When it comes to camping or going off the grid, one common tool that anyone needs is cooking. Necessities such as having the ability of boiling water so that it is clean to drink are vitally important. The solar kettles or solar water heaters can ensure that you get tasty meals and that very important coffee while enjoying the wilderness. Whatever tool you purchase needs to be reliable and meet your unique camping needs.

Best Solar Kettles in 2022 at a Glance

  1. GOSUN Fusion Solar Oven – Hybrid Electric GrillBest Overall Solar Powered Kettle
  2. Solar Kettle With Temperature GaugeBest Small Capacity Kettle
  3. GOSUN Solar Oven/Kettle Sun CookerBest for Off-Grid Camping
  4. XYQC BBQ Grill Solar KettleBest Large Capacity Kettle
  5. ETE ETMATE Solar KettleWith Integrated Solar Cooker

A solar kettle often called a solar oven, is a portable solar-powered device that can cook hot food and boiling hot water, oftentimes to the boiling point. Some of the solar powered kettles on the market are strictly powered by the sun, while others have backup methods of energy in lithium batteries.

Essentially, you would consider your individual needs and geography and determine which would work best for you. These solar kettles can come in various sizes to accommodate different amounts of food and liquid.

Overall Best Solar Kettle

Out of all of the portable solar devices on this list, you need to know about the best one first! We considered the need for feeding more than one person at a time, outdoor durability, portability, ability to use with and without the light of the sun, and the ability to boil the liquid.

1. GOSUN Fusion Solar Oven – Hybrid Electric Grill

GOSUN Fusion Solar Oven - Hybrid Electric Grill
The GOSUN Fusion Solar Oven runs off both solar powers and can run off any 12v power source. Portable and easy to use, this item can cook four to six meals per session and steam, bake, fry, or roast. If you are planning on cooking meals during the day and in the dark, this item is the best available.


This solar oven is the best solar kettle because this oven holds a larger amount of food and can be used both day and night.

Camping with your family and being able to cook for more than one person at a time is a definite bonus. Besides, you have the ability to cook your food in several different ways, from way off somewhere great.


Carrying this item may be difficult if hiking into camp since no carrying case comes with this solar cooker.

While this does fold up and is portable, you need to consider if the extra fourteen pounds and size of this item would be too awkward for use at a potentially far-out campsite.

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Best Small Capacity Kettles Solar Powered

Sometimes, what you need is something small that is just for you to get the job done. If your goal is to use survival skills in the wilderness and have something small and reliable, we have you covered. Here are a few small-capacity solar powered kettles that can best fit these needs.

2. Solar Kettle Thermal Flask Survival Gear With Temperature Gauge

Solar Kettle Thermal Flask Survival Gear With Temperature Gaug
You will love this top-of-the-line solar kettle thermal flask survival gear on Amazon for your next hiking or off-grid adventure. Heating water with this solar kettle takes only 20 minutes. The energy created by the powerful rays of the sun makes this little thermos a portable solar treasure. This device is designed like a thermos for easy transport for work or outdoor use. The vacuum-sealed container can hold up to three cups of liquid and come to a boiling point in less than an hour.


You will find this item extremely easy to carry because it is only a little over two pounds and can easily fit inside a travel or hiking backpack.

This item captures the sun’s rays and can still cook in the snow and on overcast days. So you will never have to worry about not being able to cook.

The integrated temperature gauge allows you to accurately assess the liquid’s temperature (or solids) inside the thermal flask.

You will never have to worry about burning your fingers with the metal outside the kettle because of the amazing design. The sun’s energy is transferred to the inner tube, leaving the outer shell cool to the touch.


Because this item is so small, cooking food for more than one person is not doable. The sun must be out in some capacity for this solar kettle to work properly and it does not allow for thermal power in the night hours.

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3. GOSUN Survival Gear Solar Oven/Kettle Sun Cooker

GOSUN Survival Gear Solar Oven/Kettle Sun Cooker
You will love this GOSUN Survival Solar Cooker. Not only does this solar cooker have rave reviews on Amazon, but you can also quickly and easily tote this around from one location to the next. One great feature about this cooking device is made of stainless steel, vacuum-sealed, and durable enough to handle the great outdoors.


If you have small children with you, there is always the worry that they will burn little fingers on cooking devices.

This solar cooker is cool to the touch and doesn’t pose any fire hazard. It can cook your food in as fast as 20 to 30 minutes with the ability to reach up to and over five hundred and fifty degrees in direct sunlight.

And the best, it is easy to clean! This little sun-powered kettle allows for easy cleaning with its stainless steel tube and scrubber brush that comes with the solar device.


Because this item is listed under the best small-capacity solar cookers, it is obvious that this device will not cook more than enough food for two people at most.

These solar kettles do not have a separate carry case which makes portability more challenging. Especially in an outdoors/camping setting.

Lastly, this little solar device would be even better if there were some temperature gauge on it like the GOSUN Fusion Solar Oven listed at the top of this review.

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Best Large Capacity Solar Powered Kettles

When you want to cook enough food for a family at once, these solar kettles are the best option! These devices are portable, durable, and, best of all, powered by the sun.

4. XYQC BBQ Grill Portable Solar Kettle

XYQC BBQ Grill Solar Kettle
You will never want to go camping again without the XYQC BBQ solar-powered oven for any of your outdoor and adventure needs. This portable solar cooker boils water to make it clean using the sun’s power, and when in direct sunlight, it can heat up to over five hundred degrees.


This solar cooker is enclosed in a durable case, that when opened, becomes part of the solar cooker.

The cooking capacity is large enough to cook several eggs at a time, boil hot water for tea or hot coffee, or even bake some chicken wings.

You will love the idea that you don’t have to worry about there being enough food for everyone at the same time because of the capacity.


When looking at solar kettles, this one is a little bit bulky, which overall challenges the point of potability.

We have to consider that this one is sizable enough to cook food enough for 3 or 4 people. Some of these solar cookers can be used in little to no light because of backup batteries, which would be a nice perk to this cooker.

As much as we love this cooker, it does not have a temperature gauge! You will certainly need to keep an eye on all of that food you are cooking as you will not gauge it doe the outside.

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5. ETE ETMATE Solar Kettle Outdoor Integrated Solar Cooker

ETE ETMATE Solar Kettle Outdoor Integrated Solar Cooker
Like the portable solar-powered kettle before this, you will love the efficiency of this small but mighty ETE ERMATE solar kettle brings to the great outdoors. In direct sunlight, this little device can reach temperatures up to five hundred and fifty degrees. Hot enough to make drinking water and the much-needed coffee on your camping trip.


Because of its 4.5L capacity, cooking for more than two people is possible. Liquids can be heated inside the vacuum-sealed container to boiling temperatures to make your tea and coffee.

This solar kettle is large enough to house a 3-quart mini-load pan, making you can certainly make some amazing brownies or other baked goods while out camping in the great outdoors.

You will love the mini temperature gauge on the side to be able to monitor your foods.


This kettle is about five pounds heavier than the XYQC BBQ Solar Powered Oven, as listed previously. More weight means it is harder to carry.

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Final Thoughts

Overall, the fact that you can bring the amazing ability to boil water, coffee, tea, and cook meals that you would normally make at home from the convenience of a device powered by the sun is truly amazing. Your family, or maybe just you, will be sure to enhance your camping experience with all that the best solar kettle brings to you.

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