11 Best Solar-Powered Heat Lamps in 2023


Best solar-powered heat lamps prioritize solar panel efficiency, rapid charging time, and long-running time (high battery capacity) in their product.

While those features are desirable, the best solar-powered heat lamps above the rest are their luminous flux/output power.

Best Solar Heat Lamps at a Glance

  1. AGPTEK Solar Pendant LightOverall Best
  2. KK.BOL Portable Solar Led LightHighest Output Wattage and Fastest Charging Time
  3. Bemexred Solar LightsLong Running Time
  4. JACKYLED Double Head Solar Pendant LightWith Motion Sensor
  5. Solar Powered LEDs Ceiling LightFor Indoors and Outdoors
  6. 180LEDs Garage Light Solar Powered Pendants LampMultiple Lighting Modes
  7. UPONUN Solar Pendant LightMultiple Lighting Colors
  8. Yomisga Solar Pendant LightsLongest Control Range
  9. HULPPRE Solar Shed LightBright Solar Heat Lamp
  10. YINGHAO Solar LightsLargest Solar Panel Output
  11. FabStyl Solar Shed LightBrightest

The Top 11 Solar Heat Lamps Reviewed

1. AGPTEK Solar Pendant Light

AGPTEK Solar Pendant Light
Credit: amazon.com

The AGPTEK Solar Pendant Light is the best product on our list because it balances all the top features needed in solar-powered heat lamps. It has a long-running time, rapid charging time, high power output, high luminous flux, and remarkable durability.

The shed light comes with 60 LEDs, which offer a luminous flux of around 800 lumens, which equals a power output of around 10 watts. The KK is the only product with a higher luminous flux/power output on the list.BOL. In other words, only the KK.BOL will produce more heat than AGPTEK at full power.

It uses a lithium polymer battery with a capacity of 4400 mAh. On a sunny day, the battery charges fully within 6-8 hours, and when fully charged, it can power the heat lamp for up to 30 hours. At the same time, the charging time of this product is decent, the KK.BOL charges in a shorter time.

With a run time of 30 hours, no other product in this review stays on for as long as this solar-powered shed light.

The IP65 rating means it offers significant resistance to water. Therefore, you can use it indoors, and you can use it outdoors in the rain, snow, or sleet. A mark of top durability. The only other products with the same level of durability are the JACKYLED, the Lozayi, and the Bemexred.

Besides its top features, it offers flexibility with many other features.

For one, it comes with a remote for easy operation. But besides the remote, it also features a light sensor. The light sensor automatically turns the lights on when it’s dark.

With the remote control, you can vary the brightness through four levels: 25%, 50%, 75%, and 100%.

Besides brightness control, this product also features a timer. The timer allows you to set how long you want the light to stay on. You can set the timer for 2 hours, 4 hours, or 6 hours. However, you are stuck with only these three choices.

The solar shed light has a 3-leaf design, giving it 80% more coverage. Besides, you can rotate each pendant through a 120-degree for broader lighting.

The solar panel uses monocrystalline silicon cells. So, you can expect high efficiency even when all you get is diffuse sunlight. The package comes with a 16-foot cord, giving you flexibility in routing the solar bulb to the PV panel.

It can be used as a heat lamp in a chicken coop. But beyond that, it may also be used in gazebos, tents, front doors, balconies, gardens, garages, and many other spots.


  • It has the highest running time of any of the solar-powered heat lamps in the review.
  • It charges fast – about the same charging time as every other product except the KK.BOL.
  • It’s waterproof, with an ingress rating of IP65.
  • It uses a monocrystalline solar panel, which is highly efficient.
  • It offers flexibility in its operation.


  • The timer function is a bit limited.

2. KK.BOL Portable Solar LED Light

KK.BOL Portable Solar Led Light
Credit: amazon.com

The KK.BOL Portable Solar Led Light comes in second on our list, offering the highest power output and fastest charging time of any product. But beyond those features, it also offers a decent service life, fair durability, and some degree of flexibility.

The light has a power output rating of 15 watts – none of the other solar heat lamps match this output. Therefore, you can expect more heat than any other lamps in this review.

It has a 3.7v/800 mAh (2.96 Wh) lithium battery. This battery can be fully charged in 7 hours with enough sunlight – faster than any other product. However, its running time is not very impressive.

The heat lamp can only stay on for 5 to 6 hours after a full charge. This running time is the lowest of all the solar-powered heat lamps in our review—nonetheless, this solar light offers a decent service time. It has an estimated service life of 50,000 hours – pretty impressive.

The lamp is made from ABS plastic. So, you can expect remarkable heat resistance, abrasion resistance, and impact resistance from the light bulb. However, it is not waterproof, so that it might be unsafe for outdoor use.

You also get some flexibility when it comes to charging options. Besides charging the battery with solar panels, you can also charge it with a 5- to 8-volt DC power source.

To do this, connect the USB cable with the pack to the micro USB port at the bottom of the bulb. Then, connect the other end of the USB cable to the power source.

You can use this solar light in a chicken coop, balcony, or patio, and you can even use it as an outdoor camping light. But one downside to its operation is the absence of a remote.


  • The power output is higher than any other solar lights on the list.
  • The charging time is faster than any of the other products in this review.
  • It is impact-resistant, heat-resistant, and abrasion-resistant.
  • You can charge it with solar panels or with a DC power source.
  • The service life is pretty impressive.


  • It is not waterproof.
  • The running time is the lowest of any other solar light.

3. Bemexred Solar Lights

Bemexred Solar Lights
Credit: amazon.com

The Bemexred Solar Lights feature our review because of its impressive running time. But apart from their running time, these solar lamps offer considerable durability, flexibility, and wide applicability.

Powered by a 3.7v/440mAh lithium battery, it is estimated to stay for 18 hours. Only the AGPTEK Light stays on longer than this product.

You must expose it to direct sunlight for around 8 hours to get a full charge. This charging time is about the same as what AGPTEK offers.

The heat lamp is IP65 waterproof. This means it is highly waterproof, and you can use it indoors and outdoors.

It offers a power output of around 2.5 watts – the lowest on the list. In contrast, this falls below the AGPTEK Light and the KK.BOL offer, this one still goes a long way. Going by this wattage, the luminous flux should be around 200 lumens. This is still bright, considering the size of the light bulb.

Another benefit is the flexibility of its operations. This solar lamp has a remote with which you can control brightness, switch on or off the lights, and activate the timer.

You can toggle through three brightness levels with the remote: 50%, 75%, and 100%. The brightness levels are not as high as the AGPTEK Solar Heat Lights offer. Nonetheless, it comes in handy.

The timer function comes with two preset times: 2 and 6 hours. Then it has an extra button, which can increase preset times by 1 hour. This makes the timing even more flexible for you.

The downside here is that you cannot go lower than 2 hours. But if you consider that you cannot increase the preset times of the other products, this feature is pretty amazing.

The lamp comes with a light sensor, which automatically turns the lights on when it goes. This feature offers an extra dimension to operating the lamp and helps conserve power. But it has a downside; the lights will not come on if the solar panel is not dark.

You can use the heat lamp in various spaces, including chicken coops, gardens, patios, balconies, and anywhere indoors. Thankfully, this solar heat lamp comes with a 16-foot cable. So, you get some flexibility when choosing where to install it.


  • It has a long-running time – only the AGPTEK Light stays on longer than this product.
  • The charging time is excellent.
  • It is IP65 waterproof.
  • Its operation is flexible.
  • The timer function is more flexible than the timers of the other products.


  • Because of the light sensor, the lights will not come on until the solar panel is in the dark.
  • The power output could be higher.

4. JACKYLED Double Head Solar Pendant Light

JACKYLED Double Head Solar Pendant Light
Credit: amazon.com

Next on our list is the JACKYLED Double Head Solar Pendant Light. This product offers high luminous flux, considerable durability, and rapid charging time.

Each lamp has a luminous flux of up to 600 lumens at full brightness. So, in total, you get a luminous flux of up to 1200 lumens – the highest on the list. This flux equals a 12-14 watts power output, only the KK.BOL offers higher power output.

While the luminous flux is impressive, its running time is okay.

This solar light uses a 3.7v/4400mAh battery. It takes about 8 hours to get a full charge in direct sunlight. This battery can power the lights for at least 10 hours at full charge, but it does not stay on as long as the AGPTEK Light.

It has an ingress rating of IP65. An IP65 rating means it is highly waterproof, and since it can resist water, you can use it outdoors. Besides, it is made with ABS plastic, a material that offers heat, impact, and abrasion resistance. So, the overall durability is remarkable.

This solar lamp comes with a remote. So, there is some flexibility in operating it. With the remote, you can toggle through the lighting modes, switch the lights on/off, and control the light bulb’s brightness.

It offers four lighting modes. The motion sensor controls the first two modes, while the light sensor controls the last two.

In mode 1, it starts from weak dim lights to bright when it senses movement. In the second mode, the light comes on when it senses movement; in the third mode, it comes on when it’s dark and goes off at dawn. Then, in mode 4, the light stays on all day.

The brightness can be varied across six levels – more than the AGPTEK Lamp.

The solar-powered heat lamp can be used in various indoor and outdoor spaces. You can install it in a barn, a chicken coop, a patio, a garden, a hallway, a room, and many other places. And since it comes with a 16-feet cable, routing it is not so complicated.


  • It has a rapid charging time.
  • It offers the highest luminous flux of any product in this review.
  • It’s IP65 waterproof like the AGPTEK Lamp, the Lozayi Lamp, and the Bemexred Lamp.
  • It offers four lighting modes, which make operations flexible.
  • Comes with a remote control.


  • The running time could be higher.

5. Solar Powered LEDs Ceiling Light

Solar Powered LEDs Ceiling Light
Credit: tomtop.com

The durability of the Solar Powered LEDs Ceiling Light makes it ideal for use indoors and outdoors. Not only that, but its long lighting time and fairly rapid charging leave users confident of its usage.

With this solar-powered heat lamp, you can expect up to 10 hours of fully charged lighting. With the lights staying on so long, you get longer heating hours.

The charging time makes everything even better. While it could take 8 hours in moderate to intense sunlight to get a full charge, there’s a fair chance of you getting a full charge within one day.

The Solar Powered LEDs Ceiling Light is highly weatherproof. It will resist water ingress into its delicate parts, except if you immerse it in water for extended periods. We didn’t hesitate to try it outdoors because its water resistance is so high.

The manufacturer estimated a lifespan of 100,000 hours for this lamp. That estimate equals more than 11 years, which is impressive if true. Because the lamp will not always be on, you’ll probably have it around for longer than 11 years if the manufacturer’s estimates are correct.

This solar heat lamp has a remote control, allowing you to operate it from within a 9 to 16 feet range.

The lamp has a luminous flux of up to 500 lumens – one of the brightest. You can toggle the brightness from 25% to 50% to 100%. The light also has a timer function, which allows you to vary the working hours between 3, 5, and 8 hours.

Installing the lamp is straightforward, and the included screws improve everything. But then, the cable connecting the lamp to the solar panel is only 9 feet long. This made it harder to install the lamp in our desired position while mounting the solar panel in a spot where it could get optimal amounts of sunlight.


  • The running time is pretty high.
  • It is weatherproof. Hence, the suitability for indoor and outdoor areas.
  • The charging time is decent.
  • Features a timer
  • It includes a remote control that can work within a range of up to 16 ft.


  • The cable is a bit short.

6. 180LEDs Garage Light Solar Powered Pendants Lamp

180LEDs Garage Light Solar Powered Pendants Lamp
Credit: tomtop.com

The number of lighting modes the 180LEDs Garage Light Solar Powered Pendants Lamp makes for flexible operation. But away from that, the brightness and ease of installation are remarkable too.

This solar heat lamp stayed on for over 7 hours when fully charged. While this falls short of some lighting times we experienced in the other products, it should be good enough if your region gets longer days.

The average charging time of the 180LEDs Garage Light Solar Powered Pendants Lamp is around 8 hours.

Like the previous product, this solar lamp is weatherproof. Then since its body is made from ABS, it should operate within a wide temperature range.

Since this pendant lamp comes with a remote control, there’s some ease in operating it. We didn’t have to reach for the lamp to alter its brightness or switch it ON or OFF. The remote control’s range is also pretty good – around 9 to 16 feet.

As with the previous lamp, this also comes with a timer. But this lamp’s available timing periods are shorter than the previous one. This may be connected to the previous lamp staying on longer than this. Nonetheless, with this lamp, you get 2, 4, and 6 hours on the timer.

Thankfully, this comes with a 16 feet cable. So, we did not have the same restriction we had when installing the previous product.

The 180LEDs Garage Light Solar Powered Pendants Lamp is one of the brightest lamps in the review. Even though 1000 lumens isn’t the brightest of all the reviewed products, our experience shows it was impressive.


  • The lamp is very bright.
  • It is durable.
  • Installation is flexible.
  • Comes with a remote control
  • The control range is okay.


  • The lighting time could be longer.

7. UPONUN Solar Pendant Light

UPONUN Solar Pendant Light
Credit: amazon.com

The UPONUN Solar Pendant Light is a 2-pack solar lamp. Each lamp offers a fair amount of brightness and heat at a decent price. So, you’re getting value for your money.

While the lamp typically stays up to 9 hours when fully charged, we expect it to stay on for shorter periods during winter. Of course, our expectation stems from the shorter sunlight periods when it gets colder.

Most days during the warmer months, we got a full charge within 8 hours of moderate to intense sunlight. As you may already know, this may vary across regions.

Seeing all the materials used in constructing this solar pendant light, we were pretty confident about its durability. For one, the chances of corrosion are very low with aluminum and stainless steel in there.

Then since the panel is covered with tempered glass, it is unlikely to be affected by wide changes in temperature. Then, the manufacturer estimates its life to be around 50,000 hours, almost 6 years. If their estimate is accurate, the lamp should have been in good condition for over 6 years.

The UPONUN Solar Pendant Light has a remote control that works up to a 16 feet range.

With the remote, you can switch between the three lighting colors – warm white, neutral white, and cool white. So, it’s almost like you have 6 different solar heat lamps.

This solar lamp has an auto mode and 4 other modes. All 4 modes are dependent on the motion sensor. But if you’re using this as a solar-powered heat lamp, you’ll probably prefer the auto mode, independent of the motion sensor.

The UPONUN Solar Pendant Light is even brighter than all the previous products we’ve discussed. The 2000 lumens is impressive, considering that the highest brightness we’ve reviewed on this list is 1000 lumens.

You get to toggle the brightness across 3 levels: 30%, 80%, and 100%. So you are not stuck with the brightest option all through.

Installation is flexible thanks to the long cables and the durable build. But we think including a timer would have made this product even better.


  • It is super bright.
  • You get the option of 3 lighting colors.
  • Easy to install
  • Adjustable brightness
  • Multiple modes


  • It doesn’t have a timer.

8. HULPPRE Solar Shed Light

HULPPRE Solar Shed Light
Credit: amazon.com

It might not be the brightest option, but the HULPPRE Solar Shed Light is pretty vivid when on. It also impresses on all fronts, so no surprise it’s on this review.

Following a full charge – around 6 hours under intense sunlight – this solar shed light stays on throughout the night. So, we estimate its lighting time to be around 10 hours.

Most of the light is made of plastic. Then, the solar panel comes in an aluminum encasing. So, overall, the chances of corrosion are very low. Then there’s significant resistance to elemental ingress – more points for durability.

Like the rest, this comes with a remote control, which has a decent range. The remote comes with an AUTO button, which toggles the light between day & night and night only mode. Switch to night-only mode if you want the lights to come on only at night. But if you want it to work anytime, use the day & night mode.

You get to switch through 4 brightness levels. When you switch the lights on, it comes on at 50%. But you can take it down to 25% or raise it up to 75% or 100%.

The maximum brightness of the light is 1000 lumens, which is joint second-highest in the review. So, when you set the brightness at 100%, you get 1000 lumens. We also tested the timer function and had three options: 2 hours, 4 hours, and 6 hours.

We loved the design of the lights as they are arranged to give off light and heat on all sides. They will come in handy in spaces with a somewhat circular layout.

You get a 16 ft. cord with the HULPPRE Solar Shed Light, which makes the installation as easy as the others with the same cord length.

Compared to all the other 1000-lumen solar-powered heat lamps, this one comes with a 5W solar panel. But besides that demerit, it is on par with the others.


  • The lights are bright.
  • Installation is easy.
  • Lighting time and charging time are okay.
  • Offers up to 4 brightness levels


  • It doesn’t have motion sensors.

9. Yomisga Solar Pendant Lights

Yomisga Solar Pendant Lights
Credit: amazon.com

The Yomisga Solar Pendant Lights is another 1000-lumen solar lamp on the list. Its structure is shaped like a clover leaf, making it adjustable for lighting and heating on all sides. But what makes this stand out is its impressive remote control range.

A full charge takes around 8 hours on a regular day. Once fully charged, the lights should stay on for around 8 to 9 hours.

The Yomisga Solar Pendant Lights is rated IP65 – meaning it should be very waterproof. We assessed the accuracy of this rating, and it seems pretty close to the truth.

The ABS build makes an even better case for the durability of this solar pendant light, as it can withstand a broad range of temperatures without cracking or melting.

Of course, the lights are remote-controlled. But with a remote control distance of slightly over 32 feet, this device has the highest control range of all the solar heat lamps in this review.

The Yomisga can operate during the day and at night. It operates in 4 modes, all motion-sensor-dependent. The first mode sees the light go from dim to bright when there’s motion. The second goes from off to bright when there’s motion. The light stays on or bright for around 15 seconds in both instances.

In the third mode, the light stays on constantly at night. Then, the fourth mode is like the second mode, but it happens during the day.

While its 1000 lumens of brightness is not special to this review, it is still a mark of the quality you can get from this solar heat lamp. You get to switch between 5 brightness levels, so if 1000 lumens seems too much, you can bring it down 4 notches – 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20%. You, however, do not get a timer.

As with the others with 16-feet cords, we had a fair amount of ease installing this solar light. We weren’t too restricted in placing the solar panel relative to the light.


  • The remote control range is the highest we came across.
  • The lights are bright.
  • Offers 5 brightness levels
  • Has 4 lighting modes


  • It has no timer function.

10. YINGHAO Solar Lights

YINGHAO Solar Lights
Credit: shopabunda.com

Regarding solar panel output, the YINGHAO Solar Lights is king – the others don’t come close. The 12W solar panel can discharge is the highest in the review, around 2 times the output of most others.

Of course, with such a large solar panel, it is no surprise that this device has one of the fastest charging times in the review. We got a full charge in 4 hours on one of the hotter days.

The product comes with 4 white bulbs. So, depending on the number of bulbs connected, you can get around 5 to 13 hours of lighting. The lighting time is perhaps the most impressive in the review.

There’s no question about the durability and weather resistance of this product. Both the solar lighting system and the solar panel are solid.

The YINGHAO Solar Lights do not come with a remote control. But then, you may not miss its non-inclusion too much.

This product has a solar lighting and charging system, so it operates slightly differently from the other solar lamps in the review. The lighting system has 4 USB output ports for the 4 LED bulbs. Then it has an extra USB output for charging mobile devices.

You can charge it with a solar panel. But even with no sunlight, you may charge it with AC electricity using the provided adapter. This is a very important feature if you do not get a lot of sunlight in your region. It is also a feature that will come in handy in winter.

Installation is easy as all the bulbs have 16.5 ft. cords. They also come with individual switches, making controlling them without a remote tedious.


  • The solar panel output is outstanding.
  • You have the option of charging it with AC electricity.
  • Rapid charging
  • Long lighting times


  • It doesn’t come with a remote control.

11. FabStyl Solar Shed Light

FabStyl Solar Shed Light
Credit: shopabunda.com

We left the brightest for the last. The FabStyl Solar Shed Light is our reviewed products’ brightest solar-powered heat lamp. Unsurprisingly, it has the joint-highest number of brightness levels.

So, if its 3000 lumens is too much, you can go from 100% brightness to 80%, 60%, 40%, and 20%.

As expected, the lighting time of this product is pretty short when it is at its brightest. But when we set it to 25% brightness, it lasted up to 10 hours. The lighting time is fair for the average charging time of 8 hours, but it could be better.

The solar panel and the light are resistant to all kinds of weather. So, if you are not using this as a solar heat lamp, you may use it as an outdoor solar light.

This device comes with a remote control. The remote control features timers, 4 modes, and an AUTO mode.

The times available on the remote are 25s, 35s, and 45s. This is very small compared to the other times we’ve seen. We’re not sure it could be of much use when it comes to heating.

In AUTO mode, the light stays on every time. However, mode 3 stays on throughout the night.

In mode 1, the light goes from dim to bright when it senses motion at night. In mode 2, the light comes on when it senses motion and then goes off after some seconds. Mode 4 does the same thing as mode 2, except mode 4 is for daytime while mode 2 is for night.

We liked that the FabStyl Solar Shed Light design allowed us to rotate it through 180 degrees. The freedom in rotation made it easy to focus the heat in a certain direction.

Because the cable was long, we didn’t have to fuss around too much when choosing the spots to mount the light and solar panel.


  • It is incredibly bright.
  • The light can be rotated through 180 degrees.
  • It has 5 lighting modes.
  • It has 5 brightness levels.


  • The timer intervals are too short.

Buyer’s Guide

Running Time

The sun will not always be out in the sky to provide power for solar heat lamps. So, to ensure the heat lamps keep working even when there is no sun, they are fitted with batteries.

The power consumption of the bulb of the lamp and the capacity of the installed batteries determine the running time of the heat lamp. And the higher the run time, the longer your lamp can stay on.

If you want the best solar heat lamp, you should look for a product with a running time of at least 10 hours.

Luminous Flux or Power Output

In a way, the power output of a bulb indicates how much heat it gives off. Generally, the higher the power output of a bulb, the more heat it will give off. Of course, if you get a heat lamp, you expect it to generate heat.

You may also consider the luminous flux of the heat lamp to get an idea of the power output. While luminous flux is a measure of brightness, it is somewhat related to the power output. With higher luminous flux, a light bulb will most likely have a high power output.

Charging Time

The duration of sunshine is limited and varies greatly across different regions. Since solar heat lamps run on solar energy from the sun, their power source is limited by time. This is why they come with batteries.

But batteries have to be charged, and since they are charged with solar energy from the sun, their time to charge is limited.

To ensure your battery gets enough charge before the sun goes out, ensure you opt for a product with rapid charging time. It would help if you looked for those charged fully in about 5 to 8 hours or less.


Whether you install your lamp indoors or outdoors, it is prudent to get a durable product. However, getting a waterproof product is compulsory if you install the lamp outdoors.

Outdoors, the lamp will be exposed to weather conditions such as rain, snow, and sleets, posing a water hazard.

You will not have to bother about water hazards if you get a product that offers sufficient water resistance. Typically, such products will have an ingress rating of IP65 or higher.

Can I Run a Heat Lamp off Solar?

Solar can run many things, not only a heat lamp off solar but a lamp post too. Solar heat lamp systems exist, and they contain solar panels, charge controllers, and LED lights. In some cases, they may also come with inverters.

These heat lamps are typically powered by the battery, which the solar panel charges. So, indirectly, they run off solar power.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are getting one for chicken coops, patios, gardens, kitchens, or any other space, you should prioritize the power output of a solar heat lamp.

But apart from that, you should pay attention to running time, charge time, solar panel efficiency, durability, and operational flexibility.

Some products offer some of these features while leaving out the rest. But for the best experience, opt for one that offers a balance of everything.

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