The main attribute of the best solar lamp post is a bright light that will last the long hours of the night on a single day’s charge. It’s also important to have a lamp post that’s tall enough to provide coverage, a versatile mounting system, and a sufficient warranty to cover any damages or issues.

While the needs of each individual will vary, some solar lamp posts provide better quality no matter the circumstance. The best solar lights are often the most versatile, providing superior lighting and convenience no matter the situation.

Best Solar Lamp Posts at a Glance

  1. Gama Sonic Baytown II Solar Lamp Post Best All-Around
  2. LUTEC London Solar Lamp Post Brightest & Longest Warranty
  3. MAGGIFT Solar Lamp PostLongest Lasting Light
  4. Gama Sonic Royal Bulb Solar Lamp PostMost Expensive
  5. Kemeco Solar Lamp Post
  6. Melunar Solar Lamp PostCheapest
  7. Greluna Solar Lamp Post
  8. Sterno Home Solar Lamp Post

The core feature of a solar lamp post is to provide light so having a high lumen count is important to light up the desired area. This light must also last long enough to ensure a steady glow of light throughout the night that lasts until dawn. The desired brightness will also depend on whether it’s used for security purposes, aesthetics, or complementing other lights.

Considering most solar lighting products will remain outside day and night for long periods of time, it is important to have a product with a great warranty to replace the led lamp post, the light fixture, the batteries, the solar panels, and any other components inside.

These products must also balance the aesthetic design with functionality. A common example has a versatile mounting system to allow the led lamp post to be installed anywhere. These solar lights need to be tall enough to do the job, can be mounted to the right surface, and remain simple to use.

Then finally, there are the standard features like the dusk to dawn sensors and durable weather-resistant design that should be included. As well as some optional extras like varying brightness settings. Then as with any purchase, the price should play an important role in deciding which outdoor solar lamp to spend money on.

Top 8 Solar Lamp Posts Reviewed

1. Gama Sonic Baytown II Solar Lamp Post

Overview of the Product

The Gama Sonic GS Baytown II outdoor solar lamp post is the best product all around. It has a great light output, lasts a long time, is taller than the average product on this list, and has a decent warranty. It also comes with a secondary battery option to stay bright even longer with less charge.

Best Solar Lamp PostOur Review

At 130 lumens, the Gama Sonic GS Baytown II solar lamp is one of the brightest options on the list. The only brighter lamp posts are the Kemeco solar lamp post and the LUTEC London solar lamp post.

Brightness & Duration

This light will last a very nice 10 hours on a full charge similar to the LUTEC London or the Gama Sonic Royal Bulb solar lamp. This puts it at just above the standard 8 hours most solar products offer. Only the MAGGIFT solar lamp post can go longer, but the MAGGIFT must be on a lower setting to accomplish this.

Height & Aesthetics

The best solar lamp on this list sits at 77 inches in height. The only solar lighting option stands taller is the Gama Sonic Royal Bulb solar lamp at 87 inches. This should be tall enough to serve the needs of any outdoor lighting situation, but some users may consider getting the taller Royal Bulb led light.

It comes with a modern style black cast-aluminum post and lamp head similar to many of the solar lamps found in this review. It’ll serve equally well as a solar street light or a solar garden lamp.

Like most solar lamp lights, the Gama Sonic GS Baytown II solar lamp can be mounted traditionally into concrete or similar surfaces via screws in the base. This product stands out because it comes with an EZ-Anchor system to screw into the dirt or grass. This is something that other products like the Gama Sonic Royal Bulb solar lamp post don’t supply and will require a separate purchase.

Installation & Warranty

This outdoor solar lamp post comes with a two-year warranty like the Gama Sonic Royal Bulb. The only solar post light with a better warranty is the UTEC London which has a five-year warranty.

A unique feature that is a major selling point with the Gama Sonic GS Baytown II is its second battery. Unlike the other solar lamps on this list, it can install the second battery into the lamp head itself to double the duration of its lights to a whopping 20 hours. This makes it the only light on the list to last longer than one night on a single charge.

Of course, this second battery isn’t included, so out of the box, it’s just as good as the UTEC London solar lamp post. But with that second battery, it would last longer than even the MAGGIFT solar-powered lamp while on that product’s lowest setting.

From a price standpoint, it’s surprisingly one of the most cost-effective options found in this review. Only the MAGGIFT, Melunar, and Greluna solar post lights are cheaper. Still, none of them offer anywhere near the level of quality or convenience that comes with the Baytown II solar lamp post.


  • 130 lumens makes it one of the brightest solar lamp posts on this list after the KEMECO and LUTEC London solar lamp posts.
  • It can go 10 hours before needing a charge similar to the Gama Sonic Royal Bulb solar lamp.
  • At 77 inches, the Baytown II is the second tallest solar-powered lamp post after the Gama Sonic Royal Bulb.
  • The UTEC London solar lamp only surpasses the two-year warranty.
  • The Baytown II can include a second battery for a total of about 20 hours of solar light, something none of the other lights can do.
  • Includes the EZ-Anchor mounting system with the purchase of the product.
  • The Baytown II is easily one of the most cost-effective solar lamps in this review.


  • The Kemeco and LUTEC London solar led lamps are brighter.
  • The second battery is not included and must be purchased separately from the device.
Check the price on Amazon

2. LUTEC London Solar Lamp Post

Overview of the Product

The LUTEC London is the brightest solar lamp post on the list, thanks to its unusually high lumen output. It can even maintain this brighter light for longer than most other solar lamps and comes with the best warranty. The only downside to the LUTEC London solar light is that it’s much shorter than the other options.

LUTEC London Solar Lamp Post

Our Review

The LUTEC London boasts a blinding 210 lumens, almost double the Kemeco or the Gama Sonic Baytown II solar lights offer. This easily makes it the brightest solar lamp post of those reviewed on this list.

Brightness & Duration

Incredibly it can maintain this bright light for about 10 hours, putting it in the same ballpark as the Gama Sonic Baytown II or the Gama Sonic Royal Bulb. The only solar light that can go longer is the MAGGIFT solar lamp on a lower light setting.

Height & Aesthetics

The downside to the LUTEC London solar light is that it’s very short compared to other solar post lights. It stands at 21 inches tall, which is a third of the height of either the MAGGIFT or the Greluna that are the next sizes up at 67 inches each.

It features a black rust-resistant cast aluminum casing in a vintage style similar to the Melunar solar lamp. This makes it just as weather-resistant as any other solar light on this list.

The LUTEC London features the standard concrete mounting post found in the other solar post lights. It does stand out a little in breaking down to just the lamp mounted on top of a wall with the right screws.

Installation & Warranty

The five-year warranty makes it one of the best solar lamp posts that can be purchased. The only solar lamp posts that come close to this are the Gama Sonic Baytown or the Gama Sonic Royal Bulb, which each have two-year warranties.

Like any solar lamp post, the LUTEC London comes with the standard dusk to dawn sensors.

From a pricing standpoint, the LUTEC London solar lamp is a bit expensive. The only option that costs more is the Gama Sonic Royal Bulb. With the lumen output and the five-year warranty, the price is understandable, but the short height prevents it from being the best solar lamp post out there.


  • The best solar lamp post in terms of light output with 210 lumens. Only the Kumeco comes close at 135 lumens by sacrificing duration.
  • A fantastic five-year warranty instead of the two-year warranties offered by Gama Sonic Royal Bulb and Gama Sonic Baytown II.
  • It lasts 10 hours without sacrificing brightness as the MAGGIFT solar lamp does.
  • It can break down to just the lamp head, which can be mounted anywhere.


  • It costs more than most solar lamp posts.
  • AT 21 inches, it’s very short. The next ones up are the MAGGIFT or Greluna at 67 inches.
  • It doesn’t have an easy mounting system like the Gama Sonic Baytown II solar lamp post light.
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3. MAGGIFT Solar Lamp Post

Overview of the Product

The MAGGIFT solar-powered lamp post offers a longer light duration than most while remaining much cheaper. It’s one of few with multiple light settings and can be mounted in several ways. It’s not the best, but it is versatile and a cheap alternative.

MAGGIFT Solar Lamp PostOur Review

The MAGGIFT solar lamp post light provides 100 lumens of power on average. That puts it on the low end of the list with only the Greluna, Melunar, and the Sterno being dimmer, but it’s not too far off from the 120 lumens from the Gama Sonic’s Royal Bulb.

Brightness & Duration

It is important to note that the 100 lumens are average due to the power settings. At a lower power setting, it alternates the brightness of the lights periodically to conserve power while still providing some light. Any other option would remain a consistent and unchanging light by comparison.

Height & Aesthetics

The MAGGIFT solar-powered lamp post stands at 67 inches, making it one of the shorter options, though not nearly as short as the LUTEC London. Those wanting something taller may want to go with the Baytown II.

The lamp head is black rust-resistant cast aluminum with a warm white Edison bulb for a vintage feel. Like the other led lights on this list, the MAGGIFT can handle most weather conditions.

Installation & Warranty

Unlike LUTEC London, the MAGGIFT has a variety of options for easy installation. Its stakes and mounting base can be put just about anywhere, making it almost as convenient as the Baytown II.

It comes with an industry-standard one-year warranty which is nowhere near what LUTEC London provides.

Aside from the Greluna and Melunar, it is the only one to have multiple power settings. By comparison, it is superior to the Greluna and Melunar because it will provide a greater lumen output on low or high settings.

If the user is willing to sacrifice brightness, then the MAGGIFT is the longest-lasting outdoor lamp post on the low light setting. Though it only gains two hours at half the lumen count compared to the LUTEC London solar lamp.


  • Longest lasting solar lamp post light being able to go two hours longer than the LUTEC London.
  • It is one of the cheapest options being only a cent more than the Greluna.
  • It is designed to mount just about anywhere, similar to the Baytown II.


  • One year warranty is nothing compared to LUTEC London’s five-year warranty.
  • At 67 inches, it’s tied with the Greluna for being one of the shortest options on the list.
  • Its lumen output is half of what the LUTEC London offers and lower than Gama Sonics.
Check the price on Amazon

4. Gama Sonic Royal Bulb

Overview of the Product

The Gama Sonic Royal Bulb shares a lot of similarities to the Baytown II. It’s the tallest solar lamp post light at the cost of being the most expensive. It may not compare well to its sister product, but it’s decent in its own right.

Gama Sonic Royal BulbOur Review

The Royal Bulb puts out 120 lumens of light like the Kemeco on its lowest setting. This is also lower than what the Baytown II offers by about 10 lumens.

Brightness & Duration

It can sustain this output for about 10 hours, just like Baytown II or LUTEC London.

Height & Aesthetics

It stands at 87 inches in height, making it the tallest solar post light on the list and giving the solar panels the best chance to receive direct sunlight. The closest product in terms of height is the Baytown II at 77 inches.

The lamp post is weathered bronze cast aluminum designed to imitate the street lamps found in New Orleans. This definitely stands out aesthetically compared to other solar lamps. Even with its unique appearance and design, the Royal Bulb street lap maintains the same ability to handle most weather conditions as the others.

Installation & Warranty

One downside to this product is that it isn’t easy to install out of the box. It has the traditional mounting design but doesn’t include the EZ Anchor system that comes with the Baytown II though it can be purchased separately.

It offers a two-year warranty like the Baytown II, which puts it above the standard one-year warranty offered by the MAGGIFT, Kemeco, Melunara, Greluna, and Sterno lamp posts. Though the LUTEC London has a better five-year warranty that should be considered.

Like any solar-powered lamp post found on this list, it has dusk to dawn sensors built right into the solar panels. This ensures that it won’t waste any energy when the sun is out.

It is the most expensive solar street lamp being twice the price of the Baytown II. Largely the cost seems to come down to the height of the product and the aesthetic design. The pricing really doesn’t compare with the Baytown II or even the LUTEC London solar lamps in terms of sheer functionality.


  • It is the tallest outdoor solar lamp at 87 inches compared to the Baytown II’s 77 inches.
  • Has a longer than the average battery life of 10 hours like the LUTEC London street lamp.
  • Comes with an above-average two-year warranty.
  • Unique New Orleans style design that stands out from the black vintage/modern designs.


  • It costs twice the Baytown II while providing fewer features and capabilities.
  • Does not come with the EZ Anchor mounting system like the Baytown II.
  • At 120 lumens, it’s below the Kemeco, Baytown II, and the LUTEC London.
  • The non-traditional design may be a downside compared to others like the LUTEC London or the Baytown II with more mainstream black coloring and modern design.
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5. Kemeco Solar Lamp Post

Overview of the Product

The Kemeco solar lamp post is unique thanks to the planter box that acts as the mounting system. It also comes with an above-average lumen count and two power settings. It’s not one of the best solar lamp posts, but it’ll do the job for certain situations.

Kemeco Solar Lamp Post

Our Review

The Kemeco solar-powered lamp post can produce either 120 lumens or 135 lumens, depending on if the low or high setting is chosen. The high setting edges out the Baytown II by five lumens, making it the second brightest option after the LUTEC London.

Brightness & Duration

Unfortunately, the higher brightness comes with a short duration. It’ll last six hours at the high setting, which is the smallest duration on the list. On the low setting, it’ll last the standard 8 hours. By comparison, the Royal Bulb can last ten hours with the same 120 lumens.

Height & Aesthetics

The Kemeco is 76 inches tall, which makes it a hair shorter than the Baytown II. It ties with the Sterno as the third-highest solar-powered lamp post on the list.

The solar-powered lamp is black cast aluminum designed in a classic style with rippled pane windows. Like the other outdoor solar lamps, the Kemeco is weather resistant.

Installation & Warranty

The Kemeco is really easy to install, thanks to the planter box built around its base. Unlike other solar-powered lamps that require being mounted into the concrete or ground, like the LUTEC London, the Kemeco can be placed anywhere.

According to customer reviews, it can wobble if soft dirt and small plants are used in the planter box. It’s advised to use rocks and bigger plants to keep it stable.

In the event it does fall over and break, the Kemeco comes with a standard one-year warranty. The Gama products have better two-year warranties, and the LUTEC London has a great five-year warranty by comparison.

As mentioned earlier, the planter box does make it easy to install but not necessarily more stable. This makes it a product suited for areas with less wind unless additional measures are taken. By this alone, the Baytown II would be a better choice with its EZ-Anchor system.

It is the brightest option on the list with an optional power setting. The other choices are the Greluna or Melunar, which at their highest settings are less than half the low setting of the Kemeco.

Price-wise it’s more expensive than the Baytown II with a shorter warranty and less duration for the light. The only reason to pursue this option is for the built-in planter box.


  • Two power settings like the Greluna or Melunar but with a much brighter light on either setting.
  • The 135 lumens led lights put the Kemeco above the Baytown II in terms of brightness.
  • Built-in planter box makes it easy to install compared to other products like the Royal Bulb.


  • The high setting only lasts six hours which is less than any other solar-powered light.
  • The one-year warranty is short compared to either the Gama Sonic solar post lights or the LUTEC London street lamp.
  • The planter box needs to be reinforced to provide stability, or the solar-powered lamp post runs the risk of falling over.
Check the price on Amazon

6. Melunar Solar Lamp Post

Overview of the Product

The Melunar solar lamp post is the cheapest product on this list. The lumen count is low, and the height isn’t anything impressive. The potential buyer should get the MAGGIFT outdoor lamp post for a dollar more instead of this product.

Melunar Solar Lamp PostOur Review

The Melunar is tied with the Greluna in lumen output at 25 on the low and 50 on the high. Even at its brightest, this product is half the lumen count of the MAGGIFT solar led lamp.

Brightness & Duration

Both the high and low settings have a duration of about 8 hours which is standard. Only the Kemeco has a shorter duration at six hours.

Height & Aesthetics

The Melunar solar led lamp stands at 68.5 inches, making it just a bit taller than the Greluna, which stands at 67 inches. Perhaps that extra inch and a half will put the solar panels in a better position than the Greluna, but it’s unlikely to make too much of a difference.

The Melunar is black cast aluminum and designed to be vintage in style, very similar to the LUTEC London in appearance. Like the LUTEC London, the post, glass panes, and light fixtures are very weather resistant.

Installation & Warranty

This solar-powered lamp comes with a standard base which means standard installation. The Baytown II would be easier to install with its EZ-Anchor by comparison or even the Kemeco with its built-in planter box.

The Melunar has a standard one-year warranty. The LUTEC London, Baytown II, and the Royal Bulb solar lamp posts come with better warranties and other perks.

The Melunar solar lamp post is practically the same as the Greluna but with a little more height and a slightly lower price. The power settings mode can’t give it a longer duration, like with the Kemeco, because the led light draws power.

As mentioned, this is the cheapest product in the review by about a dollar compared with the Greluna or the MAGGIFT. But honestly, for a dollar more, the user can get the MAGGIFT which has more lumens, a longer battery life, and a better mounting system.


  • Cheapest on the list by a dollar when compared to the MAGGIFT or the Greluna.
  • Comes with two power settings like the Greluna or the Kemeco.


  • Standard one-year warranty pales in comparison to the Gama solar lamp posts or the LUTEC London.
  • Ties the Greluna for the dimmest light, which is half the lumens of the MAGGIFT.
  • Is functionally the MAGGIFT with fewer features for a dollar cheaper.
Check the price on Amazon

7. Greluna Solar Lamp Post

Overview of the Product

The Greluna solar lamp post is nearly identical to the Melunar in every way. The only difference is the Greluna is a dollar more and an inch and a half shorter. Even the aesthetics are practically the same, making it the inferior choice.

Greluna Solar Lamp PostOur Review

The Greluna is tied with the Melunar for being the dimmer solar-powered post lights in the review. At the lowest setting, the led light puts off 25 lumens, and at the highest, it puts off 50 lumens. This is half of the output of the MAGGIFT solar lamp post.

Brightness & Duration

The duration of the battery is the same as the Melunar at the standard 8 hours.

Height & Aesthetics

The Greluna is short at 67 inches in height. Not as short as the LUTEC London at 21 inches, but tied with the Melunar for second place.

The Greluna is black cast aluminum with a single led light bulb, almost identical to the Melunar and similar to the LUTEC London.

Installation & Warranty

The Greluna uses a standard mounting system making it best suited for concrete. This makes the Baytown II by far the superior product, given how easy it is to install with the EZ-Anchor system.

This aluminum solar lamp comes with a standard one-year warranty like the Melunar, MAGGIFT, Kemeco, and the Sterno.

The multiple power setting is identical to the one used on the Melunar. The setting only affects the lumen output and maintains an eight-hour battery duration on either setting. Otherwise, it’s the same dusk to dawn performance as any of the other solar lamp posts.

It costs a dollar more than the Melunar for less height. For this reason, the Melunar is the superior product, though even that pales significantly against the MAGGIFT.


  • Very cheap is only a dollar more than the Melunar, the cheapest product on the list.
  • Multiple brightness settings for customization purposes.


  • It is tied with the MAGGIFT for being the shortest solar lamp post after the LUTEC London.
  • At the highest setting of 50 lumens, it ties the Melunar for being the dimmest light and half of what the MAGGIFT offers.
Check the price on Amazon

8. Sterno Solar Lamp Post

Overview of the Product

The Sterno solar lamp post ranks the lowest out of the best solar lamp posts on this list. This is due to average offerings on all things except the lumen output and the price. It’s far dimmer than most at the cost of being almost the same price.

Sterno Solar Lamp PostOur Review

The Sterno solar lamp post has a lumen output of 60. This nudges it just above the Greluna and Melunar solar lamp posts but half the Royal Bulb.

Brightness & Duration

This light will last the standard eight hours, just like most of the products on this list. It’s surpassed by the Baytown II, LUTEC London, Royal Bulb, and the MAGGIFT solar-powered lamp on its lowest setting.

Height & Aesthetics

The Sterno is average in terms of height at 76 inches tall, just like the Kemeco. The Baytown II is a bit taller at 77, and the Royal Bulb is at 87 inches.

It’s a black cast-aluminum solar lamp post with a vintage-style design. In some ways, it’s similar to the MAGGIFT and shares many of the weather-resistant features in that and other devices.

Installation & Warranty

It comes with a mounting system for either concrete or wood, making it fairly standard. It’s not as convenient as the Baytown II with the EZ-Anchor system or the Kemeco with its planter box.

This solar lamp comes with a standard one-year warranty on everything from the solar panels to the base. Some users may prefer the LUTEC London for its superior five-year warranty.

It’s fairly standard in design and features, making it not all that different from the other post lights. It has the same energy-efficient led lights that turn on at dusk and off at dawn like anything else on the list.

Where it differs, and why it’s ranked so low, is that it’s nearly three times the cost of the MAGGIFT with nowhere near the same level of features and benefits. Buyers would be spending three times more for almost half the lumen output, fewer mounting options to gain about ten inches in height than the MAGGIFT offers.

To make matters worse, the best solar lamp on this list, the Baytown II, is cheaper with far better perks in every category.


  • It’s brighter than the Melunar or Greluna at 60 lumens.
  • It’s average in terms of height at 76 inches like the Kemeco.


  • AT 60 lumens, it’s half the output of the Royal Bulb and the third dimmest option on the list.
  • It costs more than the Baytown II, which has more lumen output, more battery life, double the warranty, the EZ-Anchor system, and is an inch taller than the Sterno.
Check the price on Amazon

Buying Guide – What to Look for in a Solar Lamp Post

Brightness & Duration

The basic function of a solar lamp post is to provide enough light for an outdoor space. This could be for security purposes like a solar street light or to serve as a garden solar lamp. Whatever the scenario, the lamp must be strong enough to make the outdoor space visible.

It should also last long enough to go all night without needing a charge. Many solar lamps will automatically turn on at dusk and kick off when hit with direct sunlight. The standard is eight hours, but areas with incremental weather conditions may need longer.

Depending on the need, some solar lamp post lights will have multiple power settings to provide more light or last longer. Others are designed to adjust the light accordingly to last through the night.

Height & Aesthetics

The height of any solar lamp post must be enough to receive direct sunlight for each solar panel on top. This height can also impact how effective the solar lamp is at providing outdoor lighting. For example, it may not be enough to cover the entire area if it’s too short.

The aesthetics are less important in terms of practicality but should still be considered. Some users may find that they prefer a warm white bulb over an led light.

The glass paneling can also impact the light being emitted and should be considered as well. It’s fairly standard for these lights to emit a warm white light, but there are exceptions.

Installation & Warranty

The average solar lamp post has a fairly standard mounting and installation process. This is often a metal base with screws for either concrete or wooden surfaces.

A few products will feature adaptable stakes that allow the solar lamp post to be installed in the dirt or on the grass. Any Gama Sonic options can have an EZ-Anchor included to make the installation process on the lawn really simple.

A handful of outdoor solar lamps will come with a built-in planter box. This allows the lamp to be placed just about anywhere without mounting it as most would require. This would be more efficient for users who need to move their light around a lot than the EZ-Anchor system. It may also provide better aesthetic appeal as it can be paired with a plant or set of flowers.

The standard warranty for a solar lamp post is one year, but some products can come with longer warranties. Given these are designed to be in various weather conditions providing outdoor lightning night after night, they’ll see a lot of use. Having a long warranty can minimize costs when damages or failures occur in the product.

It’s not common, but some solar lamp posts will sometimes come with additional perks or features. The most common examples include multiple power settings or the EZ-Anchor system. Having the ability to install a second battery for a longer lifespan is a nice perk not seen in many offerings.

Final Thoughts

The best solar lamp post will depend on the intended use and the space it’ll be kept. Some users may need something taller, and others will find a short option does just fine.

A high lumen count is a fairly standard requirement with solar lamp posts, and a long enough duration to go the night is a given. The dusk to dawn features on the solar panels are made standard in these devices for a reason, so anything lacking this isn’t worth the purchase.

The price can also be a major factor in choosing the best product, and the user needs to ensure they are getting the best deal for their dollar. Some options may be a tad more expensive but offer better features that make the additional cost worth it.

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