As night begins to fall on your dock, any late-night boaters coming back from the fishing grounds pose an unfortunate risk for both you and them. If they can’t see your dock, there’s a decent chance they could come in too close and ram into it. Installing solar dock lights will provide light to ward off any oncoming boats and alert yourself to the edge so you don’t end up taking the plunge. Here is a shortlist of the best solar dock lights in 2022:

Best Solar Dock Lights at a Glance

  1. JACKYLED Solar Deck LightsOur Choice
  2. Home Zone Security Solar Lights – Runner Up
  3. Happy Buy Solar Driveway Lights – Most Customizable
  4. Melunar Solar Lights – Best Aesthetic
  5. Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights – Most Durable
  6. LEDMO Solar Powered Waterproof Dock Lights – Most Battery Efficient
  7. Dock Edge + Solar Pile Cap Light – Largest Area of Coverage
  8. S4L Red Solar Flashing LED Marina Light – Longest Lasting Charge
  9. Solarrific L2049 Solar Piling Lights – Best For Extreme Temperatures
  10. IllumaSea Solar Powered LED Dock Lights – Best For Social Events

If social events are more your speed, there are plenty of uses for these solar lights. Light up the night and keep your dock or deck space safe with the best solar lights available. We’ve compiled a list of the 10 best solar lights for your dock. Each of these has ample weather resistance and can provide a wide spread of light to keep both you and any boaters in the area safe. They’re made for versatility and can be used in any marina or deck situation you may need.

Our List of the 10 Best Solar Dock Lighting Reviewed

1. JACKYLED Solar Deck Lights

JACKYLED Solar Deck Lights

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This solar dock light certainly meets the minimum requirements of any quality dock light and then some. The JACKYLED Solar Deck Light perfectly hits the IP68 waterproof mark and promises users that it won’t malfunction during the slightest rainstorms. We tested it up against crashing waves, and this solar-powered dock light held its own against tons of pressure. It has proven to be durable and dependable, even in the harshest conditions.

This solar dock light comes in many different pack sizes, from 4 to 8 packs, depending on your needs. Each device comes equipped with screws to mount to the dock or deck of your choosing. The manufacturer does recommend charging it for 3-5 days before mounting it as some users have claimed the shipping caused charge depletion in the dock lights. However, once they’re charged, they’re easy to install, and your deck is ready to go.


These multipurpose lights work wonders on any dock. We fell in love with them almost immediately as they provided a nice, cool light that covered the entire dock. The LED lights are easily charged via solar panels and are designed to provide ample dock lighting for about 3-5 years before being switched out. With the JACKYLED solar lights, you are guaranteed a dependable solar dock light that will keep you protected for years to come.


  • It lasts up to 72-hours on a full charge.
  • Waterproof and holds against all weather conditions
  • Light covers up to 875 yards


  • Shipping can deplete the battery charge

2. Home Zone Security Solar Lights

Home Zone Security Solar Deck Lights

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The feature that really stood out to us with these solar dock lights was the auto-detection feature. It seems to be a common feature in all of the best boat dock solar lights, but the Home Zone has really spent time on it to make sure it’s both accurate and effective. If your solar dock light kicks in too early, you could be left with a dead light much quicker than other devices. While this isn’t as durable as the JACKYLED, it will ensure that you have light once night falls and is charging when the sun is still up.

Another feature that really excited us was how simple this was the install. Many dock lights include complicated mounting processes, but this high-quality light was easy to install and ready to go in minutes. It’s also durable to the point that a car can run over it, and no damage will be done whatsoever. We will say that it’s only rated at an IP67 waterproof level, which isn’t as high as many dock lights should be.


Overall, we thoroughly enjoyed this product and the dock lighting it was designed to provide. Its 4 LED lights produce 5 lumens each, which are more than enough to cover your entire boat dock with only a few of these devices. Easy charging, high-quality solar panels, plenty of light, and coverage. This certainly is one of the best solar lights for docks available. Durable and dependable is the name of the game for this product.


  • Can withstand tons of pressure
  • Plenty of power with its 4 bright LED bulbs
  • Easy to install


  • Can withstand water, but not as well as other devices

3. Happy Buy Solar Driveway Lights

Happy Buy Solar Driveway Lights

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Like the JACKYLED device, the Happy Buy Solar Driveway Lights come equipped with screws to simplify installation. Like the two above-listed solar dock lights, this product can provide upwards of 800-yards of light coverage. The internal solar panel makes charging easy and can provide you up to 72-hours of bright light when the battery is fully charged. When we tested this light, it simply refused to run out of energy. If you’re looking for customization, the 5 different color options are sure to satisfy your needs.

Few solar dock lights are as resistant to extreme weather conditions as this one. It can survive in temperatures as cold as 0-degrees Fahrenheit and as hot as 176-degrees. Unlike the Home Zone Security light, this product is rated at an IP68 waterproof level. No matter how strong, no water will be able to get into this device and damage it. We love these eco-friendly solar dock lights and are sure you will too.


Strength is the name of the game for these solar-powered dock lights as they can withstand extreme weather conditions and provide some of the brightest lights we’ve seen. Your boat dock is sure to be well-lit so that no one can miss it. The solar panel offers extreme charge, and the auto sensor ensures that the lights come on once the sun goes down. With a 44,000-lb weight capacity, nothing can damage this durable device.


  • Durable and waterproof
  • Up to 72-hours of bright lights
  • It offers 5 different color options


  • Not all lights are equipped with screws

4. Melunar Solar Deck Lights

Melunar Solar Deck Lights

Check the price on Amazon

The design of the Melunar Solar Deck Lights is what makes it stand out for us. It’s a similar device to all the rest in that it utilizes solar energy gathered via its solar panels to emit enough dock lighting that your boat dock can be seen from far away. It does a fantastic job of this, but unlike all the others listed so far, these overhead solar dock lights drape over the edge of a rail. This certainly does decrease how durable this solar light is, but it adds a nice aesthetic to the dock when placed right.

It’s not as resistant to weather conditions, and it’s one of the lowest waterproof ratings on our list, but the Melunar lights are designed to boost the look of your dock. Not only do they emit a nice bright light that can cover your entire dock throughout the entirety of nighttime, but they offer color-changing capabilities. If you’re hosting a dock or deck party, then these solar-powered dock lights are perfect for you.


Don’t be put off by their primary function as an aesthetic way of providing lighting. These dock lights work and actually have one of the shortest charging times on our list. It will provide you with about 8-hours on a full charge, but that’s more than enough to last the night. While we wouldn’t recommend these solar dock lights for commercial marinas, they certainly are a fun product to have for your personal docks.


  • Many color-changing options
  • Short charge time
  • High-quality solar panel


  • Not too weather resistant
  • Not durable

5. Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights

Siedinlar Solar Deck and Dock Lights

Check the price on Amazon

Much like the Melunar solar dock lights, this device can last anywhere from 8-12 hours on a full charge. While this might not be as much as products such as the Happy Buy or the Home Zone, the Siedinlar Solar Deck Lights certainly has a lot of battery power when you consider how few hours are needed to receive a full charge. We were able to get the full 12 hours of night light after a mere 7-hour charge. The lights are equipped with a solar panel that enables bright lights long into the night.

Our favorite aspect of these lights is their sleek design. These solar LED dock lights can withstand up to 20 tons and are IP68 waterproof. They are designed to provide solar lighting well into the night and are a fantastic addition to any dock. The slick, blue, and grey design will make your dock lighting the envy of all. Siedinlar does a fantastic job at creating some of the best solar deck lights we’ve seen. The heavy-duty aluminum casing is easy to install and can survive almost any encounter.


Overall, we’d rank these solar dock lights on par with the JACKYLED and the Home Zone, but with a better design. The solar LED dock lights are bright, and the battery will last for a long time on a short charge. We found their extreme water resistance to be enticing and the solar power they emit to be quite eco-friendly. However, their shell is what really sells this dock lighting for us. They are the best solar dock lights for outward design.


  • IP68 Waterproof rating
  • Aluminum casing provides added security
  • Easy to install
  • Beautiful design that lights up the night


6. LEDMO Solar Powered Waterproof Dock Lights

LEDMO Solar Powered Waterproof Dock Lights

Check the price on Amazon

When reviewing these solar-powered dock lights, what really stood out to us was their focus on fixing the shipping power drain issue. Many solar dock lights need to be recharged after shipping for a few days because the battery power was drained. The LEDMO Dock Lights allow for up to 2-years of energy storage, effectively eliminating this issue. This little trick helps improve the battery life of these LED solar lights by 30%.

Like the Siedinlar lights, this product is made out of an aluminum alloy, making it much more durable than its plastic casing counterparts. The 6 LED lights inside offer up to 875-yards of light coverage, which can last up to 72-hours straight on a full charge. We loved how easy to install these lights were and found the features of these solar lights to be high-quality. We’d recommend this solar lighting for anyone looking to add some security to their dock or deck.


For us, the on/off switch was what really separated these solar dock lights from the batch. You still receive the automatic lighting switch when the sun goes down, but the on/off switch allows for ample energy storage and long life. Many solar lights tend to die out around 3-5 years, but we estimate the dock lights’ solar energy output would continue long after most others have failed and need replacing.


  • Powerful and long-lasting solar light
  • On/off switch increases efficiency and battery life
  • 72-hours of straight use
  • Made to withstand weather


  • The solar panel needs direct sun to charge

7. Dock Edge + Solar Pile Cap Light

Dock Edge + Solar Pile Cap Light

Check the price on Amazon

Many solar dock lights require replacement after a few years of use as the battery dies and there is no power source. However, with the Dock Edge, replacing the battery is simple and can be done whenever required. This fresh and salt waterproof LED light will last you up to a decade when used properly. If the battery dies, simply replace it with a fresh one for a few more years of solar power.

When fully charged, this light can last up to 12-hours. This might not be as long of a run time as the Home Zone or the Happy Buy, but these solar dock lights more than make up for it in their lack of a charging time. Only a few hours in the sun, and the dock lighting is ready to go. Our favorite feature of these solar-powered deck lights is the pre-installed 6 color-changing LED lights that keep your deck covered all night long. With the simple touchpad – which is easy to use – these lights can be adjusted to match whatever needs your dock might have.


When we first saw these lights, we had relatively low expectations. Their design makes them easy to break clunky looking, but we were blown away by their power once we turned them on. The circular design offers 360-degrees of illumination all night long on a full charge. Most of the other products on our list lay flat and can only cover 180-degrees. With the Dock Edge, your solar dock lights will cover more than enough space.


  • 360-degree light coverage
  • Complete with a wildlife deterrent spike to protect the solar panel
  • 6 pre-installed LED color-changing lights
  • Battery replacement is easy


  • Not made to be physically durable

8. S4L Red Solar Flashing LED Marina Light

S4L Red Solar Flashing LED Marina Light

Check the price on Amazon

While many other products on our list can easily be utilized for other purposes, there is only one real goal of these solar dock lights: safety and security. The S4L Marina Light will make sure that there is ample lighting for any boats in the vicinity. Most solar dock lights don’t properly illuminate the docks’ edges, and boats are left guessing where the point is and where they should try to avoid.

The S4L Red is essentially a mini lighthouse with pulsating deck lights that can run for up to 100-hours on a full charge. No other device we tested could last that long with one day of sun. The power of this solar dock light is insane and is sure to keep your deck safe for both you and nearby boats. This is one of the best solar dock lights for the pure length of battery power. The time that this light will be effective is unmatched.


While it might not be the most appealing solar dock lights on our list, it certainly gets the job done. It operates in temperatures from -40-degrees Fahrenheit up to 140-degrees Fahrenheit. Compared to the Happy Buy product, this device has a slight leg up on the competition. The S4L Red is made well and is sure to provide your deck and any nearby boats with plenty of dock lighting.


  • It lasts up to 100-hours
  • 4 pack of bright LED lights
  • Utilizes a flashing light to ward off boats


  • Pulsating lights can be distracting

9. Solarrific L2049 Solar Piling Lights

Solarrific L2049 Solar Piling Lights

Check the price on Amazon

We added this light to our list because of its dependability. There are few flashy features for these solar lights, but the Solarrific Lights will get the job done and illuminate your dock or deck well. As it is made from an entirely plastic shell, there is no threat of rust that you might find on aluminum products like the Siedinlar. However, you do sacrifice some durability. The Solarrific is both waterproof and rustproof and can withstand some of the harshest weather conditions.

The time it takes to charge in the sun is about average as far as solar dock lights go, and you’re getting about 72-hours out of the light on a full charge. We loved this device’s ability to store power, which helps keep it charged for a couple of days at a time. When you enter your email address, the best part is if you experience any issues, there’s a 1-year warranty that will replace your device with a new one in no time.


Easily our favorite feature of this LED solar-powered light is how simple it is to install. All you need is a couple of screws, and you’re ready to place the light wherever it’s needed. This product is made to be simple to install and move around as needed so that you waste no time getting your dock ready for lights. Solar dock lights are often a struggle to move around when needed, but the Solarrific makes installation and re-installation simple.


  • Easy to install
  • Dependable and average
  • 1-year warranty


  • No outstanding extra features

10. IllumaSea Solar Powered LED Dock Lights

IllumaSea Solar Powered LED Dock Lights

Check the price on Amazon

Coming in as the smallest solar dock lights on our list, these lights come in a tiny package of only 0.4-inches. They’re barely noticeable to anyone during the day, but once the night falls, these tiny lights illuminate the dock like no other. The IllumaSea Lights come in many different colors that are charged via solar power and will light up your dock in a splash of fun colors. They are the best solar dock lights for anyone who plans on hosting a party by the water.

Because they are so small, we were expecting them to be lacking strength or durability, but these little solar lights come waterproof and can withstand up to 15-tons of pressure, which was shocking to discover via our tests. They might be designed to liven up the party, but these solar lights will add a sense of security to your dock and will provide you with plenty of light to see any dangers that might be present.


At first, we didn’t expect to like these solar lights. They’re small, made with color as their selling point, and didn’t initially stand out from the rest. However, once we were able to install them and get them charged up, we were blown away by the strength of these little devices. They charge up your average amount of time and can last up to 5 nights on a full charge, which is insane. Contact IllumaSea via their email address and get a replacement with a 2-year warranty if one stops working.


  • Durable and dependable despite being 0.4-inches
  • High-quality, powerful solar lights
  • Many fun colors to choose from


  • Can’t withstand extreme colds as well as other products

Honor Roll For Best Solar Dock Light

RUNNER UP -> Home Zone Security Solar Lights!

Home Zone Security Solar Deck Lights!While this might not be the most weather resistant of the solar lights on our list, the Home Zone Security Lights certainly hits all of the marks necessary for quality solar dock lights. This 4 pack of solar lights is certain to provide you the ample security your dock needs throughout the night. We fell in love with this device the second we opened the package. It’s so light, and the aluminum casing is quite aesthetically pleasing. They’re easy to install and take very little time to charge.

Home Zone solar lights can withstand plenty of pressure and are made to last. We chose them as our runner-up because of how easy they are to use. Installation happens in no time at all, and then they can be left alone until they need to be replaced—no need to hover. Just let the unmatched solar power take control of these dock lights, and you’re good to go. Home Zone has made some of the best dock lights we’ve seen, and you’re sure to love them as well.


JACKYLED BOOM4ZTS84 Solar Deck Lights!This was a tough decision as there were so many amazing solar lights on our list, but in the end, it came down to the overall strength that this device offered. It was one of the best lights for light spread and the amount of battery life it offered. We listed it as a 72-hour flight, but it’s made to work up to 100-hours when charged to the max. The JACKYLED offers security and strength through solar power that no other solar lights can offer.

The brightness of each bulb was another important factor in why we chose these solar lights as they offer up to 875-yards of coverage, which is one of the widest spreads we’ve seen. If you’re looking for dock lights that will last you for years, cover the entire area, and provide you an unmatched sense of security, then we highly recommend the JACKYLED lights for all of your solar power needs.

What to Consider When Shopping for Solar Dock Lights

Before you purchase these solar lights, a few factors should be considered before settling on one device. Finding the perfect lights for you is all about knowing what to look for. Here is what we considered when we started our search for the best-made lights.


These solar lights don’t need to break the bank. You can find some exciting lights that include plenty of extra features and high waterproof ratings for less than $100. Most of the products on our list are below triple digits so that you can be sure that you won’t burn your wallet just for a 4 pack of solar lights.

However, if you require solar lights that can pack a punch and cover more with less, then maybe a higher-priced device will be the route to go down. If you’re looking to cover more space, then it’s probably smarter to stick with many, less expensive lights.


Visibility is one of the biggest factors that go into people purchasing a solar light. If you need to make your space visible for oncoming boat traffic, then having these lights will prove to be invaluable. The security of your space should never take a backseat when shopping for your lights. While the atmosphere is certainly something to consider for a deck space, security should always be your top priority.

How it Looks

Speaking of atmosphere, the second most popular reason for purchasing these lights is to create a fun space and host exciting events. Aesthetics are important, and with the right lights, you can easily transform any wooden deck near the water into the envy of all your friends. Make the most out of your space and turn the night into a place with aesthetically pleasing lights.


Don’t find yourself constantly having to replace these lights, simply because they don’t last as long as you need them to. Some lights can be easily broken and need to be replaced quickly. Avoid these lights at all costs. They might offer insane security, but if they don’t last more than a year by the water, you’re going to be constantly dishing out money to try to replace them. Avoid the hassle and get strong lights the first time.

What Features Make the Solar Dock Light

Now that you know what’s important to be aware of before shopping for these devices, it’s time to know what exactly to look for. These features are some of the most important aspects of deck lights. Any lights that you’re looking at and considering purchasing should include these features.

Weather Resistance

The lights are going to be right next to the water, so why would you purchase a product that can’t stand up to a little water? Any device with a waterproof rating of IP66 or more should be good and will last you a couple of years before they start to go bad. We recommend a level of IP68 as this is where all of the best lights are typically rated. Lights with a rating of IP68 can easily withstand saltwater and will be perfect for your deck.

Charge Life

Short charging time for a long life is the perfect combination. Plenty of lights on our list can be fully charged in less than a day, and many of them will last you up to 72-hours, some even more than that. You should be aware that these lights require the sun for their energy, so you’ll need products with quality solar panels and a space to place them in with constant access to the sun.

These are some of the features that will make or break your lights. Finding the right lights is all about knowing what works best for your space. Each of the devices on our list is sure to fit your needs and be the perfect light for whatever uses you have.

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