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Having a constant wall of light, ready to brighten up and deter any intruders from your home throughout the night, has proven to be one of the most effective forms of home security you can get. Simply attach the motion detector to your home, and let the sensors do the rest. Any intruders on your property will quickly be deterred when a bright flash of light illuminates the whole space.

We also understand that keep environmentally conscious is a big requirement for many homes. Having an eco-friendly way to protect your home and illuminate your space is now possible with the best solar powered motion detecting lights. Here are our ten favorite lights that are sure to offer you the best protection and widest spread of light, no matter the weather.

Our List of the 10 Best Solar Powered Motion Security Lights

Aootek 182 LED Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights

Aootek 182 LED Solar Outdoor Motion Sensor LightsThis is one of the best solar lights we’ve ever tested. The Aootek Motion Sensor Lights claims to be one of the brightest lights available, and after our tests, we can certainly attest to that statement. The most interesting feature of this solar motion sensor light is how much protection it really offers. It’s no lie that motion-activated lights are some of the best home security you can buy, but this motion sensor light offers many different modes to customize your protection options.

Each light setting fits whatever needs your home might have. You can have the full brightness on all night for constant security with motion-activated brightening, or you can go with the on and off option, with it only being used when motion is detected. We found the smart brightness setting to be the most useful as it provided security throughout the night but advanced its brightness once motion was detected.

Another fantastic feature of this motion sensor light is its IP65 waterproof rating. This means that it’s sealed tight enough to prevent dirt from getting into it, let alone with water droplets. With this outdoor light, you don’t have to worry about it malfunctioning after the first rainstorm. Our tests showed that it didn’t matter how many rainstorms it went through. It would stay protected.

Our Verdict

This solar light is perfect for any home and is sure to keep you safe, no matter how removed from society your home is. The brightest setting is essentially a floodlight that will deter anyone who shouldn’t be on your property. We loved the wide-angle of the lights, which were achieved by an internal reflection system. This is easily one of the best outdoor security lights we’ve seen, and you’re sure to love it as well.


  • Three light settings
  • Easy to install
  • Wide-angle created by internal reflectors


  • Can be affected by the cold
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URPOWER Solar Lights Wireless

URPOWER Solar Lights WirelessAs this device is waterproof and heatproof, it can work in all sorts of weather. Much like the Aootek, this solar motion light is weather resistant. However, this one functions better in the cold. The URPOWER Solar Lights Wireless motion sensor can detect up to 10 feet away and has a light fill of a 120-degree angle. We fell in love with how durable this solar motion light was as it can last up to 50,000 hours of use, with only 6-8 hours needed for charging.

Compared to other motion security lights on our list, this is one of the best for brightness. With up to eight LED lights, you’re unlikely to find another solar motion sensor light with a higher kick of light. As soon as motion is detected, this light shoots into action providing ample coverage of your whole yard. We enjoyed the wide-angle that this bright light provides you and the promise of years of use before it needs replacement.

Our Verdict

Fantastic and functional, this LED solar light is sure to provide you the protection you’re looking for in a motion detector. While it might not be as customizable as the Aootek, it certainly gets the job done and lives up to all of its promises. As a contender for best solar powered motion security lights available, URPOWER’s addition to the list provides plenty of reasons to be featured. Durable and bright, this light will keep your home safe at night.


  • Lasts for years before signs of wear
  • Weather-resistant
  • Long battery life, short charging time


  • Takes a couple of days for the initial charge
  • Requires mounting tape
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LITCOM Original Outdoor Solar Lights

LITCOM Original Outdoor Solar LightsMuch like the Aootek and unlike the URPOWER, this device comes with three different lighting settings to help cope with different scenarios and requirements. While they might not be as different from each other as other products with multiple settings, the LITCOM Original Outdoor Solar Lights are useful to have the options available. LITCOM is one of the name brands of the solar-powered motion security industry, and this light showcases why.

As one of the brightest lights on our list, you’re sure to get plenty of outdoor security with this motion sensor. It can detect movement within 25 feet and offers up to 800 square feet of illumination. Few other lights on our list were able to offer that kind of coverage. It takes even less time than the URPOWER to charge up and can offer 20-second sprits of floodlight strength protection for your home.

Our Verdict

This light combines all of the best features of both the URPOWER and the Aootek solar motion lights. It might not be as strong as either in the individual categories, but LITCOM certainly provides plenty of reasons for people to trust their solar-powered lights. This light’s best feature is the IP65 waterproof protection it offers. It is guaranteed to last up to 36 months, double what most other top outdoor lights can offer.


  • Three bright lighting modes
  • Waterproof protection
  • FCC Certification


  • Depends on the sun for full charging
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BAXIA Technology BX-SL-101 Outdoor Solar Lights

BAXIA Technology BX-SL-101 Outdoor Solar LightsBAXIA Technology makes installation easy and use even easier. The BAXIA Technology BX-SL-101 Outdoor Solar Lights are easy to install and provide an ample spread of light and a nice wide angle for full protection. Much like the URPOWER light, it takes up to 8-hours of sunlight to fully charge the device, but this shouldn’t be a problem, even on cloudy days. Our favorite feature of this light is the 28-LEDs that create an incredible 120-degree angle of light for your yard.

Our one issue with this light is the motion sensor range. It only detects motion within 3-5m, which can leave plenty of your yard unprotected. However, with proper placement, that shouldn’t be a problem either. The best part about this security light for buyers is that you can send it back with their 30-day full refund policy if it doesn’t work. If the light doesn’t work for you, or found a better option, send it back for a full refund within 30 days.

Our Verdict

The solar panels on this device are strong and are sure to keep your light active for the entire night. While the motion sensor range might not be the largest, it sure does detect movement, no matter how slight. Protect your home with this solar security system that will blast any intruders with the 28-LED bulbs that it contains. This light fixture is easy to install and will last you years of use, thanks to it not including a dimming feature found in many LED lights.


  • Easy to install
  • 28 LED lights
  • Wide-angle of light spread


  • Some users have issues charging the lights
  • Small motion detector range
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LITCOM 120 LED Solar Lights

LITCOM 120 LED Solar LightsWith their second entry to our list, LITCOM provides plenty of options for anyone looking for quality solar powered security. Their 120 LED chips in this device will provide you with more coverage than most other motion sensors can even dream of. We were shocked at how bright the LITCOM 120 LED Solar Lights could get. Its range of motion detection is also one of the widest on our list, with up to 26-feet covered for motion detection.

Our favorite feature of this security light is how portable it is. Many solar motion lights need to be fixed in a specific location and can’t be altered once they’re up. This light can be hung by its buckle and can be moved to wherever you need light. Much like the Aootek, there are three different settings on this light that will keep you protected throughout the night. With the solar panel, this light charges in no time during a sunny day.

Our Verdict

If you’re looking for a powerful light that can be moved around to wherever you need it to go, then this is the best solar security light for you. It’s easy to install, and the solar panels that adorn it offer some of the easiest charging options around. It has a wide motion detection for ample solar powered security and many lumens of light to keep your whole property covered in light and protected from possible intruders. This is simply the best solar powered light available.


  • 120 LED Lights
  • Portable and easy to install
  • Motion sensing up to 26-feet
  • The 120-degree angle of coverage


  • No battery life indicator
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AmeriTop 128 LED Solar Motion Lights

AmeriTop 128 LED Solar Motion LightsBuilding on the 120 LED lights’ success from LITCOM, the AmeriTop Motion Lights on our list hosts an astounding 128 LEDs for plenty of security light. These solar panel powered security lights offer some of the brightest lights on our list and are sure to keep your home protected well throughout the night. The LED solar motion sensing distance is on par with the LITCOM motion sensors, and the angle of light is the widest on our list.

With its extreme weather resistance, this light is both waterproof and heatproof, ensuring that you’ll never be without protection at night. The wireless motion sensor lights are easy to install and create a bright light whenever motion is detected. If the solar panels don’t pick up enough sun throughout the day, the rechargeable battery will kick in and keep your yard covered with bright light.

Our Verdict

While it might not be as durable as the LITCOM or come with as many lighting options as the Aootek, it certainly is a powerful beast of a light. This light fixture has the widest range of lighting overage on our list, all supported by its large upper solar panel. Your whole yard will be flooded with many lumens of light whenever the wireless motion sensor goes off. This motion sensor outdoor light is sure to keep you protected, no matter how dark it gets.


  • Resistant to all forms of weather
  • Widest angle of light
  • 128 LEDs


  • Motion sensors fail sometimes
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GoerTek Solar Lights Outdoor

GoerTek Solar Lights OutdoorThe thing that makes this light really unique is the number one reason it’s on our list is the 360-degree rotating spotlight lights. The lights are attached to a joint that allows them to move and spin so that you can customize your floodlight. The solar panels are also adjustable, making this the most versatile solar motion light available. Simply place it wherever you want it and adjust the lights to fill your yard with many lumens of light properly.

This GoerTek outdoor solar motion sensor light can detect up to 26 feet and offers two settings. We found these settings were different from most solar security lights in that they adjusted how the lights faded after the sensor mode went off. The security lighting would shoot out and then slowly fade back after 30 seconds, or it shut off instantly after 30 seconds, depending on the mode you chose.

Our Verdict

While it might not be the strongest solar light on our list, it certainly is unique, and that’s why we love it. In the motion sensor solar industry, there has been a push towards a new normal. The GoerTek has decided to stick with the classics but make it their own via the solar panel design and use. Ample adjustments make this one of the most versatile solar-powered lights out there. We loved this light, and so will you.


  • Versatile, 360-degree adjustments
  • The sensor can detect up to 26-feet
  • Two brightness fading settings


  • Not as bright as other lights
  • Not as durable either
Check the price on Amazon

DrawGreen Solar Motion Sensor Lights

DrawGreen Solar Motion Sensor LightsMany devices on our list are made out of a heat resistant plastic cover, which keeps the device cool throughout the day. However, those plastic shields lose a level of durability and can leave the solar panel exposed. The DrawGreen solar security lights come with an aluminum casing for ample protection and thorough resistance. When testing this security light, very little was able to damage it.

This might be the most weather-resistant light on our list as it can operate in temperatures as low as -30 degrees Fahrenheit, up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit. It hosts an extreme, waterproof rating of IP66, which is higher than all others on our list. The main issue we found with this solar light was the lack of assistance when setting it up. It can be difficult to figure out, and the instructions aren’t too helpful.

Our Verdict

All in all, this device is sure to survive any storm and will keep detecting motion no matter how bad it gets outside. Other solar lights on our list will leave you blind and your home unprotected if the weather gets too bad and the device starts to malfunction. If you live in an area with extreme weather – heat, cold, or rain – then the DrawGreen is the perfect security light for you. Easy charging through the solar panel leads to hours of bright light.

  • Made from aluminum
  • Extremely weather-proof
  • 100% money-back guarantee
  • Instructions can be difficult to understand
  • Difficult to install
Check the price on Amazon

A-Zone Solar Security Lights Outdoor 800 Lumens

A-Zone Solar Security Lights Outdoor 800 LumensPlastic cases certainly have their advantages and disadvantages. The A-Zone, made out of plastic, won’t be as durable as the DrawGreen device, leading to easy damaging of the solar panel if you’re not careful. However, thanks to the plastic casing, it will be much lighter and easier to move around. It all comes down to preference. The A-Zone Solar Security Lights does a fantastic job of taking up little space but illuminating much.

If you’re looking for a permanent fixture, then this security light is for you as it needs to be drilled into the wall it’s being affixed to. Other lights utilize adhesives to attach to the wall, which can be compromised easily and lead to your solar-powered security light lying on the ground, useless. This motion sensor solar light will stay attached and cast a light that covers up to 120-feet.

Our Verdict

This is a fantastic solar panel light for anyone living in areas of lower hours of sun exposure. Most other lights require up to 8 hours of direct sun before they’re charged for the night. The A-Zone only needs 5-6 hours and can last the entire night without fail. When testing our lights, this light lasted the longest on the sun’s least exposure, which came in quite useful during rainy seasons.

  • Low charging requirements
  • Permanent fixture
  • The sensor can detect movement up to 26-feet
  • Not the most durable
  • Not as weather-resistant
Check the price on Amazon

LEPOWER Solar LED Security Lights

LEPOWER Solar LED Security LightsLast but not least, we have the LEPOWER Solar-powered security light. While it might not be as powerful as the LITCOM or as weather-resistant as the DrawGreen, it knows how to get the job done. This is a high-quality light that can detect movement up to 72-feet. The LEPOWER Solar LED Security Lights sensor mode is unmatched as it almost triples the detection spread of every other device on our list. You can set it up so that slight movements won’t trigger it, but if you have plenty of space on your property and need full coverage, then this is the perfect device for you.

This product also has a lifespan of 50,000 hours, which enables you to get more than enough bang for your buck. The only issue we had with this product was the difficulty of installing the solar panel. It can be tricky to affix it to the fixture itself, but once it’s on there, you’re good to go. Once the solar-powered motion security lights are charged up, and they detect motion, the 180-degree spread activates, and your yard is flooded with light.

Our Verdict

As far as security lights go, this is one of the finest for covering a large property with plenty of space. No spot on your property will be left unprotected with this security lighting. Trust us, we tried. As far as power goes, it’s not as bright as others on our list, but it does well at preserving energy and lasting the whole night on its own. Any motion on your property will be quickly spotted and flashed with this security light.

  • The farthest spread of motion detection
  • 180-degree light coverage
  • 50,000 hours of life
  • Difficult to attach the solar panel
Check the price on Amazon

The Honor Roll for Best Solar Powered Motion Light

RUNNER UP -> Aootek 182 LED Solar Motion Sensor Lights!

Aootek 182 LED Solar Motion Sensor LightsFor us, what really sold the Aootek was the different settings that can be swapped through. Most solar lights seem to come with different settings, but Aootek made the most out of each one. If you lived in an area that needed a constant spread of light, you wouldn’t have to wait for the security lighting to kick in. You could choose the low brightness setting that would flash brighter once motion security kicked in.

The solar panel on this solar motion light doesn’t take up too much space and leaves the functionality for the lights themselves. We found that the solar panel size didn’t matter as it only takes about 8 hours to fully charge this device, which is average for solar-powered motion security lights. While the 26-foot motion detection and 120-degree light spread are about normal for these security lights, it’s the bang for your buck and the lighting settings that really took the second spot for these solar motion lights.

WINNER -> LITCOM 120 LED Solar Lights!

LITCOM 120 LED Solar LightsThe LITCOM 120 LED Solar Lights takes all of the best features of the Aootek and places its own little spin on them, which we quickly fell in love with. There’s a reason why LITCOM is the most popular solar motion light manufacturer. Their products are of the highest quality, and their 120 LED light is a testament to that. The 26-feet motion sensing and 120-degree spread are the same dimensions as the Aootek, but LITCOM ensures that these are the minimums possible, not the maximums.

Our tests of the LITCOM 120 LED Solar Lights enabled us to detect motion up to 30 feet. The lights’ angle is about 120-degrees, but you’re getting a full blast of light within that 120. It doesn’t wane out as other devices do. This is easily the best solar light you’re likely to find in 2020 and is sure to keep your property protected as long as you have it up. LITCOM once again proves why they’re the name brand of solar motion detection lights.

What to Consider When Shopping For a Solar Motion Light

Buying a solar motion security light is all about what works best for your situation. It’s important to note what works and what doesn’t for your space and needs before you even start shopping for the lights. Below are some of the most important factors to consider before you decide which light to settle on. Each of the lights on our list meets these factors well and is sure to work for almost any situation, some better than others for sure.


Always start with the cost. If a light is simply too expensive, then there’s no reason why you should purchase it. Sure, some motion lights will hold a higher price because they have more features, but even then, those features are likely just for flavor. The meat of the meal is almost always the same, and a great light can be found at some decently low prices. Do be aware that price could – but not always – be an indicator of life span.

Type of Light

Most buyers are unaware of when shopping for a solar motion light because there are many different styles designed for different situations. Some styles emphasize the light spread and offer a wider angle of light. Other styles make sure motion detection is the key feature. Again, this will all come down to preference and what works best for your property. We made sure to include examples of all of the most popular styles on our list.

Battery Backup

The sun isn’t always going to be shining on your solar light. If this is ever the case, then having a solar light with a battery backup will be more than useful as it will allow the motion detection to remain active, even after a week of rainy days. The battery will kick in, and the light will keep shining bright on your property. There are a few options on our list, though this doesn’t seem to be a popular concept for many solar lights as it decreases the eco-friendly aspect.

Where You’re Putting it

You’ll need to consider a few things about the placement of your motion sensor light. As it’s a solar-powered product, it makes sense that it needs to have direct access to sunlight for a good portion of the day. However, you’ll also want it in a spot where any motion that does take place is likely to be spotted. Facing it away from where any intruders might be walking would essentially render it useless. You’ll need that perfect placement to get the most out of the light.

Key Features of a Quality Motion Light

This is what you should look for when shopping for a solar motion light. You’ve done the research, and you know where you’re going to put it, you know what type of light will work for your space. Now it’s time to find the best light for your home.

Weather Resistance

Your light is going to spend most of its life outside, where the weather can get pretty bad at times. You’ll want a device that can withstand the hottest of hots and the coldest of colds. Rain will play a big part in damaging your solar light, so make sure that it meets the IP65 waterproof rating expected of motion lights. If it’s lower than this, you run a decent risk of having the rain damage your motion light.

Wide Angle of Light

Some lights have a different spread than others. If your yard is large and needs wider coverage, then having a device that can reach the standard 120-degree spread will be useful. Some devices go wider – up to 180 degrees – and others go lower than 120. It’s beneficial to note which one works best for your property before you purchase the device. Those that offer a lower angle of light tend to be better with motion senses.

Motion Detection

The final question you should be asking any motion sensor light is how good its motion sensor capabilities are. If you have a device that can be easily tricked or avoided, then perhaps it’s time to search for a light with better motion sensors. You’ll want that Goldie Locks light that can hit the perfect in-between in motion detection. A light that can’t detect too far might be useless for you. A light that can detect more than the average might pick up every slight motion, which leaves you to guess what’s a real issue and what’s not. However, larger properties might find these vast motion detectors to be useful.

Finding your perfect light doesn’t have to be difficult. All of the lights on our list are sure to please and will offer you the perfect spread of light and the sense of security you’re looking for. Whether you go with our favorite light or choose any of the others with more specific benefits, you’re sure to be pleased by the experience they offer.

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