8 Best Solar Flood Lights in 2023


Searching for the best solar flood lights among thousands of other floodlights was no child’s play. We scrutinized several brands ranging from quality dusk to dawn light to reliable motion sensor lights. We also looked for vital features that make a great solar light—excellent IP rating, battery capacity and type, the efficiency of solar panel, brightness, affordability, light fixture, LED bulb, durability, and materials used.

Best Solar Flood Lights at a Glance

  1. 100W Street Solar-Powered Flood LightsBest Overall Flood Light
  2. Findyouled 130 Lumens Solar Flood LightsSecond Best Flood Light
  3. Solar Flood Light Outdoor Motion DetectionBest Solar Dusk to Dawn Light
  4. Richarm Double Solar-Powered LightSolar Flood Lights Remote
  5. Westgate Flood Light with Mount – Best for Garden
  6. TBI Outdoor Security LightBest for Outdoors
  7. Kufung Solar Flood LightBudget Solar Flood Light
  8. Outdoor Aluminum Solar Motion LightBest for Security Solar Flood Light

Furthermore, we checked if the floodlights were wireless. We asked critical questions including, but not limited to:

Do they cover a wide-angle? Can they withstand harsh weather conditions? Is it easy to install?

To crown it all, we looked up unbiased, verified customer reviews, and in the end, we arrived at the eight best solar flood lights.

Below, we’ve highlighted each light according to the particular use that makes them suitable. Rest assured, the products on this list will make solar flood lights an excellent investment for your home.

The Top 8 Solar Flood Lights Reviewed

The best solar flood lights meet standard requirements and suit your specific needs. Without further ado, here are our top picks across several categories.

1. 100W Street Solar-Powered Flood Lights

The 100W Street Led Light is undoubtedly the overall best solar light on our list. How did we arrive at this? Well, there are several solar flood lights, and they vary in terms of their battery, quality, solar panel, LED bulbs, and of course, manufacturer. Coming up with this flood light as our best pick was not a straightforward task.  We looked at all relevant metrics, and this flood light did excellently well in most. And reasonably well in other categories, compared to other floodlights.

The 100W Street Solar Powered Flood Lights features 5000 Lumens with 196 LEDs. This device’s luminosity is ten times brighter than several competitors combined.  The solar panel comes with a 5-meter cable and remote control with four lighting modes. It can efficiently illuminate your outdoor area with continuous bright light for up to 8 hours.

The lights set is made of  IP67 waterproof and weatherproof ABS plastic alongside die-cast aluminum. Meaning it runs well even in rainy weather. The light fixture also illuminates an area of up to 300 square meters and has a motion-sensing range of up to 15 feet.

And the battery? It features a long-lasting 36,000mAh Lithium Ion Phosphate Power battery. In terms of charging duration, it takes 7 hours in full sunlight and lasts 11 hours from dusk to dawn. When you mention the things that make an outstanding flood light—the quality of the panel, size, build materials, IP rating, durability, brightness, affordability, run time, etc. This flood light tops it all.

The solar panel is further made of A-Grade polycrystalline silicon with a 20% conversion rate capable of storing and transforming solar energy. Furthermore, the lights have 60% high efficiency as regards solar energy. They are equipped with intelligent induction control to sense motions at 35 feet long and 120 degrees angle.

Plus, the flood light manufacturer is well known in the solar market. The fact that they offer product replacement alongside a 5-year warranty to their customer goes without saying they offer utmost quality.

Although this light ranks best overall, it has a few drawbacks. The IP rating is average for a light that ranks excellently well in other features. Another thing is the cable is far too short. It would have been preferable if it came wireless. Then, it’s pretty bulky for a solar panel that would primarily be used in the home. So if you’re installing it, you’ll have to secure it tightly. Aside from these trivial flaws, the 100W security light meets all the conditions for our overall solar flood light.


  • The 100W Solar Light weighs below 15 pounds making it portable.
  • Easy to install through a DIY.
  • The light comes in a metal material that withstands weather conditions.
  • Five years producer warranty on purchase.
  • This light has IR light-sensing remote control that allows for easy operation.


  • This light only lasts between 3 to 8 hours.
  • The cable is a little too short.

2. Findyouled 130 Lumens Solar Flood Lights

Findyouled 130 Lumens Solar Flood Lights is a great competitor for the overall best flood light. It has every quality you can possibly look for in flood light. Bright light for your yard? Efficient solar panel? Affordable? Waterproof? Light sensitivity? Reliability? Just name it. It has 60 LED lights that emit 130 lumens of brightness. Not to mention, it brightens a space of 50 feet.
It further adopts a replaceable 2,200 mAH lithium-ion battery. As for the solar panel, it’s polycrystalline and efficiently converts 17% of solar energy. One of the reasons it is second-best on our list is because, unlike 80% of the available solar lights in the market, it gives you a two-way mounting option, which means you can either wall-mount or stake-to-ground, your choice.

It’s made of die-cast aluminum which is the best material for solar flood lights. Charges for 6-8 hours and has automatic dusk to dawn control. They’re also lightweight. So you can use them as big headlamps. Water-resistant? Energy-saving? Dusk to dawn? It meets all these requirements. This light solar flood projection distance is 15M.

It also provides 15 hours of continuous brightness. Plus, it’s also suitable for gardens, landscape, and game fields. The solar floodlight is more of a solar-powered spotlight. But like every brand, it can’t be 100% perfect. An outdoor flood light that embodies so much quality and features would make for the best overall light if it were bigger.

Given the fact that other similar lights have higher lumens and angles of degrees. This way, most people will use it as a stand-alone instead of extra light. Another problem is the lumens rating. Yes, it’s a dim light, but it would be a lot better if the rating were higher. For these reasons, it’s our second-best pick.


  • The convertible setup allows it to be mounted on either a wall or floor.
  • The sensor mode stays active 24/7.
  • Lasts for up to 6 hours.
  • It has a fast charge and a long run time of 15 hours.


  • Compared to other lights, it’s dim at just 130 lumens of light.
  • For this solar motion sensor light, you’ll need more floodlights to attain full brightness.
  • At the same time, if you want maximum light coverage, you’ll need to mount it higher.

3. Solar Flood Light Outdoor Motion Detection

Most lights that fall in the dusk to dawn light category have a run time of 8 to 12 hours — but they stay on for long hours by offering dim light.  But the Solar Flood light outdoor motion sensor leads them all with its ability to provide bright light for up to 12 hours. Waterproof protection ip65, motion activated high-strength aluminum and an adjustable PIR sensor that uses a photosensor that saves light. All these make it by far the best dusk to dawn light.

This light picks motion at 360 degrees. And not just that, it has 1000 lumens that can illuminate up to 55 square feet. This places it superior to the many solar motion sensor lights on the market. And there’s more to it. The sensor automatically turns on when it’s bright and off when dark. Without this feature, you’ll need to turn it off manually. A small trigger activates the motion sensor, and the light comes on for 30 seconds.

It uses rechargeable 18650mAh/3.7V (690.05 Wh) batteries, which are affordable and straightforward to replace.

If the LED lights malfunction due to some circumstances, the manufacturer provides a money-back guarantee alongside a free replacement within 40 months. Compared to its competitors, it comes with a user manual to install solar lights.

This solar flood light is made of high-strength aluminum alloy shells. Plus 1000 lumens and an IP rating of 66.  The Lamp head is adjustable up to 360 degrees. As expected, it has some quirks. We found it too sensitive given the fact the light comes on only in really dark places. Also, it would have been to the benefit of both the user and the light if it had a remote control. Aside from these, it’s very well recommended.


  • Compared with other flood lights, it’s more durable and can last for 3 to 5 years.
  • Total run time of 50,000 hours.
  • Covers a space of 19 x 32 at 16 ft height.
  • Durable construction.


  • Compared to other floodlights on this list, the lithium-ion battery is not-so-durable.

4. Richarm Double Solar-Powered Light

The Richarm solar flood lights are weatherproof, portable, and super bright. It’s not the only solar flood light with a remote, but here’s what makes it stand out:

The remote control comes with auto on/off alongside three lighting modes. It has an IR control allows you to adjust the light time and brightness. Additionally, it has buttons for timer setting, energy setting, and motion sensors. Plus, it uses 800 lumens with an IP rating of IP65. The lights also have a 6W/6V Polysilicon solar panel.

All these features will undoubtedly make operating this light easily. From as far as 39ft/12m, you can control the solar flood light with the remote. There’s hardly any flood light with a remote control that comes close to this distance. In terms of portability, it’s very light. The swiveling free arm makes it easy to carry and gives it balance on the floor.

Richarm lights operate throughout the day and recharge at night. It also is an excellent flood light for entrances and narrow spaces. Furthermore, it has an alternative for you to adjust the motion sensor. And the presence of the remote control enables you to mount it high. The only drawback we could identify was the price. We found this product a bit too pricey compared to the cost of other solar flood lights with remote control.


  • Its two-pack 42 LED lighting provides bright light for spaces about 430 ft^2.
  • 6 hours charge for 8 hours light.
  • Richarm remote works over a long range.
  • It has a 180-degree adjustable bracket integrated lamp, allowing better rotation.


  • It’s, however, a bit more expensive than some models.

5. Westgate Flood Light with Mount

Perhaps you have a garden that needs lighting without damage; try the Westgate Flood light. The flood light has dim brightness, no infrared rays, no UV radiation, and above all, no thermal effects. While most solar lights in the gardening category have just one or two of these features, it has all.

It’s not only suitable for gardens but swimming pools and garages. Another thing that places it above other lights is that while most dim lights come with halogen bulbs, it surprisingly has a LED bulb. Plus, it has solid-state lighting that requires no maintenance.

Additionally, people keeping green farms will also find this led solar flood light beneficial because it will help their crops grow. The beam angle is at 104 degrees. There’s no need to replace the light fixtures because it provides you with 70,000 hours dim light. And for testing, it offers seven years unlimited warranty. The operating temperature is -4°F to 104°F.

Unfortunately, it has no manufacturer identification. This would have no doubt been a bonus considering that people trust the brands more. Many people have also complained about getting products with the brand name Westgate only to find another device in the box. These aside, it definitely works great.


  • To begin with, it has a long 7-year warranty.
  • It further offers 110 Lumens of dim light to illuminate landscapes.
  • For the switch installation type, it’s a knuckle mount.


  • This flood light is unbranded. Therefore it looks generic.

6. TBI Outdoor Security Light

We couldn’t help but pick the TBI Solar Light as the best outdoor solar flood lights. The reason is quite apparent. It has a super bright light. The lights have 2,200 lumens of high-intensity light which features a powerful 2,200 mAh battery. With 216 LED light, this product will brighten a 355 degrees angle on rotation. This full brightness is close to the visibility of daylight.

This is surely what most people will need when searching for outdoor light. While other bright lights with similar lumens last for up to 8 hours, it lasts 12 hours. It’s longer, wider, and has a better versatile performance. Unlike regular flood lights, the TBI light is long-lasting, with an IP rating of 65.

Aside from that, it has three light heads alongside a flexible solar panel. And it covers a distance of up to 1600ft. This flood light ingenious design allows the brightness to touch a blind spot at a 90 degrees angle. Install the light higher, and you’ll have it covering the whole place. And the motion detection? It uses a PIR sensor. Fortunately, this light material is ABS plastic.

To the bad, for a light that stays outdoor, it would have had more reliability with die-cast aluminum. The manufacturer also made the motion sensor over-sensitive to the extent that it can detect motion from the slightest movements, which are sometimes unneeded. This causes the battery to weaken faster.


  • It offers three lighting modes that are bright, dim, and dual safety modes.
  • When motion is detected, the PIR motion sensor covers movements up to 40 square feet and 130° angle.
  • TBI uses a four side lighting design that gives your home beauty.

7. Kufung Solar Flood Light

A cheap solar flood light should be less than $40. Although several models fit this description, the Kufung light surpasses all. While it’s not the cheapest in the market, the manufacturers came close to offering top-quality for a budget-friendly price.

For context, the light has a high-quality photosensor that puts it above other best solar security motion detection lights. It works with the second most efficient solar panel, polysilicon which is excellent considering it has the best light sensor type.

The fixtures also have a weather-resistant rating of IP67. For purchase and installation, you’ll spend nothing less than $50, plus it’s versatile. Even if you’re shipping it, expect to pay a few bucks. Despite being cheap, it has solar security lights that detect motion at 120 degrees. This is one feature that’s absent in most cheap solar lights.

Kufung further has a full day (24 hours) lighting, which is remarkably long for an inexpensive solar-powered flood. The light comes with three light modes alongside 800 lumens of light. And it covers a distance of 10-25 feet. This gives you the option of installing it higher to get more sun.

Since it’s cheap, you may expect many shortcomings. Surprisingly there are only a few factors that limit the light. First, the motion detectors are far too sensitive. Given that most lights within this budget have no motion sensor, it would have helped if it had an excellent one. Another problem we noticed was the material is plastic. Although this is also common among cheap solar flood lights, it would have been better if Kufung raised the bar with die-cast aluminum instead.


  • This product is available in both medium and large sizes.
  • Under full sunlight, the full charge is 6 hours.
  • It comes with two side dim lights that give it extra brightness.
  • No DC or AC is required. It’s completely solar-powered and wireless.


  • The motion sensor is over-sensitive. A little trigger gets the motion activated from within 10 to 25 feet.

8. Outdoor Aluminum Solar Motion Light

Picking the best security light wasn’t a walk in the park. Since most solar flood lights also operate as security lights. After much comparison, we decided that the Outdoor Aluminum Light will suit many people’s needs.

The beam of light is concentrated, plus it has 80 led lights and 1400 lumens of light.

A peripheral but fantastic feature of this solar light is that it looks much like a security camera. This helps scare noisemakers and criminals because they think the camera is watching. Regarding the size, it’s easy to install, has a wide angle, and perfect for lighting your entrance and walkway.

Perhaps this product develops a fault; you’ll get a replacement or a refund. No matter where you mount it, it’ll give you a seamless fit. The light also comes with a 150° infrared motion. This feature is common among flood lights that resemble security cameras. Now, while other security lights are mainly concerned with brightness, on the other hand, outdoor aluminum light has full range lighting, a high efficient solar panel, and a dual light mode.

It also comes with an 8650 replaceable lithium-ion battery which is safer and affordable than similar brands. It would have outshined its competitors if it were suitable for vast areas and had better coverage. Another drawback is the long charging time. Meaning it won’t be any good without direct sunlight.


  • The lamp holder is rotatable up to 360 degrees and is unscrewable.
  • Its 14000 lumen light illuminates big courtyards.
  • Durable and ergonomic.
  • The rechargeable batteries are simple to replace.


  • The light is very sensitive and only turns on in dark places.

Buyer’s Guide

When searching for the best solar flood lights, there are many things to consider. The lights should have good bulbs, long coverage distance, brightness, and an effective solar pane, amongst other things. Here’s a comprehensive buyer’s guide that’ll simplify shopping for solar flood lights.

Brightness of Light

This is always the first thing to consider when buying any solar flood light. To do this, you must check the light illumination, which is usually measured in lumens. That said,

  • For small solar security lights, the lumen rates are between 100 to 300 lumens.
  • Perhaps you need solar flood lights mainly for motion detection, pick from lights with 300 to 800 lumens.
  • It’s preferable to choose a bulb between 800 to 1000 lumens if you’re searching for high flood lights solar.
  • For minimum brightness, purchase solar lights with 5000 lumens or less.
  • While for super brightness, choose flood lights with a luminosity of between 8,000 and 12,000.

Whatever choice you make, ensure it depends on the area you’re lighting.

Battery Type

There are four kinds of batteries present in solar flood lights: NiMH, lithium-ion, lead-acid, and NiCAD. The best of them all is the lithium-ion battery. It is most preferred and powerful because it saves energy. When compared to NiMH and NiCAD, it has a lifespan of 2000 cycles. But it’s also the most expensive.

Run Time and Charging Time

It would be best if you inspected the solar security battery’s run time and charge time before anything else. A solar light that charges fast will ensure you have constant lighting despite minimal sunlight. At the same time, an ideal run time should last for 7 hours or more.

Coverage Distance

The coverage distance tells you how far the solar flood lights beam can go. In comparison, the brightness shows how illuminating it is. The best floodlight should cover a distance of 100 ft and 60 degrees at least. For best results, choose longer coverage distances.

Battery Capacity

Checking the battery capacity is just as important as the solar brightness in the best solar flood lights. This tells you the amount of energy it stores. Most often, it’s measured in mAh.

  • Lithium-ion batteries have a capacity of 2000 to 6000 mAH.
  • NiMH is usually 2000 mAH.
  • Lead-acid has the highest capacity ranging from 4000 to 6000 mAH.
  • NiCAD is 600 mAH

Lithium-ion batteries are preferable because they’re generally more powerful.

Kind of Solar Panel

There are three types of solar panels. And the best of them is Monocrystalline.


It’s the strongest and most effective solar panel. It converts 20% of solar energy to electricity within a short period.


This has 16% energy conversion. Although it’s less efficient, it’s affordable and has good quality.


Because it has a 10% energy conversion rate, it’s the least efficient and cheapest. All these solar security light panels are good choices, but they rank better in terms of efficiency.

Motion Sensors

Photosensors are also known as dusk to dawn light which plays an essential role in flood light. Why? Because, unlike the PIR and motion sensor, it saves energy by switching on and off on its own.

Build Materials

Ensure your solar flood light is made of aluminum. While plastic is not a bad pick, aluminum casting is more preferable because it easily protects its insides from the elements.

IP Ratings

An ideal floodlight should have a weather-resistant range from ip44 to ip65. This gives you better protection against moisture. Now, lights with ip68 and above hardly have motion detectors. So endeavor to check the IP before making a purchase.

Bulb Type

This is what determines the illumination of the best solar flood lights. These outdoor lights come with several bulbs like halogen, CFL, LED, MH and HD. However, the best suitable for any solar flood light is LED. They’re energy-efficient, durable, and have a longer lifespan.

Watt of Panels

The higher the wattage power, the more the lighting. For example, a 5 watts panel will give 5 watts of electricity every hour. Undoubtedly, big solar panels produce more watt compared to smaller ones. For perfect lighting, you should choose a panel with 15 to 20 wattage.


What is the Brightest Solar Powered Flood Light?

Whether you’re looking to illuminate your backyard, spotlight your football field, or add some security, The TBI Outdoor Security Solar Light is the way to go. This LED flood light suits most of the specific needs anyone may want. Standard solar LED lights products for security should have between 800 lumens to 1300 lumens. On the other hand, for motion sensors, it should fall between 300 and 1000 lumens. The TBI Outdoor Security Solar Light supersedes both categories because it emits 2,200 lumens of bright light. 

How Long Do Solar Flood Lights Last?

Generally, an LED solar flood light’s brightness lasts 6 to 8 hours. However, depending on the elements it’s exposed to and the construction, some products can run for far more extended periods. If you maintain it under suitable conditions, you’ll get 50,000 hours of light from it or more. For a lasting run time, try the Outdoor Motion Detector Solar lights. Additionally, some brands give out two years or more warranties. This means the device should function appropriately within the specified period.

Tips to Maintain Solar Lights For Longer Usage

Here are some tips that’ll help you extend the lifespan of your solar power lights.

  • For your solar lights to last, you don’t need to charge them completely. At best, let the light charge to 80% and discharge at 40%.
  • Properly store your solar flood light at room temperature in a dry place during bad weather conditions.
  • You should keep the batteries at 50% or less for prolonged storage. Just ensure it’s not completely full or empty.
  • Install the solar panels under direct sunlight and not dark areas. This will keep the outdoor solar flood running for a long time.
  • For lights with rechargeable batteries and high lumens, do not completely drain them. LED flood lights die faster when their battery is left empty.
  • To maintain high operation, always clean your solar panels with warm soapy water and a rag. And remember, to wipe the snow off the panel in winter.
  • Do not charge your battery every day. At most, charge it once in three or two years. Most solar lights last between 8 to 12 hours on a 100% battery.
  • For best performance, do not store lights in a dark room or box. This will weaken the batteries and reduce their ability to charge fast.
  • You must use the right LED flood bulbs for your solar security light. A bulb with more powerful watts will deteriorate the battery.
  • Turn off the lights if you’ll be away from home for long. This will enable the light to work on full brightness from dusk to dawn.
  • Always replace your battery every two years. Please do not wait for it to last for less than 8 hours.
  • When picking a spot for your solar power light, do not place it near lights like street and porch lighting. This will decrease the sensor mode of the light.
  • If you are positioning your outdoor light by the walkway, you must set it correctly. This will maintain the battery anytime motion is detected.
  • Generally, solar panels should be facing south for maximum brightness. However, if you want to get the most sun in summer, tilt the light to 30 degrees. And in winter, 45 degrees. If you stay in a hot place, you can set the light to 120 degrees.
  • Wherever you store the outdoor light, ensure it’s receiving light, even if it’s artificial lighting.

With these simple and essential tips, you’ll get more than a year of use out of the solar flood lights. Not to mention, they’ll reduce the cost of maintenance.

Final Verdict

The best solar flood lights are indeed the ones that give you value for your money and are easy to operate. Aside from that, they also help you save a lot on electricity bills. With several types on the market, it may be difficult to make a choice. The products we’ve listed in this review vary in price, size, lumens, and motion sensor. With this list, you should quickly find the one that suits you most. So, don’t hesitate to purchase any solar lights and enjoy the numerous benefits that accompany them. Have you used any solar flood lights that are not on this list? Perhaps you’re struggling to make a pick? Please tell us your thoughts in the comment section below.

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