery with an energy-saving, high capacity solar panel with a light sensor for automatic on/off features and an on and off switch, so to start using, you need to turn on the switch.

The Biling solar disk lights report 10 hours of working time each night with just 6-8 hours of solar charging.

The Biling solar disk lights are 4.57 inches by 5.12 inches in size. Unlike others, it is IP65 waterproof with an interior sealing ring. This will help it withstand all weather conditions, including rain, snow, and more.

The waterproof design is moisture-proof, manufactured with stainless steel, and a PC lampshade strong enough to withstand 100kg of impact. The durable plastic stakes are harder reinforced plastic, with smaller stakes to help the solar light stick in the ground.

These lights claim a 10-year life span, making them longer lasting than other lights on this list.


  • The disk lights are easy to use
  • They offer great customer service
  • Three-month return period should anything go wrong


  • Customers reported manufacturing defects
  • Stages are a little flimsy

5. Solpex Solar Pathway Lights

Solpex Solar Pathway Lights
Credit: amazon.com

Unlike other lights on this list, the Solpex Solar Pathway lights feature a great lantern design.

Standing at 3.9 x 3.9 x 16.9 inches, the black plastic light is intended to stick up from the ground with the solar panel on the top for optimal charging. Not only does it add a warm white glow to your outdoor lights, but it also adds a great decorative flair to your ground lights.

The Solpex solar pathway lights are weather-resistant, suitable for outdoor use, and feature a waterproof solar rating of IP44, so you should not have to worry about rain, snow, frost, sleet, or other weather conditions.

They are straightforward to install. All you need to do is turn on the switch under the cap and stick it into the ground to set it up. It will automatically turn on and off when properly charged. The charge time is 4-6 hours, and it can run 6-8 hours on a full charge of its 1.2V/1Pc AA Ni-MH battery.

While the Solpex Solar Pathway lights have fewer packages and feature shorter working times than others on this list, these solar lights are a prettier, more ornate option than the simple disk lights. You are paying for the aesthetics, as many features are the same.


  • Prettier than the traditional disk lights
  • Great 60-day money-back guarantee


  • Shorter working time than others
  • Reports of fast degradation of the product

6. Bell + Howell Solar Disk Light

Bell + Howell Solar Disk Light
Credit: amazon.com

The Bell + Howell Solar Disk Light has a unique plastic and stone design, helping you elevate the traditional disk light’s look without needing to go fully to the solar lantern look.

The solar light is 4 x 4 x 4 inches, and each weighs about 0.5 pounds. The solar-powered design makes it easy to move around to light new areas of your lawn, yard, swimming pool, and more.

With a full charge, they are projected to have a working time of 8, 10 hours. Note that you can manually turn it off. All you need to do to get it back on is turn the switch on the bottom of the disk light.

The 8 LED lights are brighter than previous versions of the Bell + Howell solar disk light, and they are proven to be weatherproof and made to withstand all types of conditions.

Still, only four are in the package for a similar price point, including 8 LED lights. Like the others, plastic mounting stakes will sick the disk lights in the ground.


  • The stone design comes in a warm and cool tone
  • Easy to install


  • Weather-resistant, not waterproof
  • Reports of faulty lights in some packages

Factors to Consider When Shopping for the Best Solar Disk Lights


Consider if you have an aesthetic vision in mind. Do you want your disk lights to be simple, stainless steel, and close to the ground? Do you want a mix of stainless steel and stone? What about lanterns? The color light? Do you prefer the stakes or want them to stick or lay?

The design doesn’t have to be the be-all-end-all when choosing a light. There are other things to consider that may weigh more heavily than how it looks – and that’s okay too! You want it to not only look good but serve its purpose.


What do you want the lights to do? The higher the lumens, the brighter the light.

So if you want solar ground lights for security, you will want LED bulbs with higher lumens. This will make the solar-powered disk lights shine brighter. If you want the lights to be purely decorative ground light, you will want a lower lumen count in your LED bulbs.

The lower lumens are ideal for solar garden light and ground light for pathways, providing soft white light or other colors based on your preference. The lower-lumen solar disk lights provide ground light without being overpowering.

If you want the best of both worlds, look for ground solar disk lights featuring LED bulbs with about 40 to 50 lumens with a great energy conversion rate.

Battery Life

Battery life varies by disk light, based on size, construction, solar panel efficiency, and more. The LED solar-powered disk lights can run 8, 10 hours, or 6, 8 hours or more.

The charging time can be different per light based on the solar panel. It can take between 6 and 8 peak sun hours to charge the light, and you will also want to understand the light sensor. This can impact the battery life of your outdoor solar light.

If you do not need the lights to run all night, shorter battery life may not bother you if you like the other features. If you prefer to get the most light possible, you may need to sacrifice some aesthetics for an 8-10 hour run time.

Weather Resistance

High-quality, waterproof solar lights are important if you have the disk light outside. If the light is properly waterproofed, it can have 8 or 10 hours, a maximum run time. The LED bulbs on the solar panel will not burn out when exposed to the elements when properly weatherproofed.

Look at the rating. Is it IP 65 waterproof? Does it have additional PVC rings? These are just a few things that can help make your unit more weather-resistant, which is important, especially if you plan to have them outdoors.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Lumens Should a Solar Light Be?

Well, that depends on you. The more lumens a solar light has, the brighter it will be. Brighter lights provide more security, while lower amounts are typically for pure decoration.

First, identify your needs, and then go with the lumens from there – make sure they are solar-powered! Typically, outdoor solar lights will range between 1 and 200 lumens, with 50 to 60 lumens being the best middle ground between security and decoration.

Who Makes the Best Solar Pathway Lights?

Our research found that the INCX solar disk lights are the best based on average customer reviews.

However, many disk lights are very similar, so who makes the best lights will depend on what you want to get out of them. Are you looking to add a little flair to your pathway lights? Then you may want the stone finish or the lantern lights.

The stainless steel lights are for you if you want a sleek look. Just know that brand names are not always the best option. Many smaller, lesser-known brands, like INCX, are much better reviewed than the standard names in the game of solar disk lights.

Are Bell and Howell Disk Lights Any Good?

As seen on TV lights by Bell and Howell, are good, but plenty of other options have better reviews. The unique stone design along the outside makes it a stunning in-ground lights option, but consider if it will meet your needs before purchasing.

Many consumers report that these lights are not waterproof and are highly susceptible to the elements.

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