Whether you want to add a bit of ambiance to your garden or backyard or a practical light solution for your walkway, garage, or patio, solar lights are a simple solution that provides just enough light to illuminate your way. Solar lights are cost-efficient and allow people with larger yards to eliminate the need for a long extension cord. They also do not require any turning on or off. They are ideal for those who travel frequently or want to be without the hassle of having to remember.

Despite the often perpetuated myth that solar lights won’t work on a cloudy day, solar lights and products, including the Lumina Bright Solar Lights, work no matter what the weather has in store. Many solar products shine brighter than those operating off of a traditional grid. With that said, not all solar-powered lights and products are created equally, especially in the outdoor space.

Outdoor solar lights take on many forms, with many different features, material qualities, and brightness modes. Some are intended for security usage with motion sensors. Others are just for ambiance and a bit of illumination. With the wealth of solar products on the market, it is hard to know where to begin. Below, we’re going to review the Lumina Bright Solar Lights to determine whether or not they stand up to the test.

Are these the best solar lights available today? Let’s dive right into the review.

Lumina Bright Solar Lights Review

Lumina Bright is an emerging brand in the solar light market. They hold their own by offering quality solar lights at affordable prices.

The Holder

The first thing you’ll notice about the Lumina Bright Solar Lights is that they are not standing inches above the ground like many of the solar lights you’ll find at home and garden centers today. Instead, they can be spiked into the ground, lying almost flat against the surface. We found that this provides a better illumination to walkways than the traditional torch solar light model. Designed to be in the ground, they are built from durable materials to withstand the elements while still providing that iconic solar glow via the included LED bulbs.

The Light

The unique disc shape does afford a unique lighting atmosphere while providing a decorative touch that stands out. These are perfect for tighter spaces or areas where you don’t want a torchlight sticking up out of the ground. These do boast a bronze waterproof finish and are capable of capably separating fog and moisture. The manufacturer states that these will not fade for years, even when exposed to harsh climates. Due to testing parameters, we can’t put this to the test just yet, but the finish does seem to be durable compared to other low-cost solar lights.

The Installation

We found that the lights are very simple to install without having to wire or deal with external electricity. Because of this, the lights are very safe for homes with small children, as there is no risk of electrocution or young ones fiddling with wires. There is an automatic control design placed within the light that prompts the panel to immediately light up at dusk and turn off at first light. You will never have to turn these lights on and off manually. One thing we did notice is that a torchlight does tend to be a bit more powerful if you want to cast a larger ray of illumination. While these are fantastic at illuminating walkways, you will find that their design does not allow them to illuminate much else.

With a polycrystalline silicon solar panel, each light can remain lit for approximately 8 hours in between light. There is no banking capacity in the Lumina Bright Solar lights, meaning they cannot store sunlight for future use. Keep in mind. They will still charge even in overcast conditions. The lights are IP45 waterproof, resistant to heat, and built to withstand the elements with ease. You can purchase the lights in 4-packs, 8-packs, or 12-packs, which should afford plenty of options in terms of stylistic opportunities.

While there is higher illumination capacity with a torchlight, these in-the-ground lights are perfect for illuminating narrow walkways, pathways, or patios without the bulk. We found that they cast a lovely glow while still maintaining a stylish aesthetic that works with most homes and outdoor areas.


  • Designed to be flush to the ground
  • LED-bulbs resist burn out over time
  • Polycrystalline silicon solar panels
  • IP45 Waterproof finish


  • Less illumination than a torchlight
  • No solar banking capacity
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Solar Lights Buying Guide

What To Consider Before Buying Solar Lights

Too often, we pick up solar lights as an impulse purchase at our local garden center or box store. This tends to result in low-quality solar lights that won’t last more than a season. If you’re looking for solar lights, including the Lumina Bright Solar lights, keep these features in mind before you buy.

Lighting Functions

The key purpose of any solar light is to illuminate the area you seek to shed some shine on. Yet, lighting functions can vary drastically between solar light models. Lighting functions are important, but the more functions a solar light offers, the more you’re going to pay. For example, solar street lighting will cost you way more than Lumina Bright Solar lights for gardens or patio.

Before you buy, know what lighting functions are most important to you. If you choose an atmospheric light, you’re not going to be doing much for home security. However, if you choose an LED light with motion sensors, the lights will automatically kick on when someone steps foot on your property. Think about what functions you need in a solar light and go from there. Some lights simply illuminate, others go the extra mile.

Lighting Effects

Search long enough for solar lights, and you’ll find that there are a myriad of lighting effects available. Some produce a cozy amber glow, which is ideal for highlighting landscape features or water. Others are meant to give off a brighter and longer-lasting glow, which is ideal for keeping pathways light or offering additional security. You want to know what lighting effect you’re getting when you pick up a solar light.

For example, the Lumina Bright Solar Lights cast a lower to the ground glow that won’t cover much property. However, a larger torchlight may cast a longer ray of illumination, making it more prudent to your needs. You’ll also want to pay attention to lighting hue. Since most solar lights utilize LED bulbs, the light produced tends to be a very bright white. However, if you crave a warmer white hue, you’ll want a solar light with incandescent bulbs or tinted covers.


As mentioned above, the majority of solar light companies, including the Lumina Bright Solar Lights, utilize LED bulbs whose brightness is measured by lumens. The factor of each can vary drastically from light to light. Many models produce between 15-35 lumens providing a soft glow. Others can produce as high as 700-800 lumens, which means you’ll have a much brighter light.

Brighter light is ideal for security situations or if you’re illuminating driveways or walkways. Gardens and other types of landscaping do better with lower lumens, as all they require is a genial soft glow. When you’re picking out your solar lights, know just how bright you’d like an area to be beforehand and go from there. Always check the lumens before you buy, as some stores will not take back a solar light once it has been opened.

Battery Type

Different types of solar lights can utilize different types of batteries. This can impact charge and capacity. Some solar-batteries require that units be fully exposed to the sun to reach a full charge. Others can be charged even in shady areas or with limited exposure to full sun. This is paramount, depending on where your lights will be located. If your pathway is rather shady, you’ll want a battery that does not require full-sun for charging.

Additionally, it is important to note the capacity of the battery for usage. For example, if you want to secure an area, you’ll want to ensure that the battery has a dusk to dawn capacity. Some solar lights are limited in scope and can only offer around 5-6 hours before they start to fade in brightness.

Solar Lights FAQ

Q: What Is A Solar Light Made From?

Solar lights are clever little lighting features that contain a unique photovoltaic cell, an LED light, NiCd Battery, and an innovative light-controlled resistor. Each works together to charge the batteries throughout the day. The light-controlled resistor helps to detect light presence, which activates the battery and initiates a charge.

Q: How long do solar lights last?

This can vary based on the manufacturer and quality of the light. However, with the added NiCd batteries that are replaceable and rechargeable, you should find that your solar lights last around 2-years. Take good care of your lights and bring them in during the winter months or whenever you expect bitter cold weather. Keep in mind that even when a solar light starts to go, you can buy replacement batteries directly from the manufacturer online. As for the LED bulbs, once they die, they likely cannot be replaced.

Q: Are solar lights weatherproof?

Solar lights such as the Lumina Bright Solar lights are designed to be outside and made to withstand most temperatures. However, other models, especially those made with glass should not be placed outdoors if you suspect a heavy snow or rainfall. Not all lights are designed to be exposed to harsh conditions such as heavy winds, hail, or other extreme weather events. If you know that adverse conditions are on the way, you may want to bring your lights inside for the day. For the most part, solar lights are designed to be wholly weatherproof, especially those made from plastic.

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