11 Best Solar String Lights in 2023


Solar string lights are a great way to add a bit of light and aesthetics to an area. They provide ample outdoor lighting and customized lighting options, have the ideal string length, and have a long enough battery life to last the night.

If solar lights are to be used outdoors, getting a string light that can handle bad weather is important. Shatter-proof bulbs aren’t common but may be necessary for outdoor areas with high winds or hail. Then, the longer battery life in areas that get less sunlight should be strongly considered.

There are a lot of factors to consider, many of which are determined by your unique circumstances. We’ve reviewed the following solar string lights and ranked them based on their general use.

Best Outdoor Solar String Lights at a Glance

  1. Best OverallSunlitec Solar String Lights
  2. Longest Battery LifeJedavai Solar String Lights
  3. Great for Festive OccasionsBrightown Crystal Globe Solar String Lights
  4. Shatterproof BulbsPERFECTDAY Solar String Lights
  5. Most ExpensiveBrightech Pro Solar Powered Outdoor String Lights
  6. Shortest String LengthLemontec Solar String Lights
  7. Unique AestheticQedertek Fairy Blossom Solar String Lights
  8. Mid-Range PriceBrightown Outdoor Solar String Lights
  9. Curtain LightsLED Curtain String Lights Home Decor Lights
  10. Longest LengthJoomer Solar String Lights
  11. Best Christmas OptionAlbelt Solar Christmas String Lights

Best Solar String Lights Reviews

1. Sunlitec

Sunlitec Solar String Lights
Credit: amazon.com

For general use, the Sunlitec Solar String Lights are perhaps the best solar string lights on the list. They have a decent length, good luminosity, and provide a cool white light. It also has a convenient USB charging port if solar isn’t cutting it.

Product Features

These outdoor solar string lights come with 25 solar light bulbs that put off three watts of light. The bright lights provide ample lighting in any garden space.

Each bulb can be replaced, so the user doesn’t have to replace the entire string of lights.

The 4500 mAh battery is large enough to keep the globe string lights on for eight hours after fully charging. This should be plenty of life to stay on throughout the night. The battery can also be charged via a USB port if it doesn’t receive enough sunlight.

These lights extend up to 27 feet which is about average compared to others on this list. Some users may want to consider other much longer products than this option.

Price & Warranty

These solar-powered string lights are the second most expensive lights on the list and nearly twice the cost of most solar string lights. They come with a standard one-year warranty on the device.


  • The solar lights can stay on for eight solid hours with a fully charged battery.
  • Comes with a convenient micro USB charging port.
  • Can stretch out 27 feet in length.
  • Comes with a standard 1-year warranty.


  • Second most expensive string lights on the list.
  • There are longer solar string lights out there.

2. Jedavai

Jedavai solar string lights
Credit: amazon.com

The Jedavai solar string lights are a more aesthetic alternative to Sunlitec. These crystal bulbs provide colorful light and stretch a good distance. These outdoor solar string lights are great for festive occasions.

Product Features

The outdoor solar string lights have 100 LED bulbs to provide ample lighting for any outdoor space. It has a max length of 40 feet, making it one of the longest outdoor string lights on the list.

The 800 mAh rechargeable battery gives this solar string light a long battery life of 10 to 14 hours. This depends on which of the eight lighting modes that you choose. These modes range from single colors to alternating colors for any occasion.

The solar panel has its ground stake to be planted in the ground. It can swivel to take advantage of the sunlight’s location, though this must be manually adjusted and will not follow the sun.

Price & Warranty

These solar string lights are one of the cheapest options on the list. While no warranty is listed, they do offer customer support with their products.


  • Colorful light bulbs are good for more festive uses.
  • 40 feet in length makes it one of the longest options reviewed.
  • With a 10 to 14-hour battery life, they are potentially the longest-lasting lights on the list.
  • Comes with a range of color modes.
  • Is one of the cheaper options available.


  • Brighter lighting modes can run down the battery.
  • Aesthetics are more suited for festive occasions.

3. Brightown

Brightown solar string lights
Credit: amazon.com

The Brightown solar string lights are a great alternative to the Jedavai lights and one of the longest strings on the list. They come with eight lighting modes.

Product Features

This product has 60 LED globe bulbs that provide a warm white light The total length is about 35.6 feet which is one of the longest outdoor string lights we looked at.

These LED bulbs should work for indoor and outdoor use requiring lots of coverage.

The 800 mAh rechargeable battery should be enough to keep the lights on for eight to ten hours. These outdoor solar string lights have eight lighting modes to change colors and flashing patterns. Depending on the setting, this could impact the average battery life of the product.

The solar lights have a monocrystalline solar panel that will charge the device. Fortunately, with the product’s length, finding a way to keep the solar panel in direct sunlight shouldn’t be an issue.

Price & Warranty

The crystal globe lights are one of the cheapest lights on the list. It also comes with a standard one-year warranty.


  • Comes with crystal bulbs that can provide a nice aesthetic.
  • At 35.6 feet, it’s one of the longest solar string lights reviewed.
  • Has eight lighting modes to provide custom lighting options.
  • The battery can last up to ten hours on a full charge.
  • It is one of the cheapest options you can buy from those we covered.


  • The aesthetic might not be right for some users.
  • Having it on some brilliant lighting modes can reduce battery life.


PERFECTDAY Solar String Lights
Credit: amazon.com

The PERFECTDAY Solar String Lights are perhaps the most durable option. Their shatterproof plastic shells allow the solar light bulbs to survive many conditions while providing sufficient light. This may be the light for users in areas with harsher weather.

Product Features

This solar string light features 25 G40 LED bulbs in a warm white light. The light bulbs are shatterproof, so they are suited for outdoor areas with high wind, hail, and other harsh weather conditions.

The total length of these outdoor string lights is 27 average feet.

The patio lights come with a 2200 mAh battery that should be enough to keep the solar string lights running through the night. There are four different lighting modes to provide some customization. These settings can impact battery life.

Unlike other models, these solar lights have a solar panel that must be mounted to a surface. Depending on the intended use, this can be more convenient as they don’t have to be near the ground.

Alternatively, it can be more of a hassle as it must be mounted to a surface that may not receive direct sunlight.

Price & Warranty

This product is middle of the pack in terms of pricing. There isn’t a warranty listed, so buyers must consult the company directly for this information.


  • Shatterproof bulbs provide great protection from the elements.
  • Four lighting modes to choose from.
  • The mounted solar panel can be great for installing on buildings or places higher up.


  • Less lightning options compared to other models.
  • This product is shorter than other patio string lights.
  • Panel mounting can make it tricky to get enough solar energy.

5. Brightech

Brightech solar string lights
Credit: amazon.com

The Brightech solar string lights are the most expensive and offer interesting benefits. It has shatterproof and heat-resistant bulbs and comes with a great warranty. These Edison solar string lights will set you back but are very durable.

Product Features

This product features 12 replaceable vintage Edison bulbs. These Edison bulbs produce a warm white soft glow along a 27-foot strand.

Each light bulb is shatterproof and is designed to be heat resistant. They make great outdoor decorations and can resist the elements very well.

On a full charge, these solar-powered lights can last around 5 to 6 hours. Admittedly this is short compared to other lights but should be enough for keeping outdoor space lit during the night.

The solar panel can be mounted on a stake in the ground or clipped to a roof or banister. This gives the solar panels much flexibility and takes advantage of the light.

Price & Warranty

The Brightech lights are the most expensive option on our list. It does come with an above-average warranty of two years.

Given the product’s durability, the ability to replace the bulbs, and the warranty, this product is great for areas with harsher weather.


  • Edison bulbs can provide a nice aesthetic.
  • The bulbs are shatterproof, heat resistant, and can be replaced.
  • Solar panels can be staked in the ground or clipped to a building.
  • Comes with a nice two-year warranty.


  • Is the most expensive of all the solar string lights on the list.
  • Shorter battery life than most.

6. Lemontec

Lemontec solar string lights
Credit: amazon.com

Lemontec offers water-drop solar lights that come in bright and festive colors.

This 2-pack gives users plenty of bulbs for making any outdoor space interesting and colorful. It may not be suitable for traditional spaces but has a niche.

Product Features

These decorative lights feature 30 water-drop LED string lights. These solar string lights run at 15 lux providing sufficient light for just about any outdoor space.

The total length of this product is 20 feet which is a bit on the short side compared to others.

Each strand has a 1,000 mAh battery which should last about 10 hours. The lights are set to shine in many colors that can’t be changed. However, the solar string lights can blink in various patterns.

The panel must be staked to the ground, though this product doesn’t include a stake. Users will need to obtain a 20 cm garden pole to install it.

Price & Warranty

These solar lights are a good deal considering they come in a 2-pack. There doesn’t appear to be a warranty, but there is a 30-day return policy.


  • Multicolored lights are perfect for festive occasions.
  • Can be set to blink at varying intervals.
  • Comes in a 2-pack.
  • Comes with a 30-day return policy.


  • There isn’t a way to change the colors of the lights.
  • 20 feet can be short when compared to other solar string lights.
  • No mentioned warranty.
  • Doesn’t include a stake for the solar panel.

7. Qedertek

Qedertek Blossom solar fairy string lights
Credit: amazon.com

Qedertek Blossom solar fairy string lights provide a unique and colorful aesthetic with flower-shaped lights. This unique look costs a little more and doesn’t last as long as other solar string lights.

It may not be ideal for general use, but it might be the right choice for a fun and quirky solar light.

Product Features

There are 50 LED lights in the shape of flower blossoms in various colors. The entire thing runs along a strand that stretches 21 feet in length. It’s not the shortest on the list, but it is close.

These colors are preset and cannot be changed, though there are settings to make them blink or remain steady. The rechargeable battery is smaller than most at 600 mAh, which is good for about 8 hours.

The solar panel must be staked in the ground to ensure the solar string lights work properly. The ground stake is included, but the short length can pose a problem for hanging on roofs.

Price & Warranty

It’s not expensive, but there are cheaper options on the list. There isn’t a listed warranty, but some users have reported being able to get replacements if the product doesn’t work.


  • Unique flower blossom lights come in multiple colors.
  • Can change light settings to flash or remain steady.


  • No way to change the color of the lights.
  • The 21-foot strand is shorter than others.
  • The cost is higher than other lights with greater length and battery life.

8. Brightown

Brightown fairy lights
Credit: amazon.com

For those wanting fairy lights, Brightown is the best option on the list. It has a decent length, multiple light modes, and battery life.

It may not suit every situation, but this is a great choice for those who like this aesthetic.

Product Features

This solar-powered fairy light comes with 100 LED mini bulbs. These fairy lights are strung across a line 33 feet long, above the average length of the others.

But then there are two strings in each pack and two packs in total. So, you get around 132 feet of string lights.

It has eight different lighting modes to change the colors and blinking patterns. These fairy lights have an 800 mAh battery that should last 8 to 10 hours on a full charge. However, changing the lightning modes can affect how long the battery lasts.

The solar panel has a built-in stake to plant in the ground. The length of the product and the stakes make these solar-powered string lights suited as outdoor fairy lights and indoor lights.

Price & Warranty

These lights are not the cheapest solar string lights among those we reviewed. But they fall in the mid-range, which is okay considering the total length and lighting time.

The manufacturer offers a 1-year limited warranty, not unusual for this kind of product.


  • Best fairy lights on the list.
  • Has 8 color mode settings for customization.
  • Longer than the average length of 33 feet.
  • The cheapest outdoor balcony lights are on the list.


  • Fairy Lights may not be suitable for every scenario.
  • Comes with a limited warranty on the product.

9. LED Curtain String Lights Home Decor Lights

LED Curtain String Lights Home Decor Lights
Credit: dailysale.com

The LED Curtain String Lights Home Decor Lights was nothing short of enchanting. That warm glow was not only delightful, but it also had a touch of calmness to it.

Beyond how well these curtain string lights transformed the ambiance, we loved that they came with 8 lighting modes. Even if the regular lighting loses its excitement, you can readily switch to one of the other modes.

Product Features

The 300-lumen LEDs are pretty long – each string measures over 9 feet. This makes it easy to line them over wide spaces without combining multiple units.

The remote control makes operating the lights super easy. For one, each lighting mode has a button. As such, you can readily switch between the modes without going through multiple sequences.

The remote control also features other controls, including brightness, timer, and ON and OFF buttons.

Price & Warranty

Besides being the top curtain lights in this review, the LED Curtain String Lights Home Decor Lights is the least expensive solar string light we came across.


  • Eight lighting modes for customization.
  • Comes in at a very fair price.
  • It is relatively bright.
  • Comes with a remote control for easy operation.


  • No warranty information.

10. Joomer

Joomer solar string lights
Credit: amazon.com

Joomer solar string lights are great if you’re looking for specific colored lights. They have the second-longest length of anything, 8 light modes, and come at a reasonable price.

The only issue is buying a separate product to get a different color.

Product Features

There are 200 LED lights that all emit colors ranging from blue to red, depending on which one you buy. These run along a 72-foot strand. As a result, they are the easiest to hang solar string lights.

Each product comes with eight lightning modes that affect the blinking pattern of the lights. Users can get a steady emission or opt for twinkling and all the modes in between. They also come with a memory chip that can remember previously used settings.

With a 1200 mAh battery, these lights should stay on for about 8 hours at a full charge.

Price & Warranty

These traditional string lights are on the lower end of the list. Each light comes with an 18-month warranty which is just above the average.


  • Variety of color options depending on the product.
  • At 72 feet in length, this is one of the longest strands of lights on the list.
  • There are eight light modes with a memory feature for customization.
  • Comes with an 18-month warranty.


  • To get different colors, you need to buy a separate light.

11. Albelt

Albelt solar Christmas lights
Credit: amazon.com

These are the ideal solar Christmas lights on the list. These solar string lights have the longest length at 85 feet, multiple lighting modes, and great battery life.

Unfortunately, they’re meant for a Christmas tree and little else.

Product Features

These Christmas lights come in a 2-pack and offer 480 solar LED string lights along the strand. Each strand of lights reaches up to 85 feet, making them the longest option on the list.

The default setting has them emitting warm white lights, but there are eight lighting modes to change the blink rate.

An 1800 mAh battery provides 10 to 12 hours of battery life.

Price & Warranty

These are some of the pricier string light options. There also doesn’t appear to be a warranty for defects or any issues.


  • Best light on the list for Christmas decorations.
  • Is the longest light on the list at 85 feet.
  • Comes in a two-pack which makes it a good deal for the price.
  • Has a great battery life of 10 to 12 hours.


  • It is only suitable for Christmas decorations.
  • Doesn’t seem to have a warranty.


How Do Solar String Lights Work?

Most outdoor solar string lights receive their power from a built-in solar panel. These are often staked or mounted in direct sunlight.

The solar lights should be turned off, and the solar panel will charge a built-in battery during the day, allowing the light to last through the night.

How to Hang Solar String Lights?

Sometimes the light will have features built-in to make them easy to hang. In most cases, users must use gutter clips, hooks, zip ties, or other devices to hang outdoor solar string lights.

Curtain lights are unique because they must be connected, anchored, and hung down over a space.

Do Solar String Lights Turn Themselves Off?

This entirely depends on the model you purchase. Most are designed to turn off when the solar panel starts charging the battery. Others will remain on 24/7 unless manually turned off.

A few models have memory features that allow users to dictate when they turn on and off.

Can You Leave Solar String Lights on All Night?

The light can be on all night if the rechargeable battery is large enough. It is important to remember local ordinances as some may have limitations.

Otherwise, most products are designed to support this and shouldn’t have problems overheating.

Is It OK to Leave Solar Lights Out in the Winter?

Depending on the type of solar outdoor lights, some are designed to be out in the winter, and others aren’t. If you intend to keep your lights out, ensure they are designed for this purpose.

Shatterproof bulbs, weather-resistant strands, longer battery life, and so on. A general rule of thumb is that Christmas-based lights are meant to be out in the winter.

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