Remington Solar Attic Fan Reviews – Pros and Cons


If you read reviews about the Remington solar attic fan, apart from offering some of the lowest prices in the market, they also show how it forged a brand with creative solutions to crucial attic cooling problems.

The company offers a mix of inventiveness, durability, dedication, flair, and service. And these have been a significant part of their drive over the years.

Remington Attic Fans – Review

Below you will find detailed reviews about the

  1. Remington Solar Roof-Mounted Solar Attic FanBuilder Series
  2. Remington Solar Attic FanScratch and Dent Series

1. Remington Solar Attic Fan – Builder Series

Remington Solar Attic Fan - Builder Series

About the Product

The Remington Solar Attic Fan – Builder Series fans are primed for automation. But outside that, they have features that promote longevity, and their warranty is pretty decent.

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The Remington Solar Attic Fan – Builder Series comes in 3 CFMs: 1280, 1970, and 2340 CFM, so the fans work when used in 2000 sq. ft., 2500 sq. ft., and 3500 sq. ft. attic, respectively. As expected, the solar panels are available in 3 capacities: 20W, 30W, and 40W.


The 30-watt and the 40-watt variant of the Builder Series come with the 110v hybrid adapter. The role of this adapter in the solar attic fans is to switch from solar power to your house power when the sun is unavailable. This removes the need to switch the power source by yourself.

All 3 variants of the Builder Series have the same features. The only differences are the absence of a hybrid adapter and an adjustable solar panel in the 20-watt variant. However, if you want, you can get the hybrid adapter separately for the 20-watt variant.

The hybrid adapter is not the only feature that automates the fans of the Builder Series. The built-in thermostat and humidistat are in place to activate the fans when relative humidity is at 75% or when the temperature is around 80℉. These make the operation of fans of the Remington Builder Series more reliable.

Durability and Efficiency

The Builder Series feature brushless DC motors, and true to expectations, the venting efficiency is relatively higher than brushed motors. Furthermore, the friction is less, making the fan almost noiseless.

With the minimal level of friction of the brushless motors, one can expect the variants of this solar-powered attic fan to be in good shape for a long time. Then with the high-performance, stainless steel body with a powder-coated finish, the attic fan should not corrode, dent, or fade for a long time.

The fan’s body is weather-resistant except when a change in weather brings about extreme temperatures. However, the powder coating may peel off over time.


While the 30-watt and 40-watt variants feature an adjustable panel, the panel on the 20-watt variant cannot be adjusted. So, if you are getting the 20-watt Builder Series, you will not adjust the panel for better sun exposure.


The fans of the Builder Series are Texas Windstorm Certified. So, they qualify for wind and hail insurance. The manufacturer also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime limited warranty.


The Remington Builder Series’s automation and lifespan-extending features are undoubtedly desirable. However, with just 3 variants, the options are not very flexible – some people may have to buy multiple units to get fans that match their attic size.


  • With the hybrid adapter, thermostat, and humidistat, the fans of the Builder Series are largely automated. So, even if you forget to adjust the settings, things should still go on just fine.
  • Running on brushless motors makes the operation of the fans relatively more efficient and noiseless.
  • The combo of the stainless steel body and the brushless motors is pretty durable.
  • It can be covered by wind and hail insurance.
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee and a limited lifetime warranty.


  • The panel of the 20-watt variant cannot be adjusted.
  • Powder-coating may peel off over time.
  • The series could make do with more venting options.

2. Remington Solar Attic Fan – Scratch and Dent Series

Remington Solar Attic Fan - Scratch and Dent Series

About the Product

The Remington Attic Fan is a regular crawlspace, gable, and greenhouse fan. Each type comes with features that make them stand out. So, while one type might be the best solar attic fan in one situation, the other may not be optimal.

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The regular types come in 4 venting capacities: 660, 1280, 1420, and 1550 CFM. Expectedly, the solar panels are also available in 4 variants: 10W, 20W, 25W, and 30W.

Apart from the absence of the 110v adapter, the 20W, 25W, and 30W variants of the regular fans of the Scratch and Dent series have the same features as those of the Builder Series. But you may buy the adapter separately if you want.

The 10W variant, the other variant, has no adapter, built-in thermostat, or humidistat, so the sun controls its operations. However, its other features are similar to those of the rest.

The 10W variant, the roof mount exhaust fan, was created to remove moisture and heat in small spaces. In any room larger than 900 sq. ft., one unit of the 10W fan will not be enough.

Greenhouse Fan

The Greenhouse Fan has the same features as the solar fans of the Builder Series. However, its venting capacity is less than the Builder Series with the same PV panel output. Then again, its built-in humidistat has a lower threshold.

The panel on the Greenhouse Fan generates around 40 watts with maximum sun exposure. But under such conditions, the fan speed only generates around 1875 CFM. This falls short of the 2340 CFM the 40-watt Builder Series can generate under the same conditions.

The humidistat of the Greenhouse Fan is optimized for use in greenhouses; it activates the fan when the relative humidity rises to 60%, then turns the fan off when it falls to 50%.

Gable Fan

While the Builder Series, the regular Scratch, Dent Series, and the Greenhouse Fan are roof-mounted, the Remington Gable Fan suits gable installation.

Like the others, it has a humidistat and a thermostat. But it is all over aluminum, unlike the others made of stainless steel. This makes it lighter and more resistant to corrosion than the others.

While the Remington Gable Fan does not have a pre-installed hybrid adapter, you can buy that separately.

The Remington Gable Fan uses a 20-watt panel, which offers an attic ventilation capacity of around 1280 CFM – the same as the other 20-watt variants. One solar fan unit is suitable for attics 1800 sq. ft. or less. And beyond keeping your attic cool, you should be able to prevent ice damming if you install the attic fan properly.

Crawlspace Fan

Unlike Remington’s other attic solar products, the Crawlspace Fan cannot use the hybrid adapter. So, even if you buy one separately, you will still be unable to run it with electric power.

The Crawlspace Fan was crafted for crawlspaces and other spaces where you may have to reduce humidity. It comes with a thermostat and humidistat like the other fans. However, its humidistat activates when relative humidity reaches 70% and deactivates around 50%.


  • Like the Builder Series, every Scratch and Dent Series variant is made with high-quality materials, so they are very durable. However, the Gable Fan is the most durable.
  • All are optimized for easy installation – installing them typically takes around 40 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Many Scratch and Dent Series variants come with a thermostat and a humidistat, so their processes are semi-automated.
  • The humidistat of the Greenhouse Fan and the Crawlspace Fan are automated to suit the humidity demands of the environment in a greenhouse and a crawlspace, respectively.
  • Every one of the Regular Scratch and Dent Series has Texas Windstorm Certification. So, they can be covered by wind and hail insurance.
  • You get a 30-day money-back guarantee and a lifetime warranty on parts and components.
  • They use brushless motors, so their operations are quiet. Plus, since the motors do not generate as much heat as brushed motors, their operations are relatively more efficient.


  • The Scratch and Dent Series fans do not come with the hybrid adapter. So, they do not switch to mains electricity automatically.
  • Having to buy the hybrid adapter separately means more expenses.
  • The Crawlspace Fan cannot use the hybrid adapter; it only runs on solar power.
  • Relative to the regular 40-watt fan, the CFM of the Greenhouse Fan is low.
  • The regular 10-watt variant has no built-in features for automation. Its functions are driven by the sun.

About Remington Solar Products

Having been around for about 15 years, Remington has become one of the trailblazers in the solar cooling industry. Their creativity is backed by the various proprietary products in their name.

Remington considers itself to be a market leader when it comes to quality and price. They typically prioritize the customer’s desires, and although they have gotten things wrong a few times, they have been able to admit their mistakes and make up for them.

Overall, Remington is built on product quality and dedication to customers.


Remington offers a lifetime warranty. However, this warranty is only limited to the manufacturer’s defects in parts and components. It does not include labor. The warranty cannot be transferred to a new owner. Remington’s warranty does not extend to any attic fan purchased on Amazon or eBay.

Remington also offers a 30-day return period within which you will get some of your money back. This money-back guarantee attracts a 15% restocking fee, and you will pay for shipping.

Almost every one of their solar-powered attic fan is Texas Windstorm Certified. So, barring the Greenhouse Fan, Crawlspace Fan, and Gable Fan, you can get wind and hail insurance for any solar attic fan you get from Remington.

Customer Service

Remington offers customers 4 email addresses dedicated to different types of customer services. There is an email address for support, shipping, dealer, and sales inquiries.

Apart from the email addresses, you can also reach them through the web form and phone numbers.

When you use the webform during work hours, the response is usually fast – within an hour. However, the response time when you reach them via email is variable. The email addresses are available 24/7.

Overall the customer service is pretty responsive and cordial. A quick run through their responses to various comments and reviews on Google tells part of the story.


Remington offers 4 attic fan accessories:

Remington offers 4 attic fan accessories

Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat/Humidistat

The Wi-Fi Smart Thermostat / Humidistat is one of the marks of the creativity at Remington. This accessory is unlike their regular thermostat/humidistat. It has a Wi-Fi hub to connect to your home’s router.

Once connected to your router, you can control your smartphone’s thermostat and humidistat settings from the SolaCom app. You can also switch the fan on and off.


This is the replacement for when the inbuilt humidistat/thermostat goes bad. It can also be an addition to the models that do not come with a thermostat/humidistat.

Curb-Mount Adapter

When installing an attic fan on the sloped roof of a residential building, you most likely will not need a curb-mount adapter. But if you are installing a roof-mounted attic fan on the flat roof of a commercial building, a tile roof, or a metal roof, you will need the curb-mount adapter.

110v Adapter

The function of the 110v adapter is to switch to mains electricity when the sun is down and the attic is hot. Even if the sun has set and your attic is cool, it will not switch to your house’s electricity.

This design ensures that the operation of the fan on your mains electricity does not affect your electric bills significantly. It could also help you save money.

Tax Credit

All solar-powered attic fans from Remington are eligible for the federal tax credit, currently at 26%.


From offering weather-resistant fans with fair prices and innovative features to offering polite customer service and a fair warranty & guarantee, the reverence for Remington in the industry is pretty reasonable.

So, there are enough reasons for them to always be in contention for anyone looking to get solar-powered fans for their attic.

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