The best solar pool ionizer can keep a large pool clean with minimal maintenance and less chlorine. These products use a solar panel to harness solar energy to remove algae through ionization. They do not need external solar panels to function. The best one will depend on the pool its servicing and how affordable it is.

Best Solar Pool Ionizers at a Glance

  1. No More Green Technologies Original Solar Pool IonizerBest All-Around
  2. SUNTOUCH TREASURES Solar Pool IonizerSupports Charity
  3. CopperFlo Solar Pool IonizerCleans the Largest Pool
  4. Remington Solar Pool IonizerCleans the Smallest Pool
  5. XtremepowerUS Solar Pool IonizerBest Value

The size of the pool will largely dictate which solar-powered pool ionizer to choose. Admittedly you can use multiple devices, but it’s less hassle to have a single ionizer doing the work.

While a solar pool ionizer requires less maintenance than traditionally cleaning a pool or using chemicals, some work is involved. The device itself often needs brushing, and the copper anode rods must be replaced every few months. The solar panels also need to be kept clean to ensure it’s getting enough solar power.

Then finally, the best solar pool ionizers will come at a reasonable price with a good warranty. The industry-standard warranty is one year, and prices can range from $100 to $200+. It’s a reasonable expense compared to hiring a pool cleaning service, but it is worth considering.

5 Best Solar Pool Ionizer Reviews

1. No More Green Technologies Original Solar Pool Ionizer

No More Green Technologies solar-powered Pool Ionizer

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This solar pool ionizer is arguably the best choice in this review. It can handle decent-sized pools for a reasonable price and comes with the tools needed to maintain it. On top of it all, it has one of the best warranties on the list.


The No More Green Technologies Original solar pool ionizer can clean up to 35,000 gallons. This puts it above most solar pool ionizers like the XtremepowerUS and Remington. Only the CoperFlo can handle more water.

For reference, this solar ionizer would handle a swimming pool size of about 25 feet by 50 feet. It can handle pool water that’s either chlorinated or saltwater like most of the other solar ionizers on the list.

This solar ionizer manufacturer says it reduces the need for Chlorine by 85%. Only the CopperFlo and the XtremepowerUS can match this. Customer reviews have felt this 85% is accurate.


The solar pool ionizer uses a copper rod to clean the water. Just like the other solar pool ionizers on the list, it will last a few months before you need to replace them. This is assuming the user cleans the basket every few weeks. The way the pool is heated may also impact how often it needs to be cleaned.

Like many solar pool ionizers, it comes with a handy cleaning kit. This one features a wire brush and a copper test strip. It’s almost identical to what Remington and CopperFlo use.

One unique feature of this solar ionizer is that it has a Buddy Band. It’s a rubber band that fits around the device and protects it from scratching and dings. While it isn’t anything special, it’s not found with any of the other pool ionizers on the list. This makes this product just a little more durable by comparison.

Price & Warranty

This solar pool ionizer comes at a reasonable price. It’s almost the same price as the SUNTOUCH TREASURES and is much cheaper than the CopperFlo. As a result, it sits right in the middle of the other products in terms of pricing.

This solar pool ionizer has a lifetime warranty. This is far better than the one-year standard warranty and is only matched by the CopperFlo. This alone makes it a better pick than the similar SUNTOUCH TREASURES.


  • The 85% reduction in chlorine use is high. Only the CopperFlo can reasonably compare.
  • Being able to clean 35,000 gallons of water ensures it can handle just about any average pool.
  • Comes with a protective Buddy Band not found in other solar pool ionizers.
  • It has a lifetime warranty. The only other product with this is the CopperFlo.


  • It cannot clean as much as the CopperFlo making it a bad choice for a larger swimming pool.
  • It is not suited for a small pool that would benefit more from the Remington.

2. SUNTOUCH TREASURES Solar Pool Ionizer


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The SUNTOUCH TREASURES solar swimming pool ionizer is a solid choice. It has many of the same features while being ever so slightly cheaper and supporting a charity. With a lesser warranty, it’s not worth it, but if the buyer needs an alternative, this is it.


The SUNTOUCH TREASURES solar ionizer can handle 35,000 gallons of pool water. This is identical to the No More Green Technologies and is greater than the XtremepowerUS. As a result, it should be more than sufficient for most swimming pools.

The copper ions can handle just about any pool water. This includes above-ground and in-ground pools, chlorinated, and saltwater pools.

The manufacturer claims it has a chlorine reduction of 80%. This is less than the No More Green Technologies and puts it on par with the Remington. Customers that have reviewed the product feel this is accurate, with some wishing it was more.


The copper anode rode appears to last about 10 months. Customers have stated that if it’s kept clean, then this is fairly accurate. Opinions vary, but the standard cleaning every few weeks, like most solar pool ionizers, seems sufficient. This may mean the anode rods last longer than other solar pool ionizers, but it’s inconclusive.

The device comes with its own cleaning kit. The kit appears to be identical to the one offered by No More Green Technologies. It consists of a wire brush and a copper tester. The main difference is that it does not have the Buddy Band.

The manufacturer recommends you clean the device and basket at least twice a month with the brush. This is more convenient than the XtremepowerUS, which advises twice a week.

Price & Warranty

This solar pool ionizer is a few cents cheaper than the No More Green Technologies. This puts it right in the middle of the list in terms of pricing. Unfortunately, the lesser chlorine reduction makes these savings a bit moot.

The warranty is another downside. This ionizer only features a one-year warranty which hardly compares with a lifetime warranty.

One unique aspect of this solar-powered ionizer is that it collaborates with a charity. Every purchase will see a dollar donated to Ocean CleanUp. According to the organization’s website, they help clean the oceans and invent new technologies for this purpose.


  • Copper anodes last 10 months, possibly the longest of any on the list.
  • Supports the Ocean CleanUp charity with each purchase.


  • The one-year warranty doesn’t compare with the lifetime warranty of the CopperFlo.
  • The 80% chlorine is the lowest on the list alongside the Remington and XtremepowerUS.

3. CopperFlo Solar Pool Ionizer

CopperFlo Solar Pool Ionizer

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The CopperFlo Solar Pool Ionizer is the best choice on the list for large swimming pools. It is the most expensive, but the price is fair, and it comes with a great warranty. It may be overkill for most users, but it is easily the best solar pool ionizer when needed.


The CopperFlo solar pool ionizer can clean 45,000 gallons of water. This is more than the SUNTOUCH TREASURES. For context, this could handle an in-ground pool that measures 30 feet by 50 feet. If the user has a large pool, this solar swimming pool ionizer is the best pick.

Like the SUNTOUCH TREASURES, this can clean just about any pool water. In-ground and above-ground pools, and even chlorinated and saltwater are all doable.

The manufacturer of the CopperFlo claims it has a chlorine reduction of 85%. Some customers feel this is a bit high but isn’t too far off. This makes it in line with the No More Green Technologies in terms of effectiveness.


The CopperFlo comes with an ionizer cleaner kit. This kit is standard with a wire brush and copper test. Customers recommend it’s cleaned every few weeks like the SUNTOUCH TREASURES.

It does not have the Buddy Band found on the No More Green Technologies. This means it isn’t quite as durable by comparison.

It would help replace the copper rods every few months, consistent with most in this review. Keeping the device clean can help the rods last longer.

Price & Warranty

The CopperFlo is the most expensive solar-powered pool ionizer on the list. Admittedly this is reasonable given it’s meant for larger pools, but for something smaller, it’s definitely better to choose something else.

The CopperFlo offers a lifetime warranty. This is much better than the SUNTOUCH TREASURES, Remington, and the XtremepowerUS. Given the price, the lifetime warranty is a very nice touch.


  • Can handle the largest pools at 45,000.
  • Has an 85% chlorine reduction.
  • Comes with a lifetime warranty.


  • It is the most expensive device on the list, a hundred dollars more than the SUNTOUCH TREASURES.
  • It is meant for larger pools that aren’t as common is overkill for most pool owners, which can lead to staining.

4. Remington Solar Pool IonizerRemington Solar Pool Ionizer

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The Remington Solar Pool Ionizer can be a viable product for those with a smaller swimming pool. It costs less than most and comes with a no-risk trial period. It isn’t anything fancy, but it can do the job under the right circumstances.


Remington can clean up to 22,000 gallons of pool water. This is the lowest on the list as the next one up is the XtremepowerUS at 32,000 gallons. This would be a pool roughly 20 feet by 45 feet which is small compared to others.

Admittedly, this is good if the pool size is small, but 22,000 gallons is less than the average. Most pool owners will probably want the No More Green Technologies.

This solar pool ionizer can handle just about most ground pools. This includes both chlorinated and saltwater which matches any other device on the list.

The manufacturer claims that the solar pool ionizer reduces chlorine usage by 80%. This is low and matches the SUNTOUCH TREASURES and the XtremepowerUS. By comparison, this is less than the 85% reduction on the No More Green Technologies solar ionizer.


You’ll need to replace the copper rods on the Remington solar pool ionizer every few months. This is fairly consistent with other solar pool ionizers.

It’s recommended to clean the device once every two weeks. This is almost identical to the SUNTOUCH TREASURES and makes it less of a hassle than the XtremepowerUS.

Users should clean the device with the wire brush that’s included. Like other solar-powered ionizers reviewed, it also comes with a copper test. There is no Buddy Band like the one found with No More Green Technologies.

Price & Warranty

The Remington solar pool ionizer isn’t the cheapest on the list. That would be the XtremepowerUS. The price seems fair considering it’s half the cost of the CopperFlo, which can handle twice the water.

The Remington solar ionizer comes with an industry-standard one-year warranty, just like the SUNTOUCH TREASURES. This is much lower than the warranties offered by No More Green Technologies or CopperFlo.

The Remington solar pool ionizer is unique in that it offers a 30-day no-risk trial. If users are dissatisfied with the product, they can return it no questions asked for a full refund. No other solar-powered ionizer on the list features this.


  • Perfect for smaller pools.
  • It is one of the cheapest on the list. Only the XtremepowerUS pool ionizer is less.
  • It comes with a 30-day no-risk trial that no other solar ionizer offers.


  • It is built for smaller than average pools.
  • The 80% chlorine reduction is less than what the CopperFlo can do.
  • Only one-year warranty.

5. XtremepowerUS Solar Pool IonizerXtremepowerUS Solar Pool Ionizer

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The XtremepowerUS solar ionizer is probably the worst choice of those reviewed. It is the cheapest, but this is perhaps the only main benefit going for it. There are several reasons you should choose one of the others instead of this product.


The XtremepowerUS solar ionizer can clean up to 32,000 gallons of water. This is 3,000 gallons less than the No Green Technologies or SUNTOUCH TREASURES. Admittedly this is still within the average range for pool sizes, but it may struggle with 25 feet by 50 feet pools.

Like the other solar pool ionizers, it can handle most ground pools. From saltwater to chlorinated water, the XtremepowerUS will do just fine.

The manufacturer claims that copper and silver ions can reduce 90% of chlorine use. Most customers reviewing the product say 80% is more accurate. This would put it in line with SUNTOUCH TREASURES and the Remington in terms of effectiveness.


Users should replace the copper anodes included with the XtremepowerUS pool ionizer every few months. This is in line with most of the solar pool ionizers on the list.

It recommends cleaning the device and basket once or twice a week. This makes it more tedious than the SUNTOUCH TREASURES, which only need cleanings twice a month. Admittedly some customers have stated their solar pool ionizers work just fine on fewer cleanings.

A standard cleaning kit of a wire brush and the copper test comes with the device. One unique downside with the XtremepowerUS is the user’s manual. According to customers, it’s poorly translated and hard to read at times in English.

Price & Warranty

The XtremepowerUS pool ionizer comes at an affordable price and is the cheapest solar pool ionizer on the list. It’s eight dollars less than the Remington while offering more cleaning ability. For those with smaller than average pools, the $30 savings compared to the SUNTOUCH TREASURES may be worth it.

Where the XtremepowerUS pool ionizer really falters is in the warranty. They offer a 90-day warranty for repairs and replacements. This is less than the one-year standard warranty offered by SUNTOUCH TREASURES or the Remington. Not to mention it’s far below the lifetime warranty offered by the No Green Technologies or the CopperFlo.

It’s also worth noting that a few customer reviews mentioned having a hard time claiming the warranty.


  • The cheapest ionizer on the list, the next one up is the Remington which is capable of less.
  • It can handle 32,000 gallons which is average for most pools. This is better than the Remington.


  • The 80% chlorine reduction is low compared to the No Green Technologies or CopperFlo.
  • At 32,000 gallons, it may struggle with some of the larger ends of average-sized swimming pools.
  • It only has a 90-day warranty.
  • The manual is badly translated and can be tough to read.

Best Solar Pool Ionizer Buyer’s Guide

Effectiveness of Solar Pool Ionizer

The solar pool ionizer does no good if it can’t keep the pool clean. Users must buy a product that’s capable of handling the size of the swimming pool. The average pool holds between 30,000 to 40,000 gallons of water, and most solar pool ionizers service this range.

The main perk of ionizers is minimizing the number of pool chemicals used to clean the pool. Typically the chlorine reduction will be between 80% to 85%. The closer the pool size is to the ionizer’s capabilities, the better this reduction will be.

Most ionizers are also built to handle an above-ground, in-ground, chlorinated, and saltwater pool. It’s also important to make sure the ionizer will not negatively impact other aspects of the pool. This could include solar pool heaters.


It’s important to maintain the device to ensure it works properly. Cleaning the solar panels, and basket and replacing anode rods is standard maintenance. A Buddy Band or something similar can prevent the device from being damaged. Solar pool covers can also provide some protection when the pool isn’t in use.

Most solar pool ionizers come with cleaning kits. This is often a simple wire brush and a copper test, easy to upgrade or replace.

Price & Warranty

When deciding upon the right solar pool ionizer, the price and warranty are important. Most will run between $100 to $200 in price, depending on how many gallons they can clean. This may seem expensive, but it’s nothing compared to other expenses like the cost of keeping them heated.

These devices will need a good warranty given the extended use they see. Even when protected by a blue or clear solar pool cover, they’re running as long they’re in the water. Most warranties cover for a year but getting a longer one is highly recommended.

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