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Are you a veteran or a patriotic person who likes to fly an American flag in your yard? Nothing shows a person’s patriotism more than flying the American flag. In order to fly the flag all the time, illumination at night is required, according to the US Flag Code. The easiest and most cost-efficient way to do this is with solar-powered lights. These lights can attach to your flagpole and come on automatically, so you never have to take your flag down at night again.

Using solar powered flagpole lights have so many benefits, including cost-efficient, eco-friendly, and energy-efficient. Flagpole lights have come a long way. You no longer need five lights at the bottom of your flagpole to shine up at your light. You do not have to dig a trench to run wires across your yard, and you don’t even have to remember to turn the lights on or set a timer. The best solar flagpole lights have light sensors that will turn the light on when it gets dark and turns the light off when the sun rises. Whether your flagpoles are 10 feet or 15 to 25 feet, a solar flag pole light is available to you. After researching numerous lights, we have found the five best solar flagpole lights available.

Our List of the 5 Best Solar Flagpole Lights for 2020

Deneve Deluxe Solar Flag Pole Light

One of the best solar-powered products available, the Deneve Deluxe Solar Flag Pole Light attaches to the top of a flag pole. The Deluxe is a downlight because it shines the light down on the flag. It will fit most 15 to 25 feet in-ground flagpoles. For the light to fight on the pole, the shaft’s minimum length needs to be 1 3/4 inch. The diameter of your pole needs to be 1/2 inch. Equipped with extra-strength LEDs, the Deneve Deluxe has a long lifespan and illumination time. There are 26 LED lights in the Deneve Deluxe pole light. The solar panels contain more photovoltaic cells than other solar flagpole lights. These solar panels recharge three AA batteries that are easily replaceable if they get to the point they are not rechargeable. We like this feature because it means just the rechargeable batteries can be replaced and not have to replace the whole product. This is an excellent feature that other lights don’t usually have.

The installation is extremely easy and will save you time and money. The design requires it to be at the top of the flagpole. Simply lower your pole. Remove the topper. Center the product over the pole. Press the “on” button and return the topper. Raise your pole, and you are ready to fly your flag.

The durability of the Deneve Deluxe is outstanding. Composed of high-quality plastic material, it will withstand various weather conditions. The plastic makes it fully rust, dust, and water-resistant making sure it will last a long time. It has even withstood a hail storm and severe winds. Armored with the newest technology, one of these light’s coolest features is the light-sensing system that will precisely recognize when to turn the light on. It will turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. If you are forgetful, having the light-sensing system will be beneficial because you won’t have to remember to turn the light on or off. This solar-powered flagpole light’s design provides power for 10 hours.

A couple of downfalls of this product include the brightness of the light. Although the LED lights claim to be super bright, they will only cover a five-foot flag. The light illuminates the top portion of the flag only, especially if there is any wind.

Deneve is an excellent company that takes pride in their work. They operate on a 100% zero-landfill policy as all leftover materials are recycled. One of the many reasons we like this product is that a portion of the profits goes to the Semper Fi Fund. This product will illuminate the flag in accordance with the US Flag Code.


  • 26 High-Quality LED lights
  • Light-sensing system
  • Excellent Company
  • Withstands severe storms including hail
  • rust, dust, water resistant


  • Lights up the only top half of the flag
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Alpha 180X Flagpole Light

The Alpha 180X has a very different design compared to the Deneve Deluxe. It is not a downlight like the Deneve Deluxe. Designed to clamp to the pole with two U-clamps, the Alpha 180X has three brightness levels differing from 230-60 lumen. The fully charged, high-capacity lithium battery lasts for 6-12 hours with a charging time of 6-8 hours. The difference in time is because the brighter the setting, the more battery power the light will use. The flag pole light has 35 warm white LED lights with a 60-degree beam angle for suitable coverage. The magnifying glass that covers the 35 LED lights allows for a brighter illumination.

Made from cast iron, the Alpha 180X is durable, and it comes with stainless steel bolts and nuts. It is water-resistant and dust resistant. The mounting is a breeze, and it can fit practically any flagpole, including 15 to 25 feet poles. Armored with a built-in darkness sensor, the light comes on automatically.

The product has a modern, one of a kind design and has an industrial-grade solar panel that harvests solar energy. We like this light because it is useful at your house or your business. It is heavy-duty and has a warm glow instead of a harsh light. It is consistent and comes on reliably. We also like this product because it is versatile and useful for other purposes besides a flag pole light. One purpose could be attaching to a fence to light up a path.

Our biggest complaint about this light is that the light’s angle is not adjustable, so having the right size flag is essential.  Without the proper-sized flag, the light will not illuminate some portions of your banner. The solar panel is also not adjustable, so getting direct sunlight can be difficult. Don’t let these complaints deter you, however. Like this light’s durability and versatility, the other positive aspects make it one of the best solar flagpole lights on the market. If you’re looking for a flag pole light that is easy to mount and can fit on any pole, this product is for you.


  • Industrial grade solar panels
  • IP65-rating for water resistance
  • Durable and Versatile
  • 3 Brightness Levels
  • Compatible with most flagpoles


  • Can’t adjust the angle of light
  • Can’t change the angle of solar panel
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TotoBay Solar Flagpole Light

The TotoBay Solar Flag pole light is very similar to the Deneve Deluxe light as they are both downlights. Recently upgraded, the Totobay now offers 11 solar panels for optimal sun exposure. Easy to install, like the Deneve Deluxe, the Totobay is commercial grade and very efficient. The new upgrade didn’t just include more solar panels but bigger solar panels to harvest more solar energy during the day.

With 2200 mAh rechargeable batteries, you will receive up to 10 hours of illumination at night. The light comes with 30 LED bulbs that are super bright and an auto on/off feature. The light is waterproof as well as versatile. The Totobay is compatible with flagpoles 15 to 25 feet high as long as the pole has a diameter no larger than 1/2 inch. These lights are useful for other purposes besides a flagpole light. You can attach them to the railing to see stairs at night or line a pathway. Take them camping for a solar-powered flashlight or connect them to your RV for extra light at night.

There are only two things we do not like about this light. First, we don’t like that it doesn’t come with a warranty. Second, the rechargeable batteries are an unusual size, making it hard to replace. You will have better luck replacing the whole light if needed.

Make sure to check these two things when installing your light. Be sure you have the light powered “ON” before raising your flag pole. Also, there is clear plastic over the solar panels to protect them in shipping. Be sure to pull off this plastic to get the brightest illumination possible.

We like this solar flag pole light because of its durability. They are lightweight, which makes installation easy and efficient. This light is one of the brightest on the market. If you want a bright light, this light is for you! It has additional photovoltaic cells that add to its brightness. The circular design lights the flag from all directions, no matter which way the wind blows the flag. It is highly-rated, lasts all night long, and works. Totobay stands behind their product and will send a replacement if the initially purchased light has defected. This very affordable light is great for any patriotic flag flyer.


  • Upgraded recently
  • 11 Solar Panels
  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Install at the top of the flagpole


  • No warranty
  • unusual battery size
Check the price on Amazon

Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flagpole Light

Available in two colors, the Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flagpole light is another light that installs at the top of the flagpole. This highly-rated light is self-charging with a cutting-edge sensor for automatic illumination at night. It comes with three rechargeable batteries, and 20 energy-efficient led bulbs. Like the Deneve Deluxe and the Totobay, this light will fit 15 to 25 feet flagpoles with a 1/2 inch diameter. The rechargeable batteries are high capacity with 6600 mAH.

Our favorite aspect of this light is the two-toned appearance. The top is black, which makes the light more efficient. The black will help absorb solar energy. The white on the bottom helps reflect the illumination being put off by the light, making it brighter. The white on the bottom also gives the flag a sleek look. This solar-powered flagpole light will help you proudly display your flag. Another favorite aspect of this solar flagpole light is the small leak out hole that allows water to drain from the light if water enters. It has a long-running time and is the best bag for your buck.

Recently, Sunnytech has tried to take consumers’ reviews and improve its product. Sunnytech came out with a 3rd generation solar flagpole light based on these reviews. However, it has issues when it comes to durability and longevity. Consumers have said they get multiple years out of the second generation but the third generation only provides a few months. The 2nd generation is cheaper and of better quality. We strongly suggest purchasing the 2nd generation over the 3rd generation.

Sunnytech claims their product is 5x brighter than other similar lights on the market, but we don’t find this to be true. We feel the Deneve Deluxe and Totobay is more brilliant. Sunnytech also claims their product will last 24 hours; however, we found it only lasts about 18 hours. This product does not include the decorative ball; you will need to purchase it separately. We wish this product were slightly larger in diameter. When the flag furls out completely, the light doesn’t reach to the end of the flag.

Even with those four downfalls, the Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flagpole Light is still a great light. It earns the best value award. The run time on this flagpole light is very long, the longest on our list. If you’re looking for a solar light that will add style and flair, the Sunnytech 2nd Generation Solar Flagpole light is just right for you. It is easy to install and will illuminate your flag pole with light. Sunnytech cares about producing good products and will offer replacements or refunds if you receive a damaged unit after shipping. A USA company, Sunnytech, is an eco-friendly company that recycles all of its waste.


  • 18 hours of running time
  • Two-Toned appearance for efficiency
  • Eco-friendly company
  • One year warranty and one year money-back guarantee
  • 2nd generation more durable than 3rd generation


  • Decorative ball not included
  • Small diameter
Check the price on Amazon

LBell Solar Flagpole Light

The LBell Solar Flagpole Light is another downlight that is updated to make it more efficient and eco friendly. Made of ABS heavy-duty plastic, the LBell has 30 LED bulbs that put off a bright light to help you display Old Glory magnificently. With 11 solar panels, the rechargeable batteries are a powerful 2200 mAH. This will provide sufficient light during the night, about 10 hours worth of illumination. Like the other downlights on this list, the LBell will fit on 15 to 25 feet flagpoles. It is easy to install. Just make sure to turn it on before you raise your flag pole.

This versatile light is useful for homes, commercial properties, and even museums and schools. The 30 LED bulbs will put off 400 lumens of light. It is water-resistant and has adequate brightness. The diameter of the light is 8.5 inches and covers every aspect of the flag. The white flag light produces a halo effect that looks gorgeous against the red, white, and blue at night.

We can’t praise this light enough. We love the layout of the 30 LED bulbs. There is a ring of bulbs around the edge and then a circle of bulbs in the middle. This allows beautiful illumination on the flag. The installation, brightness, durability, and running time makes it one of the best solar flagpole lights available on the market. LBell takes consumers’ reviews and upgrades its product to make it that much better. That is why they made it water-resistant. Like the Alpha 180X, the water resistance rating is IP 65, so we know it will withstand the harshest rainstorm and worst weather conditions. LBell has also thought out of the box and realized their light could be useful for other situations, so they have included a carabiner plug to hang in different locations like a carport or porch. Wherever you hang it, be sure it gets adequate sun exposure to ensure solar energy harvesting to charge the batteries.


  • IP65 water-resistant
  • 30 LED blubs
  • Beautifully illuminated
  • A company who cares
  • Upgraded with bigger solar panels


  • Does not come with a decorative ball
  • No warranty
Check the price on Amazon

Our Solar Flagpole Light Top Pick

It was tough narrowing down the top pick from these five beautiful products on our list. We knew we liked the downlight illumination the best, and we loved the companies that back their items. We wanted a highly-rated product with quality materials. This is why the Deneve Deluxe is our top pick. It is the best solar flag pole light. It’s durability withstand the strongest weather conditions and has a running time of 10 hours.

Our runner-up, the Sunnytech 2nd generation, made this a very close race. We love the efficiency of the two-toned design, but the quality of the Deneve Deluxe material is what pushed it over the edge. If you want to purchase more than one light because you have multiple flagpoles, we suggest the Sunnytech 2nd Generation solar power light. It will save money. However, both flagpole lights are easy to install, and both solar flagpole lights will make Old Glory shine in majesty at night.

A Buyers Guide

Flag Code

When flying the American flag, it is crucial to adhere to the flag code. It is custom to fly the flag only from sunrise to sunset unless you want a patriotic effect. If you want a patriotic effect, you may fly the flag 24 hours but must appropriately illuminated during the hours of darkness. A flag light must be present while flying the flag at night. A solar flag light is ideal as it will illuminate the flag at night. Simply attach a solar flagpole light on or near your flagpole and have it on to follow this law.

What is a Solar Flagpole Light?

A solar flagpole light is just as its name suggests; it is a product for your flag pole that receives its solar panels’ power. When a flag is flown outside at night, it must have lights. Having a solar flagpole light is ideal. It is energy-saving and cost-efficient as well as eco friendly. The best solar flagpole light should provide you with unimpaired illumination without breaking the bank. Solar flag pole lights are easier to install than conventional lights and cheaper. Solar lights give automatic operation options, so you never have to worry about remembering to turn the pole light on or off.

Who Needs a Solar Flagpole Light?

If you fly a flag at night, you need a flag pole light. If you want to go for a green and sustainable alternative for powering that light, you will want a solar light. There has been ever-increasing popularity in solar powered flagpole lights with the newly developed technology. They are durable and have sleek designs that are pleasing to the eyes. These flag pole lights will help tidy up your landscape and make Old Glory shine.

How Does a Solar Flagpole Light Work?

Like other solar power products, a solar flagpole light gets its energy from the sun. A solar panel armed with photovoltaic cells turns the light from the sun into electricity. The light’s battery stores the electricity made by the solar panel. More energy can be harvested and turned into electricity with a bigger solar panel. It is also more efficient with a bigger solar panel.

Solar flagpole lights have rechargeable batteries where the light stores the electricity. When the sun sets, and it becomes night, the light automatically turns on and uses the electricity the panel made during the day.

If you want your flagpole light to work effectively and efficiently, it is imperative to place the flagpole and light in a place where the light will receive plenty of sunshine. The amount of sun the panel gets will determine how long the light will stay illuminated and the lights’ brightness. If not enough solar energy is harvested, the solar flagpole light will turn off during the night.

Be prepared for the light to shut off sooner on a cloudy day. A cloudy day will also affect the light’s brightness.

How to Choose the Best Solar Power Flagpole Light?

There are numerous aspects to consider when looking for the best solar power flagpole light. Solar-powered flagpole lights come in various sizes, types, styles, brightness levels, and installation methods. Narrowing down your search by first considering certain features will help you determine which solar flag pole light is best for your home.

Flagpoles’ Features

Much like flagpole lights, flagpoles come in a variety of diameters, heights, and materials. Some of the lights on this list fit on standardized flagpoles. Others on this list have more flexibility and serve on a variety of flagpole sizes. Before purchasing a solar flag pole light, it is crucial to know what size flagpole you own.

The flagpoles on our list fall into three size categories. The first category is 15′-20′ tall with a 1/2 inch rod at the top. The second category includes poles that have up to 2 1/2 inch diameter at any height. Finally, poles with up to a 4 1/2 inch diameter at any height fit into the third category.

Another flagpole feature to consider is the kind of top on your flag pole. Having a removable, decorative ball on top of your pole is a requirement for some of the styles of solar powered flagpole lights. This is because you slip the lights onto the top of the flagpole, and the ball holds on to them. If your pole does not have this feature, be sure to find a flagpole light that does not require you to remove the top.

The last feature of your flag pole to consider is the angle of installation of your flag pole. The angle can affect the type of light you need. Some poles are straight-up, and others are at an angle. The angle can affect the locations of the solar lights.

To help you establish which solar flagpole light is best for you to measure your pole, and know the category that describes your pole and if it has a removable decorative top. Knowing the flagpole angle will also help you understand which solar lights are appropriate and inappropriate. Find a solar flag pole light that fits the features of your pole.

Flag Size

It is just as important to know your flag size as it is to know your flagpole size. If you have a larger size flag, you will want to look for a narrow-beam light. This type of light will allow all of your flag to shine. If you have a smaller size flag, a wide-beam floodlight will be sufficient. The size of the flag and the size of the flag light will contrast.

Solar Cell Strength

When trying to determine the most adequate solar cell strength you will need, it is best to look at the solar flagpole’s wattage rating. Every light will put out a specific wattage and depending on the size of your flagpole, and the size of the flag will determine the ideal amount of wattage. The dark colors on the flag look best with at least seven watts or 300 lumens of light.

The amount of sun the solar panels receive will help determine the solar cell strength. Another factor in the solar cell strength is the size, quality, and design of the photovoltaic cells in the flagpole light.

Photovoltaic cells harvest solar energy and turn it into electricity through a process called the photovoltaic effect. This is what happens in the solar panel on the flag pole lights. Solar power lights are energy efficient; however, low-quality photovoltaic cells will produce poor light quality, which decreases the number of hours the light will be on.

Types of Mounts

Because different types of flagpoles come in different sizes, there are various mounting systems for solar flagpole lights. The type of mount will affect illumination and light transmission. Solar power flagpole lights will mount to a flag pole from any position on the pole. The design of some requires it to mount to the top while others mount anywhere on the pole. Other types of flagpole lights get mounted in the ground.

Each type of mount has advantages and disadvantages. One advantage of setting up the mount on the pole is that the light will be safer than on the ground, where there is the chance it will be kicked or mowed over. A disadvantage of mounting on the pole is that it could damage the pole. An advantage of a ground mount is that it can easily move to get more light, but it can be an eye-sore. So whichever mount you decide, be sure you know the advantages and disadvantages.

Types of Solar Flagpole Lights

Their lighting often categorizes the type of mount a solar flagpole light has, but their lighting also organizes them. A low wattage flagpole light puts off low, dim lights. These might be adequate if you live in a busy neighborhood. A standard wattage flagpole light is a comfortable brightness and usually is what most people purchase. Then you have the high-powered lights that have the largest light output. This type of light would be suitable if you live in an area that already has a lot of light pollution or if you want your flag seen from blocks away in the dark.

Choosing the best solar flagpole light depends on your flagpole features and your flag size. The amount of solar cell strength the light has will help you make a well-informed decision. Knowing what type of mount will work best with your pole and the amount of brightness you want will help you choose the best solar flagpole light.

What Makes a Flagpole Solar Light Good?

Now that you know what features to look for in a flagpole solar light, let’s look at what makes a flagpole solar light a good light.

Solar Panel and Battery Capacity

An excellent solar light will have durable solar panels and high battery capacity. You want solar panels that have industrial-grade quality. The best solar lights will have more solar panels built-in so it can absorb lights from various sides of the pole.

If you are looking for specific numbers that make an excellent pole light, make sure and look for a cell that can hold 2200 mAH. Lithium-ion batteries are ideal because they can store more energy for a longer usage time. These lights should shine for 8-10 hours. The battery capacity is directly related to the number of hours your light will have power.

Quality of Lights

First is the quality of light. It is probably your biggest concern. You go through all the work of installing the light, and then the quality of the light itself is inadequate. The illumination of the flag is the sole purpose of the light, so having high-quality lights are essential. You want something with power that will make your flag shine. Other than the size of the light, there is the texture of the light. Do you want a soft light or a warm light? If you want a graceful aura, you will want a flagpole light that creates deemed lights.

A higher-quality light will have LED lights. Some solar flagpole lights are composed of LED lights. These lights can vary in the amount of LED bulbs that make up the overall illumination. The amount of LED bulbs varies by light. Some lights may only have 20 LED bulbs where others will have 30 LED bulbs. These will put off a super bright illumination.


A good solar powered flagpole light will be easy to mount and to control. They will be automatic once they are mounted, so you don’t have to remember to turn them on. If you don’t want automatic lights, remote-controlled lights are now available. The remote control will allow you to turn on the lights, adjust the brightness, and set a timer.


The best solar flagpole lights will be durable. They will be made of high-quality, rigid plastic to withstand the outdoor elements. They will be able to withstand the change in weather, including freezing and intense heat. Be sure to get a light that is waterproof and can survive heavy rains and snow. Some of the high-quality materials to look for include ABS plastic, stainless steel, cast aluminum, and metal.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Solar Flagpole Lights

Solar-powered devices are becoming more and more popular as the technology improves. There is no exception when considering solar flag pole lights. There are numerous advantages and disadvantages when using solar lights on your flag pole.


The most considerable disadvantage of solar powered flagpole lights is inconsistent power due to weather. If you live in a location that is always sunny and never cloudy, then you won’t have this disadvantage. However, most areas do have cloudy weather. When it is cloudy, rainy, or snowing, the battery’s charging is not as efficient and can be difficult. This will affect the light’s performance, and the light may not power on because of a dead battery. Placement of the solar power light is crucial to optimize the solar panel’s amount of energy.


There are far more advantages than disadvantages when looking at solar flagpole lights. The most essential benefits of flagpole lights are that they are energy efficient and renewable resource. After the initial cost, these lights should last a while and not cost to operate. When a power outage occurs, the solar light will still shine. You can use the solar light in case of emergencies and grid failure.

Solar flagpole lights are easy to install—the materials and tools you need come with the light. Compared to wired-lights, you don’t have to worry about hassling with connections. Most of these solar lights have an automatic operation. You will feel a sense of freedom once these lights are on your flagpole because you won’t have to bring your flag indoors every night or remember to turn the light on.

Designed for outdoor use, the lights are durable and made of high-quality materials. This durability will allow your light to last a long time without needing frequent replacements. As new technology develops, the lights are becoming more flexible and stylish. They are not only functional but also can be used to decorate your landscape. They give your place a sense of ambiance. Some solar flagpole lights have a hanging hook that allows them to use it in other areas.


Flying the Red, White, and Blue is a way to express your patriotism. To illuminate this great symbol of freedom, use solar flagpole light. Solar flagpole lights are a great product that will shine beautifully on your flag. Look for a light that is sturdy, easy to mount, compatible with your flagpole, waterproof, and weatherproof. Having a solar flagpole light will allow you to fly your flag all night without adding electricity cost. They are more convenient, eco-friendly, and innovative. You can use our buyer’s guide to help you choose the best light for you by comparing the different lights. We know there is an excellent light for you that will help Old Glory fly gracefully and magnificently, showing your undying patriotism.

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