8 Best Solar Christmas Lights in 2023


There are so many elements in choosing the best solar Christmas lights that it’s easy to lose sight of their importance. Yes, colors and flash modes, slow to fast, are excellent. But the top pick would be a combination of the most reliable one, the most durable one, and the most pleasing one to the eye.

While some of these outdoor Christmas lights are more affordable than others, you may consider buying several to achieve your desired look.

Best Solar Christmas Lights at a Glance

  1. Vmanoo String Christmas LightsClassic Twinklers
  2. Meteor Shower Rain LightsRain Lights
  3. LED Solar String Lights Waterproof Copper Wire Lamp Solar Globe Lights
  4. woohaha Fairy String LightsColored String Lights
  5. Lucky Angel Changing Color LightsBest Stand Out Christmas Light
  6. Dartwood Solar String Lights Star String Lights
  7. CHBKT Mason Jar LightsChristmas Light Centerpiece
  8. Solar Snowflake Decoration LightsBest Snowflake Lights

The Top 8 Outdoor Solar Christmas Lights

1. Vmanoo Solar Outdoor String Lights

Vmanoo Solar Outdoor String Lights
Credit: amazon.com

If you only want ONE kind of solar Christmas light for your home, the Vmanoo lights are your best option. These lights are the perfect solar Christmas tree lights for the outdoors.

The Vmanoo lights are easy, uncomplicated, and you get a starry shimmer rather than a bright, steady, sharp solar string light for a more ethereal glow. They go up easy and stay up, with some customers reporting that they will last for several seasons. Regarding reliability, these fairy lights hold up well to snow and cold with weatherproof solar panels.

There are several modes, Steady On mode, static mode, and an enchanting twinkling option. Combined with the versatility of installing these Christmas string lights, this one would be perfect for the Christmas tree in the front yard with the fade twinkle effect and long string to wrap around the tree.

They reliably turn on when the sun goes down and turn off during the day. You would want to choose this option for a great foundational holiday light. The size of the solar panel ensures the battery will recharge under mostly sunny conditions during the day.

Some consumer reviews of this product have discussed receiving faulty models from the get-go. However, the returns policy is quick and easy for this product. You will not have long-lasting battery life at this price range, so expect around 2-4 hours of working time if it is not a sunny day or 5-8 hours with full charge time in the sun. This is far from the 10 hours seen on other models.

Furthermore, keep in mind the build of the D2D sensor is in the lower range of the market. So make sure you can place these solar Christmas lights somewhere that does not have other night lights interfering with the light sensors.


  • Easy to put up, standard solar string lights
  • Weatherproof/waterproof, hold up well to cold and snow
  • Multiple lighting modes, including slow Glo mode switch.
  • Automatic on/off with the sun
  • An affordable option with plenty of solar lights per string

2. Meteor Shower Rain Lights

Meteor Shower Rain Lights
Credit: amazon.com

Let your home lighting tap into the season’s magic with these solar-powered Christmas “meteor shower” rain lights. It’s a beautiful evening display with a long-lasting charge that stays powered even on cloudy days.

The rain shower effect of the Solar Meteor Shower Rain Lights is one of the most graceful modes offer where the light moves down the tubes.

The solar lights are pretty bright, and the battery, on a full charge, can last from 10 hours. The solar panel size maximizes the charging time, nearly double that of other solar Christmas lights. This holiday season, you could have this neat decoration on every Christmas tree in the front garden.

On close inspection, some reviews have raised questions about the waterproof seals around the solar lights. If these are truly outdoor Christmas lights, we’re a little worried about the elements; water could work its way into the gaps and the long copper wire underneath.

This is representative of the overall build of this product. Not every model will work on arrival for the price you pay. ThatThesear Christmas lights will serve their purpose well this Christmas and hopefully the next one too. If you’re worried about missing or faulty LED bulbs, you need not be; let the company know, and they could help you with a new set.


  • Unique modern lighting look
  • Long-lasting, steady charge
  • Graceful ‘meteor shower’ movement via mode switcher
  • Reliable supplier
  • Large solar panel

3. LED Solar String Lights Waterproof Copper Wire Lamp

LED Solar String Lights Waterproof Copper Wire Lamp
Credit: cesdeals.com

Immerse your home in the charm of the LED Solar String Lights Waterproof Copper Wire Lamp. Whether you’re adorning your home for Christmas or just looking to decorate for another joyful celebration, this product will surely bring light into your home.

Beyond their charm, these warm lights are high-performance and durable. They are made with copper wire, so these lights are pretty flexible. You can moan wound them around objects and structures as desired.

Another upside of the copper wire build is efficiency. The lights consume less than they ordinarily will. As such, the lighting times are typically longer. When we used it, the lights lasted about 8-10 hours across its eight different lighting modes.

The IP68 rating gave us a fair amount of confidence about the water resistance of these string lights. True to the ratings, the lights did just fine when we used them outdoors.

Overall, the LED Solar String Lights Waterproof Copper Wire Lamp was an elegant option for us. It has an inviting glow that was calming and merry in many ways.


  • Flexible string lights
  • Efficient wiring
  • Long lighting times
  • Soft lighting creates a steady ambiance
  • Durable and water-resistant

4. woohaha Solar Chritsmas String Lights

woohaha Solar Chritsmas String Lights
Credit: amazon.com

Radiate the yard with rainbow multicolor fairy lights! Put some fun in your Christmas LED lights with this affordable and durable option. And by durable, we mean it. Through rain and snow, thunderstorms, ice sleet, and sun, the woohaha Fairy String Lights will go the distance. Compared to the previous solar string lights reviewed here, the quality of these fairy lights is a step up.

The seals around the edges of the fairy lights have had some thought put into them. One can understand why many consumers say these are in the top tier of solar Christmas lights for decorations. The waterproof 50 LED lights should last you through more challenging weather conditions, with each LED light being easily replaceable if they break.

The quality finish on the solar panel itself is evident in this model. So we can only assume that it captures more sunlight than the average solar panel.

Where these lights need some improvement is in battery life. Reviews of most solar Christmas lights have cloaked them at around 6 – 8 hours of lifespan on a full charge. From our test, they lasted a little longer than the Vmanoo String Christmas Ligh under similar sunny conditions and similar bright conditions when charged. This time is a good result, but the aforementioned light’s battery life was not good in the first place.


  • Sun-powered and auto on/off mode button
  • Easy to put up and waterproof
  • Brightly colored that has changeable modes
  • Don’t need to replace the 1800MA AA NI MH battery.
  • The light sensor controls the solar string lights on at dark and auto-off in the daytime.

5. Lucky Angel – Solar-Powered Holiday Lights

Lucky Angel - Solar-Powered Holiday Lights
Credit: amazon.com

We could all use more angels in our lives these days!

And the Solar Powered Lucky Angel Changing Color Lights light-up windchimes are here to help you. The angles light up at night and float in the steady wind, appearing to fly. Their high-quality waterproof angel bodies have different colors at random and give out a bright light at night. Up close, the detail is very angel-like.

These are easy to install and glow once in place and turned on. However, especially at a distance, the effect fades. They’re perfect if this is the aesthetic feature you’re going for in your lighting decoration. I’m unsure I need my angels to be seen from the next street.

These solar-powered lights are more of a delight and surprise piece that can be tucked in the garden, on the deck, or even in a tree is a good way to go, and it will project its exceptional beauty wherever it goes and in any weather.

The solar panel is in an interesting position as the strings that secure the product to the roof can slightly obscure the sun. Reviews say the light’s solar battery lasts 6 – 8 hours, but we had 5 hours on a full charge on testing. We were hoping for closer to 10 hours based on reviews. The solar panel is also slightly similar that the aforementioned models reviewed. So make sure you place these little angels where they can receive a full dose of daily sunlight.


  • Hang the wind chime in an area where it can get direct sunlight. ( Charge the battery )
  • Select an outdoor location away from other light sources at night, such as street lights. It may cause the solar light not to turn on automatically at night.
  • When fully charged, the wind light could last up to 3 – 8 hours.
  • Handy modes to scroll through via a mode shift button

6. Dartwood Solar String Lights

Dartwood Solar String Lights
Credit: wasserstein-home.com

If you are out for something magical, the Dartwood Solar String Lights might be it. For us, the hue of the warm blue lights was reminiscent of Pixar movies – and not many collections say magic like those movies.

These lights would do fine whether you want them outdoors or indoors. When outdoors, there’s little or no chance of getting damaged by the elements, especially water. So, you have nothing to worry about on that end.

We got about 7.5 hours of lighting from these lights after charging them for around 7-8 hours. The balance of that charging rate and the operation time is pretty good for us. Of course, there are better ones, but this is still top-tier.

Installing the Dartwood Solar String Lights is easy. They come with 200 LEDs, meaning the string is pretty long. So, there’d be no issue in the form of short string length when installing the lights.


  • Blue lights
  • Easy to install
  • Long string
  • Durable and waterproof
  • Creates a magical scenery

7. CHBKT Mason Jar Lights

CHBKT Mason Jar Lights
Credit: amazon.com

Capture the magic of fireflies this Christmas with a centerpiece Christmas decoration that’s as versatile as beautiful. While on the pricier side for just 4 jars, the CHBKT Mason Jar Lights are good to have more than a few on hand to light up a walkway. Or as conversation solar LED lights on cocktail tables, the bar, or the buffet table.

These solar string lights in a jar are threaded on high-quality copper wire and include 20 old-fashioned warm white light solar LED bulbs. We were concerned about breakage during shipping, but it comes packed well in a solid box, which was a nice feature.

If your holiday decorating takes you inside and outside, these may unite your themes. Keep some inside and put some in your garden in weather conditions; they are super easy to install anywhere.

They’re 100% waterproof and can take rain and snow without damaging the lights. Each mode of the display makes for an optimal occasion depending on what you’re after.

Reviews of testing the battery say it lasted between 6 hours – 8 hours (less than the 12 hours seen on earlier models) after being fully charged with the solar panel in the sun. These energy-efficient solar lights are the recommended solar Christmas lights for your tabletop decoration.

Buyer’s Guide

Let’s review a few critical tips to power your holiday decorations this winter.

There’s the element of style, how long-lasting the solar Christmas lights are, whether they are weatherproof, come in multiple colors, or even have different modes of steady blinking, pulsing, and dancing. These options can help you find Christmas lights to create the perfect display in your home or yard.

Economical Choices

We mean economical in both the financial and time sense using solar power. These eco-friendly options don’t need to use your main power and don’t require any power cords. Although granted, the cost of powering solar lights that are plugged in will not break the bank.

It’s important to remember you’ll have these solar string lights on every night for a considerable about of time leading up to the big day.

The other advantage of these modern solar lights is that they are automated, so they turn on at dusk and off when the sun comes up. The high-tech built-in D2D sensors detect the light and adjust accordingly, IE turns off the lights, charges during the day, and turns on the solar Christmas lights at night.

Ease of Putting Up

As solar Christmas lights try to be economical on power, they are generally smaller and lighter in weight. This makes them easier to place around and over the house. For example, the waterproof 72 feet Vmanoo String Christmas Lights we mentioned above go up easily and, most importantly, stay up.

If you’re more of a ‘rain shower’ solar lights fan, the Meteor Shower Rain Lights could be your pick. With 10 tubes on a string and plenty of space in between, you can quickly wrap it on your favorite tree. Or lay them flat against your house or on a balcony railing. Go ahead—give those reindeer something to talk about.

Personal Style

Lighting can transform your home and give you that perfect Christmas storybook look.

The Vmanoo solar-powered Christmas Lights may be the way to go for classic Christmas lights. Add the Meteor Shower Rain Lights for a more modern effect with unique movement and eye-catching brightness. And for an old-timey storybook feel, the Globe String Lights can bring you that time of yore charm.

Love Them to the Sun and Back

The great thing about solar holiday lights is that you don’t have to go and flip a switch to turn them on or off for most of them. During the day, the solar Christmas lights are off as the small, steady solar panel soaks up the sun’s energy.

When the sun goes down, they turn on at night, using that stored energy. Generally, you’re hoping to get 10 hours of white light each night when charged, but from testing, we averaged 6 – 8 hours. And at the end of the month, your electric bill will thank you! And, more importantly, your Christmas decorations will be the talk of the town.


No outlet too far, no cord too short—sun-powered Christmas decorations avoid the hassles of traditional plug-in lights and give you the freedom to create your own waterproof holiday wonderland.

While solar Christmas lights are great, the main drawback comes when multiple strings are needed to cover an area. Each line must have its panel facing the sun since its own individual solar panel powers each one. That could mean several little LED solar panels planted in the ground at once. So if you’re decorating a large tree, for example, you may want to stick to long strands, especially if there will be snowy weather.

What to Watch Out For

There are many options for Christmas and other festive solar holiday lights powered by the sun. But not all eco-friendly twinkling lights are created equal! Keep your eye out for quality sellers who stand by their products; you’ll see this in the reviews. And size does matter when it comes to the size of the solar panel powering your solar string lights.

Many reviews say that the more Christmas lights you’ll need for an area, the bigger your power source. Most solar string lights will have 6 – 8 hours of working time. If you have to use several smaller solar paneled lights, find a way to arrange each product at the tree’s base or area where they can still get sun but are hidden from view.

Decorating Tips

House with Christmas lights

There are many incredible solar light ideas out there that you use to build on to create a winter wonderland. A Christmas spectacular! A Hanukkah Holiday, huzzah! Ok, and just like some useful guidelines to make your look happen.

  • Use solar-powered Christmas lights on your table inside or out to set the mood. Try putting a string of lights or snowflake lights inside a mason jar for a unique centerpiece.
  • String your lights along the entrance to your home, so all your Christmas carolers and dinner party guests will be guided along to your door. This can be along railings and pergolas, decks and patios, front porches, and window frames. As they are waterproof, you can locate them anywhere.
  • While the cold weather might keep one from gardening, that doesn’t mean it can’t be part of your holiday! String up lights in trees. Bare trees make a beautiful canvas for a string of clean, warm white lights. And low bushes in multicolor solar light bulbs can add color to any design scape.
  • Use solar power decorative solar string lights for wayfinding to light your path down the driveway. You’ll always pull up to some Christmas spirit on your way home.

Think about which option will be the most flexible. This can mean looking at the length of the cords and the solar panel’s size and deciding where to place them.

Advantages of Solar-Powered Christmas Lights

Energy Savings Lights

During the Christmas season, we use more electricity than ever. Families gather for meals. We cook our favorite dishes and keep the house warm and cozy. Of course, using eco-friendly LED bulbs can reduce your energy use and help keep your bill low.

But considering the cost of powering your holiday decorations all through the night, your account will feel it. Long-string solar-powered decorations are one way you can tackle that holiday season energy bill spike.

Because when you keep your energy use lower, your bill gets lower, too. And that’s a gift that keeps on giving! Use those extra funds and spend them on family and friends and different presents from Santa.

Your Gift to the Environment for Christmas

We’ve discussed the different kinds of solar Christmas lights and how to choose the right ones for your home and your purpose. However, another aspect of solar-powered lighting can’t go unmentioned. It’s good for the earth!

Solar energy keeps us from using other sources of energy that aren’t so friendly. And reducing our carbon footprint during the holidays is the ultimate gift you can give the world. Solar energy is a renewable source perfect for small projects like holiday decorating.

Whether you go for the Vmanoo Lights or looking to stand out with the Lucky Angel Lights, you’re ready to shine all night steadily! Combining classic sunshine-powered table decorations like the CHBKT Mason Jar Lights with our pick for best globe lights, the Globe String Lights can transform your whole display.

This is the season to save energy and money, so go forth and decorate! May your Christmas and winter solstice celebrations be lit with pure solar energy and joy.

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