Wouldn’t it be nice to enjoy some fresh air in your car in those times where the engine is turned off? With the best solar-powered car fans, this issue is a thing of the past. Circulate the air in the environment so that you don’t have to suffer from breathing the same stuff while sitting idle.

Got a lingering smell that you need to be removed? With a car fan, that smell will be gone in no time. On top of a car fan’s direct effects, you don’t have to worry about any carbon footprint – you can replenish the batteries by placing them directly in the sun.

Our Favorite Solar Powered Car Fans Reviewed

1. TonquuBest Overall

One of the best features of the Tunquu solar car fan is the clean environment it provides users. The three powerful fans operate at 3,500 rotations every minute to help circulate air into the car and reduce the hot air temperature that’s already present. With this fan, your car will be fresh, and any stale environment will be gone.

Solar panels eliminate the need for an external source of power. The polycrystalline solar panels do a good job of charging the internal batteries for later use, even when the sun is obstructed. However, we would have liked to have seen monocrystalline panels instead, as they have higher efficiencies when obtaining power from the sun. When testing this solar-powered fan’s power supply capabilities, we were shocked to see how easy it is to charge.

Our Verdict

Although it is not an AC replacement as it doesn’t supply cool air. It helps circulate the cool air in the car and provides fresh and clean air for the car’s occupants.


  • High airflow
  • Can run on battery or solar


  • Short battery life
  • It doesn’t fit well on some car windows

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2. MasoBest Weather Resistance

For the most part, the Maso solar-powered fan seems like your average product. It hosts all of the features of the Tonquu and can move around when needed. However, what makes this solar-powered car fan really stand out is its durability when it comes to weather. Many similar solar fans require direct sunlight and a nice cloudless day to operate. With this solar-powered car fan, not only does it work on a cloudy day, but the rain does not affect it.

Weather resistance is the key feature of this fantastic solar-powered fan and will keep the device running for years on end. While it’s not as big as the Tonquu or quite as versatile as the iPStyle, this device can still hold its own and provides a durable experience. By collecting solar power through silicon solar panels, this solar-powered fan can reach up to 3,500 rotations a minute for plenty of circulation and air cooling.

Our Verdict

Charge your battery in the sunlight with this incredible solar-powered fan. Few cans can harness the sun’s energy as well as this one – it’s not as big as similar products, but it offers the same output with a smaller input. We loved the weather resistance and this fan’s ability to charge its battery, even on a rainy day. It’s easy to install, comes with a satisfaction guarantee, and will offer you years of use before you need a new one.


  • Powerful 3,500 rotations per minute
  • Polycrystalline solar panels
  • 1-year limited warranty


  • Not as versatile as the iPStyle

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3. DealPeak – Best Value

When we first received DealPeak solar-powered window fan, we were worried about the quality of it. It looks like your average solar-powered fan base model that doesn’t offer too many extra features and dies on you quickly. However, after testing it, we were certainly proven quite wrong. Firstly, it’s important to think of this solar car fan as more of a vent than a temperature reducer. It takes the hot, stale air present in your car and spits it out the window.

Though it only has one fan built-in, it can actively and effectively remove toxins or smells lingering in the air. One of this fan’s best features is that it doesn’t need to be placed in direct sunlight to work. In fact, our tests showed it charging even on a rainy day. Charge your battery fast and reduce your car’s temperature without circulating the same old air with a typical car fan.

Our Verdict

It might not look like much, but that’s part of the reason why we loved this solar fan. It’s one of the best car fans for venting out toxins and hot air, all while circulating high-quality, clean air. The powerful polar panel utilizes the sun’s energy to power the fan and keep your car cool as soon as you enter it. The one drawback we noticed from this solar-powered fan was that it doesn’t work on all windows. Some tempered glass might not suit the fan well, so it’s important to check the dimensions before purchasing.


  • Easy to install
  • Affordable
  • Suitable for use in sun and rain


  • It doesn’t work on every window

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4. LivotyLeast View Obstruction

You’re getting quite the bang for your buck with the Livoty solar-powered car fan. You’re paying for a two-motor fan, but you’re getting the quality and the power of a three-motor device. Small but mighty is what we called this fan when testing it. It can harness the sun like no other fan and quickly cool your environment by eliminating any hot, old air from the cabin. Much like other devices on our list, this fan includes an internal battery that can store charges collected by the sun so that you can effectively cool, no matter what the weather.

From the start, our favorite feature of this fan was how simple it was to attach to a window and how little space it takes up. You can easily connect it to your window so that it collects charge from the sun without having to obstruct your view. Many other, larger devices tend to block windows and become a distraction for drivers, but this fan ensures you won’t have this issue with its 6-inches window space.

Our Verdict

We love this fan and if you’re looking for a powerful device that comes in a small package and doesn’t obstruct any view out of a window, this is the perfect solar car fan for you. Harness the sun and quickly cool your car off with this amazing solar device. We love these fans and are sure that you will as well. You can even save the battery charge with the fan switches, enabling you to turn one or more fans off.


  • It doesn’t take too much window space.
  • Easy to install
  • Utilizes the sun for a quick and long-lasting charge
  • Digital temperature gauge


  • Dated aesthetic design

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Benefits of a Solar-Powered Car Fan

Clean Air

Cars can get quite stuffy after hours of the same air circulating over and over. Sure, an AC unit might keep you cool and alleviate the stifling heat, but without solar fans attached to your window, you’re left breathing the same stale air you’ve been breathing for the entire trip.

In most cases, that might not be an issue. If you’re hopping over to the grocery store, maybe attaching a fan to your window won’t necessarily have a major impact. However, fans will be a fantastic addition to your window for long car rides and cross-country treks.

Car Cools Down Quicker

Have you ever been in the car, the AC blasting, and yet the car is still scorching? AC can take a while to kick in, especially if you’re simply circulating the same hot, stale air. With solar car fans, stale air is quickly evicted and replaced with fresh air that is easier to cool.

Once you hop into your car, simply turn on the car fans and start blasting the AC. You’ll notice a significant drop in the total time it takes to cool down your car effectively. No longer will you need to crack a window, even with the AC on full blast.

Eco-Friendly Alternative

One of the most important reasons to consider solar car fans is their lack of a footprint. They utilize the sun to charge themselves and therefore have no negative impact on the environment when in use. Even the AC uses the car charge to operate, and so you’re left having to run the car every time you try to cool it off.

These fans are a fantastic, eco-friendly alternative to your typical source of air throughout a car. Refresh the car and utilize these fans as a safe, eco-friendly alternative.

Buyer’s Guide

Fan Size

This preference comes down to you and your needs. If you’re looking for a powerful device that can quickly clear up any stale space throughout your car, then perhaps you’ll want bigger, more powerful fans. However, if you’re running tight on space, it might be better to search for a fan that fits your windows. Some smaller devices work just as hard as their larger counterparts.

Noise Reduction

While it’s nice to breathe easily while driving, there are plenty of devices available that don’t require you to choose between a stale environment and a loud fan. There are tons of devices available with ample noise reduction so that you can enjoy the ride while breathing easily.

Power Source

Some devices are solely solar, whereas others utilize the cigarette charger and can take AC/DC. Internal batteries are another fantastic addition to many of these devices that enable you to use them even after a day of not having direct sun.


You don’t want to find yourself buying a new device every year simply because they’re cheaper. It’s much more cost-efficient to purchase a fan that will last you for many years to come with a higher price tag than to purchase a new fan every year. Look for fans that are proven to be durable can withstand a few bumps and bruises.

How to Use a Solar Fan

Attach the device to your window and let the sun do the work. It’s really as simple as that. Once it starts collecting sun rays, the device will either begin working immediately or start to charge its internal batteries. You can select the settings you want your fan to operate on, turn it on and off when necessary, and position it so that it’s better in the sun.

Other than that, all of the work is placed on the fan itself. These are truly hands-off devices that don’t require much from you. You can reap all of the benefits of these devices without having to put in much, if any, work for yourself.

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