8 Best Solar Fountain Pump Reviews for 2023


Besides being corrosion-resistant and having a high flow rate, the best solar fountain pump has sufficient maximum lift and spray height to match its application. A solar water fountain pump for reliability comes with high-capacity solar panels and, in some cases, battery backups.

Best Solar Fountain Pumps at a Glance

  1. For Small Water Circulation7V 1.5W Solar Water Pump
  2. Overall Best Solar Fountain PumpECO-WORTHY Solar Fountain Pump Kit
  3. Comes With a Battery – AISITIN 6.5W Solar Fountain Pump
  4. Highest Maximum Lift – AISITIN 3.5W Solar Powered Fountain
  5. Highest Number of NozzlesSolar Water Pump Kit Solar Fountain Pump with 3W 5V Solar Panel
  6. Easy Installation – Mademax Solar Fountain Pump
  7. Durable Build2.5W Solar Fountain Pump
  8. Impressive Jet HeightPond Pump Mini Water Fountain Pump

Generally, the larger the fountain, the higher the fountain pump’s flow rate you need to run it. The flow rate of a solar fountain pump is typically measured in gallons per hour and varies from one product to another, and it defines how much water the pump can produce within a certain period.

Corrosion resistance is invaluable to the longevity and integrity of a solar water fountain pump. The solar-powered fountain pump will be spending a lot of time around or in water, and without some form of corrosion resistance, it won’t be long before it goes bad. Some manufacturers galvanize the fountain pumps, while others saturate the pump with a slight electrical charge to ensure this does not happen.

For solar-powered fountain pumps, the maximum lift and jet height are vital. The lift defines the maximum height the pump can push water from the water source. The jet height reflects how far the pump can shoot water through the fountainhead. If a pump’s lift and jet height are too low, the pump will never push water out of the fountainhead as you would like.

This is self-evident, but for solar-powered water pumps, the capacity of the solar panel is essential. The solar panel generates power from direct sunlight, and the pump runs on this power. But suppose you have low-capacity solar panels in a region that does not get enough direct sunlight. In that case, the panels may not generate sufficient power to run the solar water fountain.

Best Solar Powered Water Fountain Pumps Reviewed

1. 7V 1.5W Solar Water Pump

7V 1.5W Solar Water Pump
Credit: tomtop.com

The 7V 1.5W Solar Water Pump is a low-capacity pump – the kind to get when you’re not pumping large volumes of water. Going by its specifications and our experience, you wouldn’t want to use it for large fountains. But it works just fine when it comes to small to mid-size fountains. It’s also great for small fish ponds and water plants.

Flow Rate

With a flow rate of around 53 gallons per hour, this pump ejects enough water to fill up a small to mid-sized fountain or pool in no time. But even if you’re not filling a fountain or pool, 53 gallons per hour is more than fast enough for watering plants and refilling fish ponds.

The pump lift of around 4 feet is certainly not the best we’ve seen in our search for a solar fountain pump. But then, for small water circulation, this should be enough. At most, 4 feet of pump lift should be enough to push water as high as 3 feet – it was enough for us.


We surely think that the 1.5-watt capacity of this solar panel could be higher. But then, considering the wattage of the pump itself – 1.2W – the solar panel wattage just might be enough. Thankfully, the pump is brushless, making it more efficient, so even the 1.5W of the panel would be maximized.

Of course, being brushless, it produces very little noise when running. When we were around the fountain, we barely noticed any sounds from it.

Overall, the 7V 1.5W Solar Water Pump is easy to install, and the motor is expected to run for over 10,000 hours. However, one drawback we had with it was no battery.


  • The flow rate is good enough for small water bodies.
  • The lift would work for small-sized/short fountains.
  • The motor is brushless, so you get less noise and more efficiency
  • It is easy to install.


  • Batteries are not included in the pack.

2. ECO-WORTHY Solar Fountain Pump Kit

ECO-WORTHY Solar Fountain Pump Kit
Credit: amazon.com

The ECO-WORTHY Solar Pump Kit offers the highest lift and capacity of other solar-powered pond pumps on this list. But besides that, it provides a high flow rate and significant corrosion resistance.

It has a lift of 5.6 feet. No other product has a lift as high. The high lift makes for compatibility with tall fountains. It would be best if you used the solar water pump with a 4 to 5 feet tall fountain.


The ECO-WORTHY submersible pumps have a 12-watt PV panel, the highest capacity on this list. So, rest assured that your pump will get enough power as long as it gets enough direct sunlight.

The solar panel is easy to install – you can plant it in the ground. The angle of the panel is adjustable. So, you can fix it whenever it does not receive enough solar rays.

Flow Rate

It is estimated to pump around 160 gallons of water in one hour. This flow rate is the highest of all our solar pumps.

With such a high flow rate, you might just be able to match this solar-powered water pump to large fountains. Also, if you decide to use it as a solar pond pump, you will not have to wait too long to see the garden fountain get filled.

The different parts are made with ABS plastic, glass, and aluminum. All of these materials do not corrode readily. So, overall, the pump is significantly corrosion-resistant.

It comes with a 10-feet cord. This allows you some freedom when installing the solar panel away from the fountain. The pump has an estimated lifespan of 20,000 hours and comes with a 1-year warranty.

One thing with this product is that it does not come with a battery. So, the pump cannot run at night unless you get a battery and install it.


  • The capacity of the PV panel is the highest of any of the other reviewed solar water pumps.
  • The pump’s flow rate is pretty high.
  • The maximum lift is remarkable.
  • The kit is made with corrosion-resistant materials.
  • Installation is pretty straightforward.


  • The kit does not come with a battery.

3. AISITIN 6.5W Solar Fountain Pump

AISITIN 6.5W Solar Fountain Pump
Credit: amazon.com

The AISITIN Solar Fountain Pump is revered for its relatively high flow rate. However, its lift and jet spray height are fairly remarkable, too.

Flow Rate

This solar pump comes in second on the flow rate hierarchy. It is estimated to produce as much as 132 gallons in one hour. In other words, if your fountain had a 132-gallon capacity, this pump would fill it within 1 hour – pretty huge.


The AISTIN Solar Pump is third on the solar panel capacity hierarchy. Its solar panel is rated at 6.5 watts. Since the pump has a maximum power rating of 2.5 watts, the panel should produce more than enough solar power to run the pump.

The lift is 3.28 feet, and the maximum jet spray height is 30 to 50 cm. While these values are fairly remarkable, they are not the best you can get among the reviewed products. Nonetheless, it should work just fine for solar water fountains with heights below the lift.

One of this product’s top-selling points is that it comes with a battery. It features a 1500-mAh battery, which can power the pump for up to 2.5 hours without solar energy.

This solar pump has multiple applications apart from being a solar fountain pump. It can also be used as a solar pond pump, solar birdbath pump, pump for garden fountains, and much more.

You will find 6 different types of nozzles in the pack. Each one gives you a different type of spray pattern and spray height. While this pump is easy to install and effective, it is reported that it can sometimes be noisy while running.


  • Remarkable flow rate
  • Decent solar panel capacity for the power consumption of the pump – the third-highest of every product in this review.
  • The kit has a battery so that the pump can run for some time without solar energy.


  • The maximum lift and jet spray height could be higher.
  • It can sometimes be noisy.

4. AISITIN 3.5W Solar Powered Fountain

AISITIN 3.5W Solar Powered Fountain
Credit: amazon.com

The AISITIN Solar-Powered Pond Pumps offer one of the other solar fountain pumps’ highest jet spray heights in this review. But beyond that, it comes with four sprinkler heads.

Most other pumps on the list have jet spray heights of 70cm and below, but this one is 80 cm. Hence, its uniqueness. This jet spray height is coupled with a lift of 4.92 feet.

You can use taller fountains without worrying about water not gushing out of the fountainhead.

Flow Rate

The AISITIN Solar pump is estimated to pump out 105.7 gallons of water per hour. This makes it one of the fastest pumps we reviewed.

With the water flow capacity, you should have no problem using it with a medium to large-sized fountain, pond, or solar birdbath fountain. Of course, this means that besides its use as a solar-powered pump, it can also be a solar-powered pond pump.


This product comes with a solar panel rated at 3.5 watts. While this capacity is low compared to others, it is still more than okay. The pump consumes a maximum of 1.5 watts, so solar panels that produce twice that amount of power or higher should do just fine.

Besides the uses we have mentioned, you can also use the solar pump to fill fish tanks, garden decorations, and swimming pools.

It offers multiple fountain heads. In the pack, you will find 6 nozzles with different spray patterns. The inclusion of multiple nozzles allows customization and flexibility with the watering.

While this fountain pump is undoubtedly a top-tier product, it does not have a battery backup. This means that without the sun, the pump cannot function. You can get a battery to keep the pump running without solar energy.


  • Impressive jet spray height and maximum lift are the highest of any reviewed pumps.
  • The flow rate is noteworthy – the fourth-highest amongst the reviewed products.


  • It does not come with a battery backup.

5. Solar Water Pump Kit Solar Fountain Pump with 3W 5V Solar Panel

Solar Water Pump Kit Solar Fountain Pump with 3W 5V Solar Panel
Credit: tomtop.com

Beyond its specifications, the Solar Water Pump Kit Solar Fountain Pump with 3W 5V Solar Panel was a fantastic addition to our garden. But its usefulness extends beyond gardens, as you can use it for your fish pond, fish tank, and even a mini pool.

Flow Rate

Ordinarily, this device’s 31-gallon per hour flow rate would be too small. But it would work fine since it is tailored for small-sized fountains like a birdbath fountain.

Besides a birdbath, you can use this solar-powered water pump for small ponds, fish tanks, swimming pools, and more.

The pump has 7 nozzle heads, allowing us to vary the spray pattern, lift height, and flow rate as much as we want.

With a max water height of  50cm, this product isn’t the most impressive for circulating water over tall heights. Notwithstanding, it did just fine for birdbath fountains, short fountains, and small ponds.


The PV panel capacity of 3W was fantastic for a low-capacity fountain. We noticed that the pump ordinarily doesn’t consume so much power. So, the possibility of having more than enough only made things better. Even when the sun wasn’t so intense, the pump was still going like nothing changed.

The installation is pretty easy, especially since assembling the parts was intuitive.

Except you get a battery for this pump, you cannot power it without direct sunlight. No battery is included in the pack.


  • The flow rate is good enough for birdbaths and other small-sized waterbodies.
  • It is easy to install.
  • It is efficient.
  • The solar panel capacity is impressive.


  • Doesn’t come with batteries.

6. Mademax Solar Fountain Pump

Mademax Solar Fountain Pump
Credit: amazon.com

Like the OKMEE, the Mademax Solar Fountain Pump offers a decent flow rate, corrosion resistance, and a fair maximum lift & jet spray height. Most features of both products are pretty similar.

Flow Rate

The Mademax Pump has a flow rate of 42.3 gallons per hour, which is somewhat basic. However, the flow rate should be sufficient since it is meant for use with a fish tank, small outdoor fountain, birdbath, or small pond.

While the OKMEE comes with a spray head that offers 4 different spray patterns, the Mademax Pump has 4 different nozzles with varying spray patterns.

As with the OKMEE, the Mademax Pump is made using PET polymer. So, you can expect strong resistance to corrosion by water and organic materials.

As you may have guessed, the Mademax Pump has a filtration box and water-shortage protection like the OKMEE Pump. The water-shortage protection keeps the pump from working without water, and the filtration box removes dirt and debris. This way, the service life of the pump is lengthened.

The lift and maximum jet spray height are the same as the OKMEE – 2.95 feet and 50-70 cm, respectively. Obviously, this product’s lift is the joint-lowest in this review. Nonetheless, it should work just fine with small water bodies.


It consumes between 0.5 and 0.9 watts and comes with a 2.2-watt solar panel – just like the OKMEE Pump.

The PV panel capacity is pretty low, alright. But for a pump with a peak power of 0.9 watts, a 2.2-watt panel should be enough on most days.

One thing that might bother you with the Mademax Pump is the absence of a battery backup. In essence, without direct sunlight, the pump will not work. You can change things by getting a battery on your own, nonetheless.


  • The flow rate is decent for small-sized waterbodies like a birdbath and a small pond.
  • The multiple safety features promote service life longevity.
  • Installation is easy, and the pump has a fixer that keeps it from floating out of place.


  • The PV panel capacity could be higher.
  • The pack does not come with a battery backup.

7. 2.5W Solar Fountain Pump

2.5W Solar Fountain Pump
Credit: tomtop.com

The 2.5W Solar Fountain Pump showed the best signs of durability in all the products we reviewed. But the durability wasn’t the only thing that caught our eye. Its flow rate and water height are also pretty impressive.

Flow Rate

With a flow rate of about 47.6 gallons per hour, this solar fountain pump is best used for low- to mid-capacity water circulation. So, if you intend to use it for a fish tank, pond, garden, or pool, you’ll enjoy the rate at which it ejects water.

If you use it for larger spaces, it should still work. But then, it may be sluggish.

The maximum spray height is just about 45 cm – one of the lowest in our review. However, it will do just fine for short solar fountains, birdbaths, small ponds, and other similar small-sized structures.


The 2.5W PV panel capacity of this product is more than decent. The pump isn’t the type to pump with less intensity or go off when sunlight isn’t intense.

This solar-powered pump does not come with a battery backup. So, you must get batteries if you intend to use the pump without solar energy.


  • Highly durable
  • Decent solar panel capacity
  • It is relatively inexpensive.


  • It does not come with a battery.

8. Pond Pump Mini Water Fountain Pump

Pond Pump Mini Water Fountain Pump
Credit: cesdeals.com

Last on our list is the Pond Pump Mini Water Fountain Pump. As the name says, this pump is mini, but its reliability and efficiency defy the “mini” part of its name.

Flow Rate

With a flow rate of around 52 gallons per hour, we got a steady stream of water from this pump even when it wasn’t pumping at full strength. Of course, we only used it for mini water circulation purposes as designed. If we’d used it for something bigger, we may have noticed a shortfall in performance.

One of the reasons we describe the Pond Pump Mini Water Fountain Pump as reliable is its durable build. Made with high-quality ABS, we have enough reasons to believe this pump will water your fountain for many years before replacing it.

With this product, you get 6 different nozzles to adjust the spray style and have fun.

The jet height is 70 cm, which is pretty impressive. Thanks to it, we didn’t have to worry about water not gushing out of our fountain as desired. So, you might consider this product if you want a similar performance.


The pump comes with a 1.5-watt rating solar panel. While this panel capacity might be one of the lowest among the reviewed products, it doesn’t dampen the pump’s performance.

Of course, this low wattage sometimes becomes an issue when sunlight isn’t intense. But all in all, it’s okay.


  • The jet height is pretty impressive.
  • You get 6 nozzles.
  • It is considerably durable.
  • The flow rate is decent.


  • It doesn’t come with a battery.

Buyer’s Guide

Features to Look Out for in Solar Fountains

Battery Backup

Solar-powered pumps run on solar power generated by their solar panels. However, without the sun, the panels will generate no power, and the pump will not function. If you want the solar fountain pump to keep running after sundown, this can be a problem. However, you can avoid this by getting a product that comes with a battery backup.

The solar power from the panel will charge the battery when the sun is out in the sky. Then when the sun goes out, the stored power will keep the solar-powered fountain pump running.

Flow Rate

The flow rate of solar pond pumps is typically stated in gallons per hour or liters per hour. It is the volume of water the solar pump can push out within one hour of running.

The flow rate is significant when getting one for large fountains, pools, or ponds, even in the cases of irrigation systems. The fountain pump must generate enough water for large bodies to fill them rapidly.

The flow rate is not an issue for small fountains, ponds, and pools. Whether high or low, it will not take long for them to get filled.

Maximum Lift and Maximum Spray Height

The maximum lift tells you how high the solar fountain pump can push water from the water source. Then spray height, on the other hand, tells you how far the pump can push water through the fountainhead.

For taller fountains, you need a higher lift and maximum spray height. At least, the lift should be a few inches higher than the height of the fountain. Else, the water may never get out of the fountainhead.

Solar Panel Capacity

The solar panel capacity of your pump defines its maximum power output, and it is essential if you live in an area that does not get intense sunlight.

The amount of power solar panels produce depends on the intensity of sunlight they receive. In other words, if the panel receives low-intensity sunlight, it will only generate a fraction of its full capacity.

But this also means that with a high-capacity panel, even less intense sunlight will generate relatively more power than a low-capacity panel.

So, if your region does not get intense periods of sunlight, a high-capacity PV panel is your best bet. This way, even if the sun does not shine brightly, the diffuse sunlight will reach the panel and generate enough power to run the pump.


For any product, durability is vital for longevity; this is the same with solar-powered fountain pumps.

Solar water pumps are exposed to water and various organic materials that can corrode pumps over time. However, this is unlikely with galvanized pumps, pumps made from PET plastic, and pumps saturated with a slight electrical charge.

Water pumps should not run without or when there is a water shortage. If they do, it will not be long before they become faulty. To avoid this, manufacturers install water-shortage protection. So, look out for this water feature when buying your solar fountain pump.

Then there are also chances that the pump may become clogged by dust, leaves, debris, and similar particles. If this happens, the fountain pump may become faulty. Look out for solar pumps with a filter box or other anti-clogging technology, and you will not have to bother about your pump getting clogged up.

Final Thoughts

When getting a solar fountain pump, durability is the one universal feature to look out for. Then depending on the size of your fountain or pond, you should also pay attention to the flow rate. Also, depending on the height of your fountain, the maximum lift and the maximum spray height may be important to you.

Having battery backup and a high-capacity solar panel is important if you live in a region that barely gets enough sunlight. Without these, the solar water fountains will be barely functional.

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