How to Clean a Solar Pool Cover


The processes involved in cleaning a solar pool cover are generally uncomplicated. For the most part, you will be scrubbing pool chemicals and debris off the pool blanket and hosing the blanket clean. However, there are a few details that may be the difference between cleaning your solar pool blanket and impairing it.

How Do You Clean an Above Ground Pool Solar Cover?

What You’ll Need

  • Soft brush or soft rag
  • Hose
  • Dish soap or any similar mild cleaning agent
  • Bowl or bucket

Step 1

Before you start cleaning your solar pool cover, lay it out on a flat, clean, and rigid surface.

Start by hosing the whole surface of the solar blanket. Doing this will reduce chlorine levels on the blanket and dislodge some dirt. However, it may not affect stubborn debris or mildew and algae growth. This is where the other steps come in.

Step 2

Add some of the dish soap or your mild cleaning agent to the bowl. Then add some water to create a soapy solution. Try not to make the solution too soapy because if it is too soapy, you will need more water to rinse the solar pool blanket clean.

Step 3

Dip the brush in the soapy water. Then gently scrub the entire area of the swimming pool cover.

Lightly scrubbing solar pool blankets typically reduces chlorine level and removes tough algae and mildew stains from your solar pool blanket. However, you could increase the scrubbing intensity slightly if needed. You may wear gloves to protect your hands, so the scrubbing and the soap do not hurt your fingers.

After scrubbing the tough stains, hose the solar pool blanket to confirm whether the stains are gone. If the stains are still there, you could scrub again. You could also try scrubbing a little harder but not too hard. If you scrub too hard, you may damage the solar pool cover.

While scrubbing harder might help you get some tough stains out, ensure you do not overdo it. Also, consider the texture of the solar cover while increasing your scrubbing intensity. While thicker covers might withstand some level of intense scrubbing, thinner solar pool covers may get damaged.

Step 4

Once your are satisfied with the outcome of cleaning your swimming pool cover, you could either store it or place it back on the pool.

If you intend to store your solar pool cover, you must only do so when it is completely dry.

Storing your solar cover without letting it dry may render your maintenance routine futile because a wet solar pool cover is a perfect environment for mold growth. If mold grows on your pool cover, it won’t be ready for use in the next pool season. It may be damaged by then, or you may have to wash it again before you can use it.

To ensure your solar pool cover dries properly, spread it out in direct sunlight. Then once it is dry, store it in a safe place.

How to Store Your Solar Covers

Once your pool cover is completely dry, fold it in a way that will allow you to store it in a vertical position. You could roll the solar cover to achieve this.

When stored vertically, your pool cover will retain little or no moisture while saving space.

Like any other pool equipment, store your solar pool cover in a dry place that does not experience high temperatures.

How Do You Clean Algae off a Solar Pool Cover?

You can clean algae off a solar pool cover by scrubbing gently with a soft brush dipped in a solution of mild cleaning agent like dish soap.

How Do You Clean Leaves off a Solar Cover?

You can clean leaves off a solar cover with a pool brush or a leaf blower. Either of these tools will help you get leaves off your solar pool cover and onto the floor. When the leaves are on the floor, you can rake them and dispose them as you wish.

Solar Cover Maintenance

Store and Clean It

Storing and cleaning solar covers as described above ensures they stay in top shape for a long time.

Keep Your Solar Cover Away From High Temperatures

Solar pool covers are sensitive to temperatures above 90 degrees Fahrenheit. At such temperatures, they start to lose quality, and with repeated exposure, they will eventually break down.

So, to keep your solar cover in top condition, get it out of direct sunlight when the weather is extremely warm. Alternatively, you could cover it with a protective sheet.

Besides protecting their quality, keeping solar blankets out of high temperatures ensures their warranty stays valid.

Get a Solar Cover Reel

solar cover reel

Instead of retracting and reeling your solar pool cover with your hands, get a solar cover reel. With a solar pool cover reel, the chances of damage to your pool cover are lower. A solar cover reel almost makes it easier to cover and uncover your pool water.

However, ensure the diameter of the reel you buy is large enough to keep the pool cover taut. If your pool blanket sags, its chances of getting damaged are higher.

When Winter Comes

solar pool winter cover

Solar covers cannot withstand the freezing temperatures of winter, so when winter comes, remove your solar cover and store it as described above. Then, cover your pool with a winter cover instead.

If you leave your solar cover outdoors through winter, it may get damaged before the next swimming season. So, never let leave your pool covered with a solar cover when winter comes.

Chlorine Level

Your pool’s chlorine level and the level of other chemicals in it can affect the quality of your solar cover. So, ensure the chlorine level and overall chemical level never exceeds the manufacturer’s recommendation.

If you ever have to super-chlorinate the pool, get your solar cover off. Then, when the chlorine level is back to recommended levels, you can roll the cover back on.

Final Thoughts

Cleaning solar pool covers generally involves hosing and light scrubbing. In some cases, you may have to scrub harder to remove some tough dirt. But even when you have to scrub harder, never scrub too hard, or you may break your solar blanket.

If you have to store your solar blanket after cleaning it, ensure it is totally dry. If you don’t, mold and mildew will grow on it and ruin it.

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