18 Best Solar Shed Lights in 2023


Sheds today get used for so many different things! They are no longer just a storage house for garden tools and lawnmowers. Sheds are now used in so many different and creative ways, such as the famous “she-shed,” personal gyms, man caves, kid playhouses, pool houses, cabins, carpentry areas, and, of course, for storing lawn tools. When putting so much time and energy into whatever you are using the shed for, having the proper solar shed lights could be imperative to whatever you’re doing.

Solar shed lights provide a substantial amount of visible shed light when fully charged and are far less expensive than the cost of having lights wired.

Hiring an electrician, dealing with pesky permits, and the added cost of your electricity bills will be far more costly than using lights powered by direct sunlight.

18 Best Solar Shed Lights Reviews

1. HULPPRE Indoor & Outdoor Solar Shed Lights

You will not go wrong with this amazing three-paneled solar shed light with a remote control. These solar shed lights come with two remote controls that can easily be used up to 16 feet away. You can mount this solar light on the ceiling of your shed for optimum exposure to light. Better yet, you can use this shed light inside and outside your shed.


  • Mountable shed light allows you to have equally distributed like throughout the shed.
  • The remote control allows you to be able to turn the light on and off from almost anywhere in the shed.
  • This light is waterproof and has timer settings on the remote control to ensure optimal useability.
  • Using this light for the shed? You can adjust the brightness of these lights with the remote controls!


  • The cord from the solar panel to the lamp is only 16 feet long, which may require maneuvering to determine where you want your solar panel light to go.
  • While the three solar panels provide a substantial amount of light, it does look something like out of a space movie.
  • There are no backup lithium batteries, so there’s always the potential for the slight to die in the middle of a project.

2. Upgraded Double Head Solar Pendant Lights

This upgraded double-head solar pendant light comes with two different lamps so that you can place them throughout your shed space. These solar shed lights are both aesthetically pleasing and purposeful when it comes to lighting up your shed.

Have two rooms in your shed/pool house, no problem! You can easily put each pendant in a different place with ease and still have only one solar panel installed.


  • These solar pendant lights can last up to 10 hours in full sunlight. This means the lights won’t go out when you’re in the middle of whatever project you’re doing.
  • Everything is waterproof! So don’t worry about installing this outside your shed for outdoor light and facing the elements.
  • It is a super bright light, like a 50W incandescent light bulb.


  • This set only has a ten-foot cord from the light to the solar panels.
  • Like the previously listed solar-powered lights, these are not dimmable and do not have a remote.
  • Don’t expect large solar pendant lights. The pictures can be slightly misleading, but make sure that you read the measurements in the product descriptions.

3. Aootek LED Solar Outdoor Light Sensor

Many consumers truly love these high-quality Aootek LED solar shed lights. Amazon reviewers from over 17,000 verified customers give this item almost 5 stars! The outdoor solar lights are versatile and can be used anywhere outside of the shed. We love the small but mighty solar-powered shed lights to illuminate the outside of your shed, pour house, a man cave (or whatever it is your shed. It is used for!).


  • These solar lights double as security lights as they can be programmed to turn on with a motion sensor.
  • One of the best qualities about these lights is that they are activated by motion they automatically turn off after 15 seconds.
  • Worry about the rain or other elements getting to these lights because these are waterproof.
  • Super easy installation.


  • You cannot use these lights indoors. They simply will not work.
  • The settings to either have this solar-powered light as a security light or simply a solar light on all night would be even better if there was a remote control.
  • Because of its wide detection range to set off the light, there is the potential for pets to get that light going on and off all night.

4. Dual Head Solar Security Shed Lights

This set of solar flood shed lights is versatile and bright enough to use in any way you need. These super bright lights put out a great amount of visible light and would look great fixed above the garden windows on that garden shed out in the backyard. With 800 lumens of light, the outdoor lighting doesn’t need to stop at night time! You won’t go wrong with these solar LED lights.


  • This set comes with a smart remote control! Dim the lights from 10% to 100%, depending on what you are doing.
  • Set your solar lights to work from two to eight hours at a time.
  • These have a lifetime warranty, so you will not have to worry about your investment is a waste of money should they not work for some reason.
  • Use these both indoors and outdoors!


  • You only have one choice of light color, bright white light…warmer is not an option.
  • There are two extension cords that are a little over 16 feet long, which allows for some mobility but not a whole lot.
  • Because they are so bright, they may be too much for the inside of a small shed.
  • These will not light during the day as they are sensitive to other surrounding light.

5. AGPTEK Solar Powered Shed Light

You will surely love these three-paneled AGPTEK solar-powered shed lights to provide you with light during both the night and the daytime! Mount this to the ceiling of your shed as your light source for a run-away-read area or a personal project shed. Never worry about falling or tripping over something in that shed because you will have plenty of light to go off of.


  • You can use these lights during the daytime and at night.
  • There are 4 levels of brightness that you can adjust to fit your needs in the shed.
  • Also, set your timing choices for either 2, 4, or 6 hours of use from an easy-to-use remote control. Which is great for setting an ambiance in that awesome she-shed you’ve been working so hard on.
  • The over 16-foot extension cord would easily allow you to install it within a normal-sized backyard shed.


  • If used in more of an extra office shed setting, the three-paneled lamp may not match more popular styles of solar lighting fixtures.
  • This solar lighting takes 8 hours to be fully charged for only 6 hours of working time.
  • There is limited maneuverability with the solar panels, 120 degrees, and 180 degrees.

6. Kyson Solar Powered LED Shed Light

This vintage-styled Kyson solar shed light will bring a certain distinguished feeling to your shed and workspace. These solar LED lights don’t look anything like your typical space-styled solar shed light and can bring a distinctive style to your backyard. Be prepared to have people ask you to send them the Amazon link to these lights!


  • Their unique style is unique and looks more like the type of light you would find in a modern kitchen.
  • This hanging light fixture is equipped with both a pull cord to turn the light on and off and easy-to-use remote control.
  • They are versatile enough to be used as tree lights or in other areas throughout a backyard.


  • The cord from the solar panels to the light is less than 10 feet, so you will need to be very strategic about where you place these.
  • This light is not as bright compared to other lights on this list, which means you may need to purchase more of them to achieve the brightness of the shed lighting needed.
  • The light bulb’s plastic cage is not as durable as some of the other solar shed lights listed.

7. Cool White Solar-Powered LED Shed Lights

You will love the maneuverability of these small and purposeful solar-powered led garden lights. This smaller set of solar lights can be easily installed wherever needed within your shed. You will love the white color, which can go with any color scheme, or simply somewhere with no color scheme (like a garden shed).


  • Easy installation virtually anywhere in your shed.
  • With a rechargeable battery, you will get 8 hours of use after only a 6-hour charge.
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Powerful LED lights that bring a substantial amount of visible light to your workspace.


  • No remote control for ease of use, as well as there not being any motion sensing.
  • This device needs 6 hours of full sun exposure to work, which means on cloudy days, you may not get as much use out of these little lights as you would like or need.
  • No lifetime warranty as with some of the other solar lights listed. This set has a maximum of 2-year product warranty.

8. WestinghouseWeather Resistant Security Light for Shed

Westinghouse security light is one of the best sophisticated solar shed lights on this list; it will be one that you will like not only in your shed but also around high-traffic areas outside your home. Small but powerful, this light can alert you to anyone close to your house by kicking on through a motion sensor. Further, you will love the durability and ease of use that comes with this high-quality solar shed light.


  • This solar shed light fixture is waterproof and can withstand severe weather wherever you live.
  • Detecting motion up to twenty-six feet away, you can ensure you will know if someone is trying to get too close to your home.
  • With over 1000 lumens of visible light, this shed lighting with be sure to allow you not only plenty of working time but also ample light to work with.
  • Don’t worry about this not working on cloudy or overcast days because the battery will still charge!


  • The light cannot be used within a shed during the daytime as the battery charges during this time.
  • These solar-powered shed lights are powerful, and some may find the amount of light it emits overpowering within a small shed space.
  • The connection cable for this LED light is only a little over 10 ft. Planning for where this will go can potentially be challenging.

9. Kyson Indoor Solar Lights for Shed

These inexpensive indoor solar shed lights are one of the easiest lights to install. You can install them in two different places for evenly distributed light within your shed.


  • Small and easy to install within your shed.
  • These are perfect for smaller sheds, emit enough light for different projects, and have an LED bulb that can put out over 500 lumens.
  • Like other solar indoor lights, these ones will not die in the middle of your project because they can last anywhere between 8 and 10 hours on a full charge.


  • Less than a 10-foot extension cord per light to connect to the solar panels.
  • If you want to use these during the daytime, you have to cover the external solar panel first. No one wants to climb on top of their shed to cover a solar panel.
  • Made of plastic rather than aluminum.
  • No remote control, only a pull chain for each light.

10. Designers Edge Rechargeable Solar Shed Lights

If you want to wait for what is going to last years without replacing it, the Designers Edge rechargeable solar-powered LED light could be the right choice for you. With the potential to last over 100,000 hours in use, you can be sure that you can be sure you will get your money’s worth out of these solar shed lights. Who doesn’t want to get their money’s worth out of something?


  • I love that this little solar shed light comes with a 16-foot long cord making it easier for you to put exactly where you want it!
  • Don’t want this light to be so bright? Not a problem! This little light comes with two different lighting modes. Pull the switch once for all 10 LED lights for a second time for only 5.
  • As mentioned above, you can potentially get years of use out of this product because of the number of hours of light they can provide you.


  • There is no auto motion which means you have to pull the cord for the lights to come on. So hopefully, you’re not messy and can see your way to the light pull string.
  • It would be an even better product if it came with a remote control so that you didn’t have to mess with the bull strain to get the amount of light that you want.

11. Home Zone Security Solar Wall Lantern Lights

The super trendy Home Zone security solar hanging lanterns would make any she shed the envy of anyone in the neighborhood. Not looking like your typical solar shed lights, these hanging lanterns look more like a decoration. If your goal with your backyard shed is to have functionality and style, these durable solar power lights are certainly the right lanterns for you!


  • Never worry about warping or falling apart because these lanterns are encased in both aluminum and glass.
  • Stop searching for the right screws to fit this product because all of the mounting hardware you need is included with the solar lanterns.
  • Live somewhere where the elements can be a bit harsh? Don’t worry because these solar energy lights can withstand some of the harshest of elements.


  • Because there is no separate solar panel, if you want to use them for indoor use, you must place them outside during the day for charging.
  • These lanterns are powered by simple AA batteries, which means the battery life might be shorter on these lanterns than a higher-powered lithium battery.

12. GAMA SONIC Solar-powered Shed Light

In the case of looking for more functionality and not being so concerned about the style of the solar shed light, the GAMA SONIC solar-powered shed light is a great option. Coming with two different lights to place within your shed, these are about as easy to install as it comes.


  • Two lights that can omit up to 500 lumens between both of them. So if using both at the same time, you should have enough high-quality late to complete whatever project it is you’re working on.
  • These lights are extremely low maintenance, and you won’t have to worry about adjusting or wiring anything correctly.


  • The installation will be a little bit trickier with the different cord links attached from the solar panel to the light and then from one light to the other. The cord from the solar panel to the initial light is only 9 feet long. However, from one light to the other, the cord is 16 feet long.
  • The looks of these are not entirely aesthetically pleasing and do you truly function as your basic shed light.

13. YUELGUANG Weatherproof Solar Pendant Light

The Weatherproof solar pendant lights really have the best of all the worlds. Not only do the solar shed lights look like a traditional fixed light, but it also has the ease and conveniences of some of the best solar shed lights on this list. Your shed will look as though you spent a great deal more on light fixtures than you did.


  • Don’t worry about needing to use this light during the day and it not working because it absolutely will! This solar shed light has a function to be used both at night time and during the day.
  • The neck of this lamp is maneuverable to points light in any direction that you need.
  • You’ll absolutely love the remote control and all of its functions! Set the brightness of your lamp as well as how long you want your lamp on.
  • Because all installation accessories are included, you will not have to worry about finding the right hardware.


  • You have to have the remote control to operate this solar shed light! So don’t lose the remote!
  • The amount of life you get out of this solar-powered light will not be the same if the days have been overcast and cloudy.
  • You will spend a little bit more on the one light here than you might on some of the other solar shed lights listed for two or more lights.

14. Neloodony Solar Lights Outdoor

Illuminate your way around the shed with these super-bright, cost-effective Neloodony solar shed lights. Coming in a pack of four, you can easily light up all of the areas around your shed. Amazon users clearly (by their ratings) feel like these are great solar-powered shed lights. The solar panels would certainly do the trick in making all of your hard work light up in the night.


  • If you have taken a significant amount of time to landscape around your shed, these solar-powered lights are the perfect options to illuminate a large area with all four combined.
  • Don’t worry about the area being too dim because each one of these solar-powered shed lights has 100 LED bulbs in light.
  • All hardware for these solar panel lights is included within the packaging.
  • The lights can also be used as solar step lights.


  • You cannot use this inside of your shed…unless you choose not to mount them, leave them outside during the day, and then bring them inside.
  • These are not motion sensors which mean there are not best if you want to use them as a type of deterrent.
  • There is no on or off switch or pull cord.

15. ZOOKKI Solar Lights Outdoor

Similar to the previous set of lights listed, the Zookki solar-powered shed lights come as a set of four lights that can be used both at the base of your shed and at the top. These solar-powered lights are of high durability and some of the harshest conditions and provide a substantial amount of light to whatever area you are trying to illuminate. Unlike the previous set of lights mentioned, these are motion detected and used for security purposes.


  • Never worry about not knowing when an intruder is near, as these lights can detect motion as far as 26 feet away.
  • Providing a 120° area of light allows for increased visibility of the area.
  • These lights automatically turn off after motion is no longer detected.
  • You can use these lights all around the outside of your shed, and it can be beneficial if you have high-dollar supplies in your shed and need another method of security.


  • There are no on or off switches or pull cords and no remote to adjust settings or create settings on this product.
  • These solar power motion detection lights are only made up to 400 lm, significantly less than some of the others on this list.

16. LISOPO Solar Remote Control Lights

The LISOPO solar remote control light is certainly one of the best solar shed lights (and most versatile) on this list. Versatile enough to use in an emergency or installed at the ceiling of your shed, this lamp is not only solar-powered in direct sunlight but can also be charged by the main power source. The 22 LED bulbs in this solar-powered light will certainly be able to light up any situation you may find yourself in.


  • It’s great to know that rechargeable batteries can be charged either by the main power source or by direct sunlight.
  • This solar shed light can be hung at the top of your shed or taken with you on a camping trip.
  • Should your project need to move outside of the shed, this light can move with you.
  • It has both an on/off switch and also a remote that you can adjust the lighting with.


  • There is no indication as to how long this item lasts after a full charge or how long a full charge can take.
  • If you want something with a product warranty to protect your purchase, none are given on this solar shed light.

17. SunBonar Waterproof Solar Shed Light

These high-power solar flood lights will certainly be something your family can use in the outdoor or indoor space of your shed, pour house, or Man Cave. Fully charged with all of the energy from the sun, you will certainly have all of the light you need when it gets dark outside. With 70 LED light bulbs in each light, there is no way you will have any issues finding your way around the inside or outside of your backyard shed at night.


  • You know how we love our remotes! This set of solar-powered shed lights comes with a remote that has brightness and time settings.
  • Solar flood lights are waterproof, so you will never have to worry about the elements damaging your LED shed light.
  • This set comes with two floodlights and a 16-foot extension cord for each one.
  • You won’t have to worry about running out of time with these because, at 50% brightness, there is the potential to get up to 20 hours of use!


  • You have no choice between bright light or warm light with these LED bulbs, even with the remote.
  • These are very industrial-looking, like a typical floodlight. This solar shed light may not be something you would want to put inside a pool house or shed.
  • Slightly more expensive than some of the other shed solar lights on this list.

18. Mudder Security Lights for Shed

Sometimes the best solar shed light used for security purposes comes in the form of the small and mighty. The Bright waterproof wall mounting kit is a type of light source that may be the best on the list. With all that you need to install this security solar-powered lighting easily, you can rest assured knowing that you will know if unexpected guests visit.


  • With a 16.4-foot cable, you will have no issues placing your shed lights wherever needed.
  • This light is small and discrete, so it would be difficult for an intruder to recognize should there be one trying to get into your shed.
  • You won’t have to worry about rain, sleet, snow, or warping from heat because this one can


  • You will notice that at 600 lumens, this outdoor solar shed light is not as bright as some of the other security lights on this list.
  • Because this is an auto-on in the nighttime and there is no remote turn on or off, this can only be used outside and in the evening.

Final Thoughts

Finding the best solar shed lights can be overwhelming. However, the various shed lights can provide your backyard space with light to allow your family fun for hours after the sun goes down or even finish that building project inside your shed when there is no more light outside. Whatever your purpose is, or whatever your shed is for, you can find the best lights available in these solar shed light reviews.

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